Catalina Offers for Acme

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Catalina Offers for Acme

Catalina Coupons are coupons that print out of the Catalina machine at participating stores. These machines are just like the one pictured above and are usually located next to the register. These are sometimes referred to as “Your Bucks”.

Catalina Deals are deals that require a certain dollar amount or quantity of products to be purchased. Once you have met the qualifications, a Catalina will print for a certain amount off your next purchase. Usually this purchase can be made for anything in the store, however, some promotions require they be used toward a specific brand or product.

Watch Cindy explain exactly what a Catalina offer is and how they work

We depend on readers like you to keep these updated with the newest deals at all your local stores. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please submit the info using the form below:


Here are the current Acme Catalina Deals:

Duracell Batteries
Spend $15 or more get $5.00

Hellmans Mayonnaise Products
Buy 2 Get a $1.00
Buy 3+ get $1.50

NOTE: If your Catalinas do not print, the best thing to do is visit the Catalina Marketing site and complete the form provided

  • barbara

    The coffee mate and V8 CATs are running at Acme as well..
    all off the following are running at Shoprite, Pathmark and Acme.

    Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oils twin refill pks
    (3/19/12 – 4/15/12)
    Buy 2 get $1.00 OYNO
    Buy 3 get $2.00 oyno
    Buy 4 or more get $3.00 oyno

    Maxwell House International Coffee
    (3/19/12 – 4/15/12)
    Buy 2 get $1 oyno
    Buy 3 get $2.00 oyno
    Buy 4 or more get $3.00 oyno

    Zyrtec 25ct +
    (3/19/12 – 4/15/12)
    Buy 1 or more get $4 OYNO

    These two Clorox below are not mix and match
    $2.50 OYNO wyb $9 in Participation Clorox products:
    Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressing
    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauces and Marinades
    Kingsford Charcoal
    Matchlight Charcoal
    Glad Food Storage
    Glad Trash Bags

    $2.50 OYNO Wyb $9 in Participating Clorox products
    Clorox bleach, wipes, clean-up cleaners,Toilet bowl cleaners,
    Clorox 2 Stain fighter and color boster,
    Brita Systems,
    Brita Filtering Bottles,
    Pine-sol cleaners,
    Formula 409 cleaners,
    Tilex cleaners

  • barbara

    V8 46 oz or Larger – V-Fusion, Splash, 100% Veggie
    3/19 – 4/14
    Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
    Buy 4 Get a $2.50 Catalina
    Buy 5 or more Get a $3 Catalina

  • barbara

    PowerBar Products
    3/19 – 4/15
    Buy 10-14 Get a $2 Catalina
    Buy 15 – 19 Get a $3 Catalina
    Buy 20 or more Get a $4 Catalina

  • Jen

    Yoplait Yogurt Cups (Original, Light, Light Thick & Creamy, Whips!, Lactose Free, or Simplait)
    Buy 15-19 & get $1.25
    Buy 20+ & get $2.00

  • Yvonne

    re: Cottonelle catalina….Acme register printed out catalina which read buy 2 12pk get 2.00 buy 3 12pk get 6.00 Anyone have an answer for the difference in the amount received??? or did I get a “golden ticket”? lol

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure why they are printing it that way. It’s Buy 2 Cottonelle TP Get a $2 Catalina or buy 3 Cottonelle TP Get a $3 catalina. Then you can also do Buy 2 Cottonelle wipes Get a $2 Catalina or buy 3 wipes and get a $3 catalina. You have the potential to earn up to $6 back on cottonelle products but it’s kind of deceiving they way they have it worded.

  • barbara

    You can add the Chex mix Catalina offer to Acme also..

  • Anonymous

    the Scott Catalina is also running at Acme

    Magnum ice cream bar multipacks
    Buy 2 or more get 1.50 Catalina

    Kleenex tissue 50ct or larger
    Buy 5 Get $1 catalina
    Buy 6 get $1.50 catalina
    Buy 7 or more get $2 Catalina

    Dole All-Natural Fruit 100% Juice Jars
    Buy 3 or more Get a $1 Catalina

    Dole Juice Cans 46oz or 6oz 6pks
    8/12/13 – 9/8/13
    Buy 3 or more Get a $1 Catalina

  • barbara

    Campbell’s Slow Kettle soups or Gourmet Bisques
    Buy 2 Get $1
    Buy 3 or more get $2

  • barbara

    kelloggs and/or kashi cereals 8.7 oz or larger mix or match any variety
    buy 2 get $1.50
    Buy 3 Get $2.00
    Buy 4 or more get $3.00

    • Denise Davison

      Thanks Barbara!

  • barbara

    V8 100% Vegetable juice ( 46oz or larger or can packs)
    3/24/14 – 4/20/14
    Buy 2 Get $1.50
    Buy 3 Get $2.00
    Buy 4 or more Get $3.00

    PowerBar products
    Buy 6-9 get $2.00
    Buy 10-14 get $3.00
    Buy 15 or more Get $4.00

  • Sherell D. Payton

    I’m new to couponing, do I get a Catalina for every set up buy or just one per order… Ex knorrs pasta are buy 3 get 2.00, if I purchase 6 will I get 4.00, 9/ 6.00 etc.

    • LRWC

      Hi Sherell,

      The answer to your question depends on the wording of the offer. Usually, if the offer says : “3 or more” then if you buy 6 you will still get only the $2. If it just says buy $3 then sometimes the offer may double if you buy 6. I say sometimes because this is one of the things that usually needs to get tested in store to see if it doubles like that.

      Regarding this Knorr offer, I went back and doubled check the wording on the offer and it does says “3 or more.” I realize initially I didn’t have it listed like that on this page so I edited the offer and added that detail.

    • Rocky

      That is contingent on how the catalina deal is set up. In the case of the Knorr’s Selects, no, if you buy 6 you will still only receive $2. The verbiage says ‘Buy 3 or MORE, Get $2. So, you would have to do separate transactions of 3, each time, and each time you will get $2.

      This is different from, say, the Solo one. For that one, there is a sliding scale set-up. In one transaction, if you buy 2 you will get $1. If you buy 3, you will get $2, if you buy 4, you will get $3.

    • MisterBill

      It’s always best to do separate transactions. Added bonus is you can use the first Catalina to pay for the second order, etc.