RetailMeNot Inserts have Changed Their Name to ‘Save” | What You Should Know

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As of 2/24/21 the RetailMeNot Coupon Inserts and Website have been renamed to ‘Save‘. You’ll now see a bright yellow title on the top of your inserts!

Why did RetailMeNot Change their name to Save

The company, Vericast, announced the rebranding to Save shortly after the previous rebranding from Redplum to RetailMeNot. The company sold the RetailMeNot website, but still had the coupon book named RetailMeNot, which was strange because they did not own that company anymore, which is what lead to the rebranding to ‘Save’. & Save Coupon Book

The RetailMeNot Website will now be and will have a coupon book finder, Opt Out of Direct Mail, links to social media and direct contact with the company. Things will continue to grow on the website!

The Sunday Coupon Insert you’ll get will now say Save on the top instead of retail me not! It will have the same coupons in it (maybe even better).

What does this rebranding mean on Living Rich with Coupons

We are going to update everything from now on from RetailMeNot to ‘Save’. If you see RetailMeNot a few times here and there just know we are working on getting it all switched to ‘Save’.

So if you see some of our Coupon Match Ups with RetailMeNot Inserts in them – that is either what they are still called or we are working on getting them switched!

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