Use or Lose Your Kellogg’s Family Reward Points | Find Out Why & The Details

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Kellogg’s Family Rewards has some major changes coming up through the end of the year! If you have points you’ve earned – make sure you use them by 12/31/21. They will completely be taken away!

Where are my Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points Going

Kelloggs Family Rewards is switching from earn points to earning tokens each month starting 1/3/22.. You need to upload receipts, take a poll and more to earn Tokens – Get 5 tokens per month and get cool rewards. Each month is a chance for new rewards.

You’ll stop earning points on 12/15/21. The points will completely be taken away by 12/31/21. You MUST use your points by then on gift cards and more or you completely loose them. Gift cards seem to really be selling out fast so grab what you want while you can!

How do I know How many KFR Points I have?

How Can I Redeem My Points before 12/31/21

Go to the rewards page and choose from all of the options and use them ALL by 12/31/21 – otherwise you’ll loose them!

How can I earn Tokens starting 1/3/22 Instead of Points

Earn 5 Tokens per month by doing cool activities. Earn time you do an activity you’ll earn 1 token. Get 5 tokens and pick a prize! We aren’t sure exactly what the prizes are yet – but we’ll find out once the new program starts.

You won’t slowly earn points and wait to spend them anymore. Those days will be gone!

Learn more about the NEW Kellogg’s Family Rewards Tokens Here