Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to shoot me an email at or through the contact link above.

1. How do I get started on this site?

2. Where do I get multiple copies of inserts?

3. Which papers carry inserts for my area?

4. How do I organize my coupons?

5. My store will not accept my coupons.  What do I do?

6. My catalina did not print.  What do I do?

7. What do all the abbreviations mean?

8. How do I submit a deal I found?

9. Can I copy posts on your site and share them on my site?

10. I can’t find something you posted.  How do I locate it?

11. My Shopping List is empty when I try to print it, what do I do?

12. Why can’t I print my coupons?


How do I get started on this site?
Getting started is easy.  You can head over the beginners section to read all about finding coupons, how to get the best match ups, stockpiling and more. You can also check out the coupon database for all the latest coupons and how to organize your coupons by going to the Coupons 101 section.   (Back to top)

Where do I get multiple copies of inserts?
There are several ways to get extra copies of the inserts.  One is to purchase multiple newspapers each week.  Another is from friends and family members.   (Back to top)

Which papers carry inserts for my area?
Receiving your Sunday paper only to find the coupons are not enclosed is frustrating! Here’s an article that will shed some light on the subject.  (Back to top)

How do I organize my coupons?
Organization is key if you really want to take full advantage of all the coupons available. Take a look at these videos and they will help put you in the right direction.  (Back to top)

My store will not accept my coupons.  What do I do?
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do right there at the store.  However, if you feel that your store should be accepting the coupons, then speak to the store manager or call or email the corporate office.  Explain why these are legitimate coupons and where you got them from.  Stores get illegitimate coupons and lose money on these coupons thus they become leary of anything that looks suspicious even when it is a perfectly legitimate coupon.

You do need to know your stores coupon policy so ask customer service or the manager what they accept or do not accept so you are fully aware of what you can use.  Some stores do not allow PDF coupons, some do not allow internet coupons over $5 and so on.  So, make sure to learn your individual store acceptance policy.(Back to top)

My catalina did not print.  What do I do?
If you catalina did not print there are 2 ways to handle it.

1. If the deal is listed in your circular or on a shelf tag, in most cases you can go directly to customer service.

2.  If this is not a catalina deal that is in the circular then the best thing to do is visit the Catalina Marketing site and complete the form provided.

(Back to top)

What do all the abbreviations mean?
You can check out all the meanings of the abbreviations you will find on this site here. (Back to top)

How do I submit a deal I found?
I would love to hear the deals that you found.  So many of the great deals are from you guys, the readers.  You can send them to me here. (Back to top)

Can I copy posts on your site and share them on my site?
All content on LivingRichwith Coupons is copyrighted. Please do not copy and paste entire posts without written permission. If you would like to use a deal that you would like to use on your site, please use a portion of the post such as a few match ups or a paragraph and provide a link back to (Back to top)

I can’t find something you posted.  How do I locate it?
There is a search bar located on the right side of the site about half way down.  Just type in what you are looking for to locate it on the site. (Back to top)

 My Shopping List is empty when I try to print it, what do I do?
Sometimes simply clearing your browser cache will help the problem as well as closing and reopening your browser.  If you continue to have an issue please send us an email through our contact form so we can troubleshoot it.(Back to top)

Why can’t I print my coupons?
Are you having problems printing coupons from, Smartsource, Redplum, Hopster or We have an entire troubleshooting guide for each site! Get the help you need here! (Back to top)

  • Elisabeth

    If I have 10 coupons and 1 ECB from CVS do I need to have 11 items or can I have less items. Does an ECB act like a coupon, which means I have to use a filler item like I need with Walgreens.
    I am confused about that.
    Can someone please inform me about the difference between RR from Walgreens and ECB from CVS.

  • Shannon

    At walgreens you can’t have more coupons than items and yes rr’s act as coupons. Ecb’s do not so you can use as many of those as you want per item up to the amount of your purchase before tax. At least that’s my experience.

  • Elisabeth

    Thank you Shannon for answering me. I used my ECB today and I think I like CVS a little better than Walgreens because no filler items are needed, therefore I can use my coupons more a little better.
    Perhaps I am just to good enough yet. The managers at walgreen don’t seem to like me that much, they are complaining because my Internet coupons are not in color and roll their eyes when I enter the store.

    • ZOMBIE

      You mus go to the same Walgreen’s as me! Last night I only bought 3 items and I had two printed internet coupons for two liquid creamers… the cashier said they don’t accept them. I said I never had a problem using them there before but he wouldn’t give in and called the manager. the manager looked at the bottom left numbers on both coupons and said they don’t accept them, they are copies. I pointed out to her… no, look at the numbers on the right side… they are both different, they are not photocopies and they are from the largest, most popular internet coupon site, She took a second look and then told the cashier to go ahead and use them! He questioned her and she had to repeat herself to him, lol. Boy it pays to be persistent at these places!

      – ZOMBIE

      • BCool13

        I have used coupons at the dollar trees in my area and one in particular publically embarrassed my mother and I. we had different printed # coupons from and he said they were photocopied and that the numbers were the same. He would not listen to us and said they’ve had a problem with us before. I was sooo insulted and my poor mother was soooo embarrassed and he WAS the store manager so there was no one we could have him get for us to speak to. The DM never called us after I had a different store manager email him to have him contact me over the situation. He tried saying in order to print coupons you need to provide an email address and it’s one coupon per email address. I was like wow you really are not familiar with the way the websites work are you?? If it were as easy as having different email addresses I have like 10. No, you can only print 2 PER COMPUTER. I work as a receptionist therefore, I can use the at work, my laptop, and my home computer. He refused to accept the coupons and embarrassed us in front of everyone in the store. Somebody please inform me as how the hell you deal with someone like that in that type of scenario?

      • Christine R.

        I just dislike Walgreen’s plain and simple! Two of the 3 stores near me are usually okay. One store always accuses me of coupon fraud, but it’s the closest 24 hour store near me. The cashier called a manager to the front of the store, the manager took my coupon (which I had just printed from at work), took it in the back and came out and told me that it’s a photocopy and that they don’t acept fraudulent coupons…right in front of other customers! I told her that I just printed it and it was not a fraud and mentioned that they give me a hard time every time I try to use a coupon there whether it’s printed or clipped from a coupon insert. I told them that CVS will be getting my business from now on since they are not coupon nazi’s!!!

