5 Advantages of Recycling in Your Budget

You may be wondering how recycling can be beneficial to your budget. I am going to help you learn about my favorite Advantages of Recycling in Your Budget. While it may take a little extra effort on your part, but it is well worth the time to add a few more pennies or dollars to your budget.

5 Advantages of Recycling in Your Budget

When you are looking for ways to save money, there are tons of advantages of recycling in your budget. One county in Washington State shared the ways their community save money recycling as a great starting point. It’s not just about saving money though. Recycling is a wonderful way to help the community and the world around you. By adding it into your routine, you may find you reap the benefits financially that are mentioned below.

Recycling lowers the cost of trash disposal

If you live in an area that doesn’t have local trash pickup, then you may understand all about how taking your trash to the dump can be costly. If you figure in the cost of gas and travel, plus the charges to dump, it can get pricey. The more you recycle, the less you have to pay to dispose of your garbage. Most areas with a dump system for disposing of waste also have local recycling centers that allow you to drop off separated paper, plastic, aluminum, metals, and cardboard.

It will lower the out of pocket expense on paper goods

Recycling and using green products often go hand in hand. By using cloth napkins and similar products, you will save money in the long run. I love the idea of making cloth napkins by recycling thinning sheets or even old t-shirts. There are tons of online tutorials for making your own cloth napkins.

If you are a bit more extreme, you could even look into making family cloth to use in the bathroom instead of toilet paper, or mama cloth for monthly hygiene needs. Making your own or buying from a reputable seller on Etsy is a great way to go if you are really interested in eliminating paper goods expenses.

It makes you more aware of where your money is going

When you realize how much you are paying just for packaging, you will be astounded. There are many ways to become low waste by doing things like making your own compost and growing your own produce. You can also shop at farmers markets or local stores that allow you to use cloth bags rather than plastic.

These little things help you to realize how much money you are putting into things like packaging, fertilizer, or even the process of foods and products being shipped to your door. Buying local is one great way to be aware of where your money is going, while also promoting recycling by using your cloth shopping bags.

It may make you eligible for subsidies from your county or state

If you participate in local recycling pickup options, you’ll find there are options for getting a discount on trash disposal, or even a state rebate on taxes. While not all areas do this, there are many regions that offer a subsidy or a rebate on taxes if you participate in recycling. Curbside pickup of things like plastic, paper, and cardboard are becoming more and more common.

Some recyclable materials can be sold for cash

One of the best advantages of recycling on your budget come from reselling recyclable goods to make money. The most obvious option comes with returning aluminum cans or glass bottles to the stores or recycling centers to get cash back. Typically, glass and plastic bottles have a set fee per item that you will receive. Aluminum is often by weight. If you don’t see bottle return centers in your grocery stores, call around to your local waste management company to find out if they have a recommendation for a local return center you can take your recyclable items to for making money back.

Improve your budget and do good

Some of the best advantages of recycling are in the unique items you discover in the process. I love making things in an upcycle manner, and some of our favorite projects like this DIY Cereal Box Organizer and Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles are an example of creating costly home decor for free just by using what I already had on hand. No matter how you choose to recycle, it is an excellent way to help your budget.


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