Ways to Talk to Your Kids About What’s Happening

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Your kids are probably starting to ask questions like – why are we staying home so much, why can I not see Grandma, or when can I play with my friends? It might be hard for them to understand and it might be hard for you to explain! Here are a few awesome tools you can use to explain everything to your kids!

How to Talk to Your Kids about whats happening!

This Youtube Video Story explains it so well:

Simply Answering Questions

Ask your older kids if they understand what is happening. Then ask them if they have any questions. This can get the ball rolling and see where there minds are at. It is better not to overwhelm them with information but to ease the questions they have in their minds.

The Wiggles Hand Washing Song

This is a fun way to explain the importance of washing your hands and good hygiene!

Being a Great Example of Good Hygiene

Simply showing your kids all about good hygiene and using this time to explain why it is important will do the trick! Things like, hand washing, how to sneeze and cough and more!

Explaining Social Distancing to Kids

Do you have any ways you’ve talked with your kids about this? Let us know!

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