  • Carol Brown

    Tried twice to subscribe and get the message to check email but there is nothing there. HELP

  • please help how do i get the match up coupons to print out ? this is great to me but i need help soon thanks sally.

  • Isra

    If I have an overage in Shoprite can I use it towards paying another item?

    • Melissa

      Depends on the individual rules of your shoprite. The Shoprite near me won’t do overage, even if it goes towards another item.

    • Rocky

      If the overage is caused by, say, having an ecoupon stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon, there likely won’t be any cashier’s intervention and the overage would then apply to other items in your order.

      If the overage is due to the coupon value being higher than the cost of the item, many times, the register will automatically round down the value of the coupon. Or, the coupon will beep and the cashier/manager will manually round it down. In these cases, you won’t get any overage.

  • bri

    CVS has a spend 15$ get 5 ECB. I thought the 15 was based on regular price not sale price but they added up the sale prices. Is this the way it is for CVS and Rite Aid?

    • Janelle S

      Yes at CVS the amount you must spend is always for sale price…..If you go to Pathmark or ShopRite sometimes(usually) theirs is based on shelf/regular price….I don’t know about Rite Aid because the only one near me is on the other side of the Island…..HTH

  • Gerilyn

    Can you use more than one copuon on a product? for instance if I have a manufactuers coupon and store coupon for the same product, can I use both? I thought you could but my ShopRite would not allow me to do so. Thanks!

  • bri

    It seems that magazines are on special all of the time, but I wondered if you recommended 3 magazines to get for coupons which would they be?

    • Kabby

      All You magazine hands down. Only available at Walmart stores. So I order the annual subscription. Full of coupons. I also receive Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle, which I receive Free from the coupon blog, these magazines sometimes have nice coupons inserted for cleaning supplies. Martha Stewart and Food magazines I receive Free from used my rewards to get those. Hope this helps.

      • Jenn

        Check your Farm Fresh too. I have started seeing the All You there as well.

  • Wanda

    what is NLA coupons

    • Kris

      What does the fine print on a coupon mean when it says, “CONSUMER: Only one coupon redeemable with each purchase.”? Does the word “purchase” mean transaction in this case or not?

      • Rocky

        Generally, that statement means “with each item purchased”. For example, you can buy three of those items in one transaction, but, cannot use more than one of those coupons for each one of the three (so, three coupons, total).

        However, with that said, many stores will also place limitations on both the number of same sale items you can buy in one transaction, and, the number of “like” (the same) coupons per transaction, so, that particular statement on a coupon doesn’t necessarily mean there is no limit to how many can be used in a transaction

        For # of sale items you can buy in one transaction, a store might have, in their advertisement, “Limit 4” (or, Limit 2, or, 4 per variety, etc.). at that sale price. On top of that, many/most stores will also have an internal policy that limits the number of “like” coupons that can be used in one transaction, and, this limit is generally 4.

        On occassion, a coupon will actually state something like “no more than two coupons per transaction” (a recent Hellmann’s Mayo has that stipulation, I believe). Additional coupons will beep, and might not be accepted, though a store manager might choose to override that and put it through, anyway. HTH!

        • Kris

          Wow, thanks for your reply, Rocky! That certainly has helped me.

          • Rocky

            Ah, good, Kris, I’m glad! Happy couponing!

  • venice

    ok this may sound stupid so be nice in responding, :0)
    I tried to locate certain coupons from out of the database and wanted to print the ones i found but i can not seem to print from the database, Lol!!!

    • Rocky

      No question is stupid, we all have questions, and, we were all new to this at one time, or, another! This is a great site with lots of helpful readers, so, don’t hesitate to ask! The coupon database is a general repository, but, not all of the coupons in it are actually printable ones.

      The ones that are printable have an underline under them and if you click (sometimes might need to double click, depending on how your mouse/computer is set up) on those, they will generally bring you to the page from which you can print (sometimes, you might need to choose or highlight the item again, and, then, click on a print button). Although some might go directly to a print button, you most probably will have to download the coupon printer software from whichever place you are trying to print from, the very first time. If that is the case, it will literally tell you that before it will print the coupon for you. They all give you easy steps to follow.

      Other coupons in the database are not printable, however, they are there so that we know which Sunday coupon insert they came from, or, which store tearpad they were on, or which store coupon booklet they were in, etc. For example, something listed as 05/06 SS would be the Smart Source insert that was in the May 6 newspaper. If you have your inserts saved, you can go right to that one, look through it and find your coupon to cut out.

      With these, just keep in mind that not all coupons inserts around the country are the same. Inserts from your area might not have had that coupon in it. Or, it might have the coupon, but, in a different value (instead of $0.75 off 1, yours might be $1.00 off 2). But, usually, those variations are in the database.

      If you really only want to look up coupons that you can print, you can always type in the search box on the database page, “printable”. That will bring up many, many pages of just coupons that you can print! Have fun!

  • esmeralda

    hello i have a question about free product coupons. if they say up to 12.00. does that mean the vaule is 12.00 or if the item is 7.00 then the vaule is 7.00 also. ex. coupon up to 12.00 product 7.00. so do i have an overage of 5 or not.

  • Kadian

    I have a Bunch of slik Half gallon coupons. That says one coupon per purchase. I have 1.25 off 2 and 60c off one along with 1.00 off one and 55c off one. But they all have limit one coupon per purchase does this mean I can’t combine the different coupons. Please help.

  • I just received an email from savingstar with new coupons. I tried clicking on the reeses puffs, yoplait greek yogurt, nature valley granola bars and total cereal coupons, but it’s telling me that we could not activate that eCoupon because it is already being used in another service. What does that mean? Anyone else having that problem?


    • Alyson

      I’ve had this problem a few times (and you may have figured it out by now since you asked so long ago!) and it seems that Savingstar checks other ecoupon services (Cellfire, Shoprite, etc.) to make sure you’re NOT activating the coupon twice. I typically activate my Savingstar coupons before I attempt any other service because it doesn’t limit me on location (where as Shoprite is valid, obviously, only at Shoprite!) and sometimes I find that it’ll let me also activate the Shoprite coupon after the Savingstar one.

      I hope that helps!!

  • Anyone else having any difficulties with printed coupons having to be manually overriden at ShopRite? Mine are legit, good printers, clear, good ink, carefully cut,etc. and I can see that although the manager is very gracious about the overrides, he’s getting “tired” of it. I shop in upstate NY, the cashiers say the codes don’t scan well, it’s the only printed ones I have difficulties with…again, they are supernice to me, I am grateful for that, and don’t want to ruin the great rapport I feel that I have with the staff. Anyone?
    Thanks! Eager for some input.

