The ShopRite Coupon Policy Has Changed – What You Need to Know

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ShopRite Coupon Policy Changes

As of December 11, 2019, ShopRite has, once again, updated their Coupon Policy. This time, the policy change is in reference to ShopRite From Home Delivery orders only.

Here are the changes:

This is from the New ShopRite Coupon Policy:

“SRFH delivery orders will have digital coupons ONLY applied to the order.  Paper coupons will not be accepted.”

They have also added a variation of this to the restriction section at the bottom of the policy:

Paper coupons are not accepted on SRFH delivery orders.

After looking at both the old and new policies, theses are the only changes we found. So, if you use ShopRite from Home Delivery service, you will no longer be able to us paper coupons. However, you can still use digital coupons when placing your ShopRite from Home Delivery order. You will, however, still be able to use paper coupons and digitals when you use the ShopRite from Home and pick up your order.

We’ve update the ShopRite coupon policy on our page but you can also view it directly on ShopRite’s site. 

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