21 of the Most Beautiful Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

Gift Wrapping Ideas

You have thought of the perfect present, make sure the recipient loves it before they even open it!  A beautiful gift wrap is never wasted as we all love making the best first impression.  This year wow your loved ones as soon as you hand them their gift with these gorgeous gift wrapping ideas.

1. Candy Wrappers


It’s two gifts in one: candy on the outside, a mystery gift in the inside.

 2. Reindeer Brown Paper Bag


Simple and very eye catching.

3. Santa Belt Packages


Love this one, looks very elegant.

4. Bauble Ornament Tags (Free Download)


There’s very little to do here but for you to print the tags.

5.Yarn Tassels


Tassels are “in” right now, add them to your gifts too for an extra chic touch.

6. Craft paper and boxwood wreath gift wrap


Great rustic look for your gifts.

7. Recycled Cards Gift Toppers


Recycle Holiday cards into eye catching gift toppers.

8. DIY Yarn Gift Toppers


These look super easy to make.

9. Christmas Light Wrapping Paper


Take out your Cricut machine to do these cute Christmas lights.

10. Washi Tape Wrap


Put your washi tape collection to good use with this idea.

11. DIY Roller Stamp


This includes the instructions on how to make your own roller.

12.Paper Snowflake topper

You get the tutorial to complete this paper craft.

13. Christmas Tree Topper


how cute do these look?  You just need some twigs, yarn and a glue gun to get them done.

14. Confetti Wrap


Beautiful way to embellish plain brown paper.

15. Thumbprint Holiday Lights Wrap


This is a low tech alternative to the other gift wrap idea I shared above. No cricut machine needed, just thumb as stamps.

16. Hand Painted Wrapping Paper


Use black,white or kraft paper, but let your creativity shine thru and make your own custom gift wrap.

17. Colored Tissue Paper


I think the addition of clear cello wrap elevates the use of simple colored tissue paper. I love this for year long gift giving actually.

18. DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap


With this lovely idea you can freehand the gift tag, bow and decoration. Great way to put your lettering skills to use.

19. Winter Animal Gift Wrap


This includes the instructions and templates for oyou to create the animal embelishments.

20. Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids


As a suggestion, you could use large coloring sheets (I saw some at Dollar Tree) as gift wrap paper and tape crayons to the outside.

21. Pom Pom Gift Wrap


You can buy ready made bags of pom poms in Christmas colors at Michael’s.

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