    • I have the same problem.

  • How do I sign up for shoprite e coupons.
    Thank You

  • Ellen

    Cindy, I need your help! I’m so confused. I used to clip all the coupons from my iserts and sort them into a baseball card binder. This meant that if I was busy I couldn’t do all the cutting and sorting I got backed up really quickly. I decided to keep the inserts intact and just pull them as I need them. I’m noticing that I can’t find alot of the coupons (i.e. $3 off tresemme in SS 8/12) in my inserts. I live in Middletown, Nj and but the post, daily news and asbury park press on Sundays. Am I doing something wrong? Please help – I only find roughly 1 in every 5 coupons in my inserts.


  • Rachel

    Whwn a coupon says reedamable at ….. Does that mean only that particular store or can I take the coupon to any store?

  • Linda

    I thought a while back Cindy had a spreadsheet made up so that we could track our own savings individually. At the time I did not have time to download it and now that I have time I can’t find it. Is it still available for download? Thanks in advance!

  • Pam Kurtz

    I have a question. If you have coupon that has 1.00 off when you buy 2. Can you use 2 coupons one for each item? I tried to at Walmart and they gave one coupon back.

  • esmeralda

    Do you have an android app for this website?

  • don

    what does the R mean behind some of the abbreviations mean? For example
    $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste, exp. 9/15/12 (SS 08/26/12 R. i am new to couponing so bear with me. thank you

  • nj

    can i use both mf coupon & shop rite catlina coupon in one transaction in shoprite.thanks.

  • Georgia

    What happened to the store guide? I can bring it up, but I can’t scroll down to get to Weis markets now that the format is changed…

    • Georgia

      Nevermind. It’s fixed now…. I don’t know why my laptop was displaying your stores list s strangely, but it’s fine now….

  • Lisa Ahern

    I am wondering which paper you use when you state in the matchups or on the database that a coupon is from Smart Source (SS) or Red Plum (RP)? I get the Courier Post in south jersey and I”m finding that none of the coupons in the match ups are actually in the insert that is posted. I get it every sunday and mark the dates at the top to keep track, but I can’t find any of those coupons in my inserts. I’m I getting the wrong paper?


  • christina

    Since you changed to the new format on the website….iam not getting the sections, they are just a blank box….has anyone had this problem? Is there something I need to activate on my computer? I can’t live without my Living rich daily email?

  • Joan Gilen

    Please unsubscribe me. Thank You. Joan L Gillen

    • Cindy

      What is it that you want to be unsubscribed from?

  • Emily

    I know at Walgreens, if you use a RR from say, a specific type of razor, and you go to buy another and use that RR you had from the last one, you won’t get another. Is CVS the same way?

    • irishsaver

      Walgreens RR do not roll unlike CVS however operates completely different. Yes you should get a second one if there is no limit… If limit is one you will not get a second etc . but sometimes if you read the threads it is working on two or threes and not 1 as stated in the ad ok 🙂 hth (hope to help)

  • Beverly DL.

    hi cindy,
    i saw on your vid the little seperate store binders that u keep for your trips to those stores, where did you get them i would love to have those. i am new to couponing and trying to stay oganized please let me know where to purchase them thanks


    • Cindy

      I found them at the Dollar Store.

  • Red

    How do you explain to a store manager (Shoprite)the difference between “redeemable at” and “redeemable only at” wording on coupons. This woman refused to honor my coupons because they said “redeemable at Walmart.” Is there any way to prove that they are redeemable everywhere”?

    • nell

      Coupons clearly state what is NOT accepted…So anything else not being noted is accepted.And i believe if it was made for Walmart only it would have Walmart logo on it and it would say redeemable at walmart long this is missing this coupon should be accepted by other retailers..Hope this helps and if not give them a ring on customer service,find out..

  • nell

    Hi Cindy,
    how can i get ecoupons working with my paper manufacturer coupons?I tried to get last week enfamil enfagrow in SR with the $5 coupon and $3 in ecoupon from SR and my ecoupon didn’t come out..When i asked the customer service they told me i can not stack them because they are both manufacturers coupons..Is there anything i am doing wrong?Thank you!

  • china

    do u have a address where i can send coupons that expired or i dont need to military families or anyone that can use them.

    • rosemary christie

      ust mail them the cheapest way you can to:

      Send active coupons to:
      (at least 3 months remaining)
      Attn: ACTIVE Troopons
      Support Our Troops®
      P.O. Box 70
      Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070
      Send expired coupons to:
      (no more than 60 days expired)
      (if less than 3 months remaining, send here)
      Attn: EXPIRED Troopons
      Support Our Troops®
      P.O. Box 70
      Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070

  • Jane

    Where can I find the excel sheet you posted to keep track of my receipts?

  • I get the emails everyday, however, I can’t print any of the coupons. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong.



  • arlo

    I would like to know what stores carry the following item.

    Gold Red Hot diced tomotoes

    Not the originial diced tomotoes.

    I hope some one can tell me where to find them. thank you

  • Maria

    Hi Cindy,

    If it’s not too much to ask, can we ask LRWC readers where they get their Sunday papers? I know it’s been asked before but every now and then, prices of Sunday papers change. Like in my case, I’m from East Brunswick, NJ… I used to get the local Sunday paper at Dollar Tree for $1, but since last year, Dollar Tree does not sell it anymore because the paper increased the price to $2. I haven’t been buying Sunday papers since then. Please help! Thanks. 🙂

  • Natasha

    Hi Cindy is there a publix in new jersey?

    • Cindy

      No Publix is located in the Southeast.

  • Sabrina

    “Limit one use per digital coupon per transaction” Help, please!
    Does this mean I can only use one digital coupon on my whole purchase? Or does that mean one coupon on one item?

    • Laura D.

      It means one coupon on one item. Also, and eCoupon can only be used once. You may buy as many different items you have eCoupons for, they should all come off. Note: eCoupons come off directly underneath the product with a code of TC, ECPN or CFIRE, they will not be with your paper coupons listed on your receipt. Hope this makes sense! 🙂

  • Linda

    I am hoping someone with an ipad can help me. I am trying to figure out how to print coupons from my ipad. I bought a wireless printer and am able to print but not coupons. It says Safari can’t download the coupon installer. Has anyone been able to do this?? Thanks so much.

