7 Ways to Save Money on a Designer Pocketbook

We all want those designer bags, but maybe not the designer prices! What if I told you there are ways to save and get a discount on designer items!

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7 Ways to Save Money on a Designer Pocketbook

Take a look at my tips on saving money on designer items!

1. Outlet Shopping



Make a trip to the Outlets! You’d be surprised with the discounts and coupons you’ll see at Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade & more! Find an outlet mall near you!

 2. Discounted High End Retailers



Who needs to go to the big department stores when they have their very own Discounted Stores like, Nordstrom Rack & Saks off 5th! You can save up to 40% at these retailers!

3. Thrift Shop/Consignment Shop


You NEVER know what you’ll find! Stop in any that you see for a quick peek! Shop Consignment Online at ThredUp too!

4. Discount Websites


Talk about great deals! Keep your eye out and sign up for e-mails! Shop Ebay, RueLaLa, Hautelook and more! But you have to be quick, these deals tend to sell out quickly!

5.  Rental/Borrow Bags

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You read that right! Borrow a bag if you want! I found this fun website called Bag Borrow or Steal. All you have to do is find the perfect purse, borrow it, return it and do it again! If you REALLY love it you can make a purchase!

6. Split with a Friend!

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Why Not! You and your friend are at the mall and you both LOVE a purse. Split the cost and split the bag! You get to wear it one month and your friend gets it the next month! You’re both happy 😉

7. Discount Stores


Who doesn’t love making a trip to Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross and checkout out the purse selection! Although they have a wide variety of price ranges on bags there are high ends purses thrown in! Don’t miss out on these!




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