Starbucks New Iced Shaken Espresso Drinks | Now Offering OATly Milk

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The moment I saw the e-mail for Starbucks New Iced Shaken Espresso Drinks I knew I had to try one!

They have 3 on their menu:

  • Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken
  • Iced Chocolate AlmondMilk Shaken
  • Iced Shaken Espresso

I’m sure you can add basically anything to the regular iced shaken espresso drink to make it your own. Personally I’m going to try to menu items first! They are under 200 calories each!

Starbucks is now also offering OATly Oatmilk on their menu! You can try the Iced Honey Oatmilk Latte or just add it to your coffee of your choice!

I love additions to the menu at Starbucks! Let me know what you think!

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