  • Dawn

    When you have a BOGO coupon with a specific store logo on it and pair it with a BOGO Manufacturers coupon, can someone please tell me how it comes out to being 2 free? So confused on this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • DAWN

    Sorry, just read the answer to my question. Love this site!

  • Kari

    Do you use a spreadsheet to keep track of your shopping list, sale price, coupons, etc? If so where did you find it, did you make it? I would like to have a spreadsheet to keep myself on track

  • Randy

    I live in Illinois.The closest double coupon store to me is Kroger.And they will only double coupons for 50 cents off and under.I get good coupons.Unfortunately not for things that are on sale or that would be good buy even with the coupon being doubled.And knowing the prices of things at Kroger.Even if i did have a coupon for something on sale.Doubling a 50 cent coupon isn’t really big savings at Kroger.Because there prices are high.I e would love to be an extreme couponer.But how can i if the store doesn’t really have any deals for the things you have coupons for? Can some please tell me what i need to do.I get coupons off the internet, I buy several papers.And watch the sales every week.What am I doing wrong.

  • Nicole

    I don’t know if this is mentioned anywhere but are Catalina coupons able to be combined with other coupons?

    • kabby

      Check to see if the coupon that printed out of the catalina machine states “Manufactures coupon” or “store coupon”…if “store coupon” then you can combine or stack that coupon with a manufactures coupon…if it states manufactures coupon then you cannot stack an additional coupon with it.
      If the catalina machine spits out a $$ off your next purchase( commonly called a CAT or catalina) that is used as a form of payment such as cash, gift card, or credit. Good luck!

  • kel

    I have a question: I have a store CAT for $x amount off my next order. Can I combine that with a manufacturer’s CAT for $x amount off my next order? How many $ off your next order CATs can I use at once? (I’m in north jersey @ shoprite)

  • Nothing I look for in the grocery comparison tool ever comes up. Recent searches included “ketchup” “catsup” “hunt’s” “Heinz”. “Pop tarts” “cream cheese” and “Pepsi”. What am I doing wrong? I have a lot of stores near me, and when teachers ask for five of an item for a party I’d like the best deal of course.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t get my MY List to pop up.what am i doing wrong.never had a problem before.can someone help me?

  • Hi, new at couponing. I live in NJ, wet to Shoprite. Did pretty good on savings (67%), but how do you do it to come even lower. I purchased BIC pens $0.88, had $1.00 coupon, and it only took $0.88 off my bill. Same with the ice cream. Price was $1.19, had $0.75 coupon, which doubled only$0.44… So I get thing for free, but there is never a money maker, which I can use on other thing. Is it only Shoprite, or it was a cashier? She checked every single coupon throughly… Has anyone experienced something like this before?

  • cynthia

    most stores I go to say you can not use manufacturer coupon and store at the same time, -they just refuse to take my coupons -most managers and cashiers are clueless. no matter what the policy says they refuse or act like you are stealing from them! my question is how do I inform managers and cashiers that my coupons are lagit and I have every right to use them!!!

    • Sunil

      Sorry to hear about your issues using a store coupon + manufacturer coupon.

      You can print out the store coupon policy from most store websites. It should clearly state there whether you can or cannot use a store coupon + a manufacturer coupon. Take this with you and show it to the cashier and/or manager if they give you a problem. You shouldn’t have a problem then.

      If they still won’t allow it or are rude about it, you can call corporate and tell them about your experience and that you would like them to educate the store manager about the coupon policy.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • kar

    what is Ibotta Mean

  • rick

    Hello all, i am new to this coupon thing but wanting to do a deal at cvs. the deal is spend $15.00 on snickers or milky way bites and get $5.00 ecb.i have printed 6 2/1 coupons from on different computers but they say under the 2.00 off available at walmart, no walmart logo and they do say manufacture’s coupon. are these the right coupons, or am i getting them from the wrong place?

  • rick

    Thanks in advance.

  • RaeLeigh

    I’m a college student, and I’m just looking to get the most out of coupons! I’ve never even used them before. Can someone give me a rundown? how is it possible that all those people get thousands of dollars for stuff practically free? is that possible for me?

  • Harry

    Does anyone know if the ecoupons that are now available from (in the android app) when you register a grocery store card can be used in the same way as cellfire?

  • Jeff d

    Any recommendations on type of printer for coupons.I am new to couponing and it seems as if my Canon 3220 inkjet printer can’t be set to just print black text for coupons.I don’t know if it’s the coupon site or the printer but forces me to use black and color ink which is costing me a lot in ink.

    • kabbysteve

      You should be able to go to properties or advanced setting in your printer from your computer to select ONLY black ink…do what I do ask a teenager…lol
      I use a HP wireless printer…and own iphone and besides my computer I can also print from my apple devices…good luck!

  • Reina Davis

    I am a couponing newbee and I am desperately trying to find a way to double and triple my savings with my coupons. Every coupon I get is saying that it can’t be used with any other coupon, it’s confusing and frustrating… Help!

    • Rocky

      Hey, Reina, Welcome! You found a wonderful site to help you with your questions, along with giving you great deal ideas on a regular basis. Check this site daily, and, pay particular attention to the ‘MatchUps’ and associated Comments for the stores you shop at and you will start to understand how these savings are achieved. For your particular question about the stipulation that it can’t be used with any other coupon, that basically means that you can’t use two manufacturer’s coupons on one product. Such as an item that costs $1.00, you cannot use two $0.50 MQ’s (manufacturer’s coupons) on that one item to make it free. But, most stores have a policy that you can use one of their ‘store coupons’ (it actually says Store Coupon on top of the coupon, as opposed to Manufacturer’s Coupon) along with one manufacturer’s coupon on one item. Store coupons are not as frequent, though, so couponers learn other ways to get those savings. You are right to check your coupon stipulations, though, because, for some of them, you can only use two identical coupons in one order/transaction (you must, of course, buy two products, and only have one of the same MQ’s for each). Some coupons limit you to only one identical coupon per order. Now, depending on where you are located, many stores, nowadays, will also double the value of any coupons you use. This is an extremely easy way to save more. Check your store’s policy to see if they double, at all, and, if they do, up to how much, because that is yet another way to realize those savings without having to do anything extra, on your part. Look for the value that they will double up to. Some stores ‘fully double’, meaning that they will double the value of the coupon up to $0.99 (giving you $1.98 off). Other stores double, but, not fully. They will only actually double the value, whatever it is, up to $1.00. So, a $0.50 coupon will double up to $1, but, so will a $0.75 coupon. A very few stores will triple coupons for a limited period of time. There are a couple of ShopRites in PA, and, maybe one in NY that are tripling now. And, although not my area, it seems there are some/all Maryland stores that are doing a slightly different promo of doubling up to $1, not the usual $0.99, so, there, with limits, you can get $2 off for a $1 Q!. Also note that some coupons do have a stipulation that they will not double, so, keep in mind that not every one will, no matter the store’s policy. In addition, be sure, also, to sign up for an online account at stores that you frequent. If you don’t already have one of their loyalty cards, sign up. That will give you better sale prices that other shoppers don’t get. And, make sure that, once you get your loyalty card you also check their online ‘Ecoupons (electronic coupons) section weekly, and, clip any of those. They will come off your order without you having to do anything. That also adds to your savings. So, keep checking this site daily and read the comments. You will find out little tips and hints, and, answers to many questions, particularly those that pertain to the sales at that store, that week (some deals are posted in advance of a sale week to give folks a heads-up). At any rate, start slow with maybe one grocery store and one drugstore until you get your feet wet and feel more confident. And…do NOT try to do all/many of the deals, at first, despite how tempting it might be! HTH (hope this helps)! Good Luck and Happy Couponing!

  • millie

    what’s an ecb?

  • kim

    Is this site for U.S only?

  • Cheri will not load when i try to get on that site from living rich with coupons.why?

  • tina

    Do You Know How Many Times You Can Use The Coupons You Load On To Your Shoprite Card? As In I Know 4 Like Manufacturer Coupons But Does That Mean You Can Use The Coupons On Your Card Four Times?

    • Denise Davison

      Hi Tina, you can only use the ShopRite eCoupons once

  • Rachel

    Can you recommend a coupon clipping service other than Dede’s. I am looking to purchase a large qty of one coupon and the limits are too low. Thanks.

    • kabbysteve


  • Tina

    Im noticing that my ShopriteEcoupons are not coming off…why is that?

    • kabbysteve

      Make sure you are scanning your card not giving your telephone #…for some reason that will not hook to your ecoupons…this has happened to me. Also make sure you are purchasing correct size or flavors. What items are not coming off? or ALL are not coming off?

  • Veggiepatch

    I’m also not quite sure about Shoprite ecoupons… How do I know when making my list and organizing my coupons which ecoupons will stack with a paper coupon and which ones won’t???

  • Denice Wolfe

    Ok i’m heading out soon for my FIRST BIG couponing in 6 yrs:/ Before I go can someone tell me the ecoupons for shoprite, I loaded a bunch 🙂 They seem to be the same as a lot of the paper coupons I have can I use both on same item?? like I get 1 deodorant use ecoupon and paper coupon for double savings:) ???

  • Kim Armstrong

    Can someone please tell me why My List will not print or allow me to email? Want to go shopping!!!

    • What is happening when you try to print it? Also what browser are you using. Have you tried a different browser?

  • Kaitlyn Gray

    For example say there is a coupon for $1.50 off of colgate toothpaste how do i know the original price of the toothpaste before i go to the store a buy it?

    • Sandy

      If it’s not posted in the match ups you can go to the stores website to look up prices. i.e. CVS dot com, Shoprite (shop at home) as most stores now offer delivery and prices are relatively the same online as your local store. HTH.

  • Vanessa

    Has anyone complete the P&G $15 for $50 mail in rebate? Do we really need to cut the UPC off the Shampoo bottles or is a written UPC acceptable?

  • Zaj

    Since couponing isn’t as great as it used to be according to many, what is now considered a good diaper deal? Is it still possible to get them free or not really? Thanks!

  • Barbara Stamatelos

    Does anyone know if you can deselect a digital coupon on the website? I didn’t know that you can only select 88 to your card. Thanks!!

  • The Eagerly Couponer

    Say I have a coupon for $10 off a razor when I purchase 1, but I also have a coupon for $4 off the same razor. Can I use the $4 off coupon on the first razor and then get another one for $10 off?

    • Rocky

      If they are both manufacturer’s coupons, yes, you can/will have to buy 2 razors, which you can do in one order (and can use both coupons), unless your store has a stipulation of ‘Limit 1”, for whatever reason. Generally, the ‘Limit X’ applies to transactions, in which case you would have to buy your 2 razors in 2 separate purchases/transactions.

      But, keep in mind that some stores, like drugstores may have a deal going on where they keep track of your purchases for a particular deal through your loyalty card. So, you could do two transactions to use both your coupons, but you wouldn’t then get the ‘rest of the deal’, such as Extra Care Bucks at CVS on the second transaction if it was limit one, just the lower price you got from your coupon..

      • jack

        i think the poster above may have meant that the coupon was buy 1 razor and get $10 off a second razor, so this is almost a can i stack $ off with a bogo type question, and that’s ymmv

  • Rocky

    Hi, Barbara, you may have already gotten your answer from another post, since I see this is a week old, but, just in case…the answer is no, there is no way to deselect a SR ecoupon. You will either have to buy something else you have clipped to free up a slot, or, will have to wait for it to expire, in which case it will then automatically drop off, sorry. It’s a dilemma we have all had to face at one time or another, unfortunately!

  • Susan Reilley

    Anyone know where to get the “All you” magazine for $5/yr?

  • andrea

    So I clipped and printed a bunch of coupons from, and it’s wasting a TON of paper and ink – is there any way to change the settings? I just blew through $5 worth of ink on a photo printer, for 47 coupons that I may or may not use.
    I have no idea how this printer program works, but I can’t find where I might change the app! This is nuts 🙁

  • Sandy

    Just my 2 sense 🙂 Print the good coupons, the ones which are high value or the ones you know you will use. The other ones let go for now, they may or may not be around when you need them but they will eventually reset. Most coupons are only good for 30 days AFTER u print them – you may not get another chance for a while unless you have a few computers so just keep that in mind. Consider a laser printer which uses toner instead of ink. I have a Brother HL2140, HL2240 & HL5470DW – I spend less than $75 year for toner on all three combined with free Staples paper and I’m good to go! See if you can find your printer setting for Greyscale. Look thru your manual or google your manual online and find out how to do it. — Coupons usually reset each month and you can usually print 2 coupons from each computer. You’ll get the hang of this in no time. HTH!

  • JoJo

    I just started with your site and am frustrated because I have today’s RP and SS with me. When I looked for some of the deals mine don’t have a lot of the coupons they are supposed to have. Especially in the SS. Missing tons. Does this happen a lot??

    • Sandy

      Jojo, this is not uncommon at all as certain areas get certain coupons. May even vary from paper to paper as well. Best to get more than 1 newspaper for starters to see for yourself which newspaper you like better for coupons. I get 4 different papers on Sundays and they all differ a little bit. If you have a dollars store by you see if they sell Sunday papers and which ones. After a while you will be able to remember whether or not your area will get a specific brand/coupon. You can also order coupons online from coupon clipping services. Can I ask where you are located? People on this board will be able to suggest in your area what paper is best for coupons. Hope this helps.

      • JoJo

        Thank you Sandy! I am in Northeastern PA. Those are good suggestions and I will put them into play next Sunday. Looking forward to doing some serious saving!

  • barbara

    I print in Black & White and have my printer set to print in Draft.. if saves on ink . And i agree with sandy.. only print the hot coupons unless you know you really will use something..

  • Tracy

    That happened to me and I called the corporate office and she was terminated.

  • denise

    just wondered if I live in Ohio where are the regional coupons from ? Or where do I get the better/higher value coupns from?

  • Rose

    What is the difference, if any between printing a coupon and loading it to your store loyalty card? Do you get more of a savings if you print and load to the card.

  • Jazz

    Hi! I am brand new to couponing! I was wondering if it is possible to “clip” coupons on this site and e-mail the ones I chose to “clip”. I don’t have a printer, but my husband does at work (he doesn’t have time to go through all the pages of coupons) and I wanted to e-mail the coupons to him that i chose, and print them.

  • Tara

    how many times can we print the same coupon off this site? can i print 4 of the same ?

    • Sandy

      The coupon links provide are linked to various coupon sites such as coupons dot com & Redplum. The average coupon you can print 2 times from each computer you have Sometimes a coupon limit is only 1 and if you’re really lucky you can get 3 every once in a blue moon but norm is 2 per computer. HTH

  • sharna

    Just tried to print coupons went through the whole thing say they are printed but no coupons and now print limit reached?? Pinter is working just printed something to be sure

    • kabby

      Are the coupons in your “queue” on your printer?

      • sharna

        yes sometimes it is weird the printer said it has 4 items printing but I printed stuff this morning no problem. I did this the other day as well. Then when I was printing something they all spit out as well.

      • sharna

        I think it is the shop at home tool bar. when i print from there i get both the one i wanted from them then the other that are stuck in my printer queue. not sure why

  • Karen

    I am looking to save on Organic products. I see a few coupons here and there, any advice ?

    • Rocky

      Yes, keep checking this site, especially today. On Fridays, there is a regular weekly post for organic coupons, deals, etc. Throughout the week, other coupons are listed, as they come up. You can also check the coupon database for any items you may be particularly interested in (under My Savings Tools on the Toolbar, above).

  • Lin

    Catalinas at Giant good 5/19/14-6/15/14

    $1/3-4, $1.50/5-6, $2.50/7 or more on Swanson broth or chicken, Prego Sauces, Pace Salsa or Picante, or Campbells Soups, Spaghettios, Skillet or Slow cooker Sauces

    Shout, Pledge, Windex or Scrubbing bubbles-$1/2,$2/3, $3/4

  • pat

    does anyone know where I can find hellmanns mayonnaise coupons

    • Laura D.

      There is a $1/1 and $0.50/1 in this weekends Red Plum insert in the newspaper.

  • Cassy


  • CJ

    I keep getting this prompt when I try to print any Red Plum coupons. Anyone know why? I did not change anything on my computer (or leave the country …lol)

    “We are sorry, but the offer that you are trying to reach is not available in your country.”

  • Priya

    I cant print printable coupons somehow. Can someone please help me ! I installed the coupon printer so many times but it doesnt work. Is it because of my Mac laptop?

  • Debbie

    I never used coupons at Dollar Tree before and I just read their coupon rules. It said no more than 2 internet coupons per day–does that mean per type of item or that you can only bring in 2 internet coupons total per day?

    • Cheri

      2 internet coupons per day – it stinks !

  • Martha

    Will Shop Rite double a coupon that says “do not double”?

    • barbara

      no.. If the coupon doubles anyway they may leave it .. But they will not double it if it does not double

  • kc

    how do you change zip code

  • Lou

    I got my cards at CVS and Walgreens. I got the circulars and clipped coupons from the Sunday paper, but I am not finding these great buys that cut your grocery bill in half. I went to the library to print the coupons and they are shut down!:( Walgreens uses the blue papers for the points, CVS said I had to start buying and build up the card before I can get coupons from the coupon machine. I have just started this and am getting discouraged already. I normally spend $400 a month on groceries. I don’t have a printer at home. Can you buy a printer to hook up to an older laptop? If not, is there another way to print besides going to the library?

  • Lou

    I am discouraged. I have CVS and Walgreen cards, clipped coupons, and earned points at Walgreen. But, I am just beginning. I have no printer. But, I am not seeing the great discounts. At Wlagreen’s and CVS I am just a beginner. I understand the point system at Walgreen’s, but cannot see the connection with my grocery bill. I guess I need to find a way to print coupons from a computer.

  • Lou

    I live near Amarillo, TX. I just got started couponing. I got the cards at CVS, Walgreen, and clipped coupons from the Sunday paper. I gained 3450 points at Walgreen and did a buy one get one free there. I was told to start buying at CVS to build it up and then get coupons at the coupon machine. I normally shop at Wal Mart and spend $400 a month. I don’t own a printer so that part is hard for me. Can you help me see how to save on my grocery bill when I don’t see alot of sales on the things I need and buy normally. I am open to trying different brands and going to other stores. We have Wal Mart, United, Albertsons, Dollar Stores.

    • Michelle T.

      Lou, when you get started, it is easiest to start with one store, like CVS. Understand their coupon policy, the ways to save, like store coupons, manufacturer coupons, extra bucks, Ibotta. Go through the matchups and decide what you use. A printer is important, there are many things to print. There is a Brother laser printer they recommend here that goes on sale you may want to check into. Don’t get discouraged, it takes time to get good at saving. Every shopping trip, you will learn something. Also the readers here can be very helpful, any questions, ask.

      • Lou

        Thanks. I won’t give up. I will check into the laser printer. Thanks for the info.

  • Dottie

    How do I get my rewards for the purchases I made yesterday afternoon

  • keyona quinn

    HELP, I’m having trouble printing my list. When I hit the check nothing is happening.

  • Christine Morris

    Oooops, your Bogo $2.00 coupon page is not working

  • Ingrid Barroso


  • Cathy Taylor

    I can’t get the coupons to print, my printer is working fine. When I click to print it just goes to a screen where it says “Your coupons are printing” but they never do, it just hangs there.

  • alicia

    Hi. If a have a bogo coupon (manufacturer) and a register reward, do I have to have 3 items or 2 items to use both coupons?

  • MommyRN2girls

    When shopping at Rite Aid, if I want to qualify for the $10 gas card or the UPRewards, is the amount required to spend based off of the shelf price before coupons or after coupons? For instance, do I have to spend $30 after the coupons I have in order to qualify for the gas card or does it just have to be $30 purchased before coupons? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Laura D.

      $30 before coupons.

  • SEAN


    • Rocky

      Sorry Sean. My reply is held up in moderation since it included the link to the post on this site w/military base info. Check back on Sunday, during the day when it will probably be released! Or, watch for the Sunday post that lists the weekly expiring coupons. The military link is usually included in that post!

  • Cece

    Question; If I add an online ShopRite coupon to my ShopRite card, and I buy 2 or 3 items of such item, will the coupon apply to all 2 – 3 items or just one? Thanks 🙂

    • Jenn

      Just one

      • Cece


  • Paula

    I usually shop at Wegmans, which I find to be pricey. How do I know that their sale price is the lowest for a certain product? For example, if Cheerios is on sale for $1.99 at Wegmans, how do I know that they won’t be on sale at Walmart next week for $1.50. When do I know that I’m getting a good deal & should use my coupons?

    • It’s all about comparison pricing…. you won’t know whether or not something is always going to go on sale, however LRWC does a great job of trying to provide early editions of most grocery store sales ads
      LRWC Also has a great Grocery Price Comparison tool to help you check before you buy 🙂 HTH

  • Leela

    Does anyone know if the pre price club Catalina is printing for
    Deal Ideas
    Buy 2 Brawny Paper Towels ($8.78) $5.88
    Buy 1 Mardi Gras Napkins ($2.49) $1.99
    Subtotal ($20.05) $13.75
    -(2) $0.55/1 Brawny Paper Towel ( 8/3/14 RP)
    Pay $11.55
    Get $5 Catalina
    as low as $2.19 each after Coupons and Catalina
    *assuming that this is working on pre-plus price, which we cannot confirm until Sunday*
    Georgia-Pacific Catalina: Spend $20 Get $5 Catalina

  • April

    Hey! I just got a new iphone and was reinstalling apps – of course, one of my favorite apps is LRWC! But when I went onto the App Store, LRWC isn’t coming up! So strange because on my last iphone I did install it from the app store. Any ideas what’s going on?

  • Mary Brown

    I have a Mac computer and it won’t print coupons, anyone know how to get around it?

    • Sandy

      Lower you security setting, update Java and you may possibly have to unistall and reinstall Smartsource Coupons a few times for it to work. I have 2 Macs and no problems anymore. Other people on this site much better at trouble shooting computers than I am 🙂

  • Melaniece


    • Sandy

      Ecoupons are one time use only. Paper coupons – 1 coupon per item

  • jen

    To print extra coupons would I need another computer or another internet provider ?

  • New Buzz

    Hello all, I’m super excited to start couponing! I live in Southern California. Do match ups, couponing, store policies….all the information on this site apply to Southern California?

  • Maria

    why does it say limit reached? does that mean I can’t print anymore of the coupon?

    • Laura D.

      Yes, you can print 2 coupons per computer or ipad/ipod/iphone.

    • george

      On most coupon sites, you may request 2 coupons per item. Of course, if you have more than one computer and printer you may request additional coupons. Sometimes the limit is per e-mail address.

  • Ted

    What does SRFH mean? Shoprite From Home? Didn’t see it in the abbreviations and have been couponing for awhile but took a break. Never seen this abbrv though

    • John

      Yep you got it,,,,

    • JJ


  • Shirley Clifton

    I just printed off some coupons, and went back to print second coupon and it says the “coupon limit reached” What happened?

    • Melinda Dilione

      most coupons have a 2 coupon print limit per computer. this must be the case for the coupons you’re referring to. you can print that coupon again from a different device. hope that helps!

    • janet

      close the window you already printed from the first time, and click the link for the coupon again. you should find your second print available. sometimes you have to “start over” to get the second print. hth.

  • Toni

    Hello have anyone figured out how to print coupons from your iPad?

  • marcela

    why when I printed my coupons It doesn’t say Manufacter coupon, help please!!

    • Denise Uzunis

      What coupons did you print?

      • marcela

        On all my coupons is the same thing

  • Nancy Morbeto

    Stock up prices. Does this site have a spread sheet of stock up prices? Or something I could put my stock up prices in.

  • Annie

    Does laundry and dish soap freeze

    • Rocky

      I don’t know the answer, but, you have me curious! Why would you feel you should freeze those items? The ‘shelf’ life (without freezing) is something like…forever (sorry, didn’t know how else to say that!), so, it isn’t necessary. But, I realized you might want to know from another perspective, like if you are keeping them in a very cold place, such as an unheated garage, and didn’t want there to be a problem if the temp got that cold! I don’t keep my laundry detergent there, it is in the basement, but, my dish soap stockpile has been in our unheated garage for a year, or more, at a time, and I haven’t had any problems with them! No changes to their consistency, or anything.

  • Sherry-Lynne K

    What region do you look at the sales ads from?

  • Becky

    I’m just trying I print coupons. How do I do that on this sIte? All I can do is “clip” but that doesn’t give me a barcode For checking out with at a store.

    • Denise Uzunis

      Where are you trying to print the coupons from?

  • Seth

    I was reading under the FAQ’s and the links for questions regarding BOGO’s take me to “Opps, can’t seem to find what you’re looking for”, which is VERY unhelpful to a first time coupon-er/visitor to your site. Was disappointed I guess. I am trying to figure out how to coupon so I can start a non profit organization and help supplement the local food pantry’s. I’m having a rough go of if. Now that I notice these other posts are from 3 years ago, I don’t expect much help.I wish your site was current…this is very discouraging.

    • Seth, I’m sorry you hit a page that was no longer available. We have a lot of older posts that are timeless or that we update as things change. We also have a TON of new and useful posts that we post every single day. Make sure to head over to the beginners section with is filled with so much info to help you get started. The link is here

      Hope that helps.

      • stella

        extra word “here” caught in the hyperlink

  • jb

    coupon clipping services?

    • Rocky

      JB, what is it you would like to know, specifically?

      • jb

        Wondering where I could obtain specific coupons to match up with upcoming sales. Are there coupon clipping services to get coupons from? Thanks for any input

        • Rocky

          Yes, there are a number of them. I can give you a few options, and, you can also do a search online for others. There is Klip2Save, couponsthingsbydede, Coupon Carryout, My Coupon Hunter, We Clip U Save, Wiz Clipz, etc. You should check out any site you are interested in to find out their specific criteria. Some may have minimum order quantities per coupon, and/or minimum dollars per order; some only ship in lot quantities of 5 or 10 per coupon, and so on. See which fits your needs, best. Good luck!

        • Chefpat

          Couponfleamarket is my favorite…no shipping charges…always has what I’m looking for.

          • Rocky

            For some reason, I’m leery of that! Looks like a bunch of individual folks who previously sold on ebay… But, if it works, it works!

            • Chefpat

              Do me a favor and take another look..Def not Ebay related….I’ve used Klip2save, Couponthingsbydede but have been turned off by them imposing limits (12 usually) or being out of stock almost immediately. Couponfleamarket has come thru for me every time…many different sellers so I can see how it might look Ebayish to you but it really is the best site to purchase Q’s from…if for the no shipping charges alone. I guarantee that any coupons that you want, even when the ones you mentioned are out of stock, Couponfleamarket will have them….and, free shipping!!

              • Rocky

                Thanks for the explanation, Chefpat! I may just take a look!

                • Chefpat

                  I hope you do…let me know what you think…I know what you mean by being turned off at first by the site…looks kinda Ebay (sorry Ebay) but it really is great…there are so many sellers that you can count on someone having what you want and I have bought from so many of them that I can say that they are dependable and always ship immediately.( I’m not a sales rep for them) LOL

                • Laura D.

                  I’ve used them also. Chefpat is right, love that site!

              • Andrea

                On the bottom of their site it says

                “We jumped at the opportunity to partner with Jacks Cards and Coupons as they can offer our customers better prices, faster shipping and a bigger selection of coupons. Take a look at their site, they have a large selection for just $.79 a batch. Smartsource, Redplum P&G and more !!!”

                I’ve bought coupons from Jacks Cards and Coupons on ebay before. (they are just ok).

  • Cassk

    New to the site, downloaded coupon printer successfully and now the coupons I clipped wont print.

  • corinne

    I am having issues with the list feature. I got to print after adding my desls and it says its empty.

    • Linda

      I’m having the same issue on my laptop and ipad. I’m also getting a word processing error in addition to the empty list message. My Shopping List has the items I selected, but when I go to print or email it says my list is empty. Does anyone know why or how to fix it? It’s very frustrating making up a list and not be able to email it or print it. This is not the first time it happen.

      • Have you tried clearing your cache and closing and reopening your browser. Also, please email me at with the issues and your operation system and browser so we can address it directly. thanks.

  • Jessi

    I went to dollar tree with my coupons and they didn’t have any of the items that this site said would match up. Is there certain websites for certain states. I was so excited to go shopping and when I got there I was so disappointed that I actually cried. I’m just starting out. Could someone help me out. I’m a mother of 4 and we need all the help we can get. Thank you in advance.

    • Sandy

      Dollar Tree is a hit or miss. Hard to shop there or rely on coupon use as their stock is unreliable. What state are you in? Where do u grocery shop?

  • Charlotte Hess

    how do i change the zip code i cannot find the link on the site, thanks

  • kim

    I am not able to print my coupons. It goes to the printer and then there is an error.

    • Sandy

      You obviously have a problem with your printer. See if you can troubleshoot it with the manual or online. Don’t try to print any coupons that you actually want until you figure it out! What kind of printer? Maybe someone here can help you if they know which one you’re dealing with.

  • Donna

    Can someone tell me which site has best download for coupons.I keep getting a different printer download every where I go. I don’t want to download 7 different ones. most have same coupons it seems. which is the best one? shop at home or explorer or what..thanks so much….

    • Sandy

      Unfortunately each coupon site requires you to download/update their software.
      Coupons dot com has the most coupons for sure. You will inevitably miss out on many a deals if you chose to only print from that site. Smartsource and RedPlum I recommend also.

  • mp

    there is no option the print?
    why is this?

  • NiaFaNia

    can the MF coupons still be used on the dollar days at shoprite? on the ad it states it cannot be combined

  • Jessica

    Can you double a coupon and then stack the manufacturer coupon with it?

  • amydawn1964

    not sure if this kelloggs bonus code will work for everybody. it was sent to me by kelloggs in an email G3WB-V3T7-5RL6-PP0J

  • Verito


    first of all love the page, I check it out everyday 🙂

    I was wondering if CVS can matchup prices over Walmart and use manufacture coupon and pay with ECBs? LOL, I might sound crazy but savings its a savings 🙂

  • Kimberly Alford Vogan

    Do any of the stores have price matching policies besides Walmart and Target?

  • Cindy Wilson

    Problem printing coupon from link to page tells to email coupons to my email address?

    • Are you on mobile?

      • Cindy Wilson

        no but web page acts like I am

  • Krissy Johnson

    why aren’t big y’s deals up this week?

  • LatONYA

    Do you have a list of shop rite stores that charge 10 percent shopping fee in new jersey area?

  • rozay

    Since the LRWC website has been updated, I have been unable to print my shopping list. I check the boxes for the deals I want to print, but nothing appears at the top right of my computer. I am using a MAC.

  • lisa

    I’m brand new to couponing, and this website seems like such a great help, so thank you!

  • Jillian

    Can you explain the Shoprite from Home…I tried it and it charges a $10 fee just for pick up where you had said the fee for doing the diaper deal this week was only $3.20. Wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was just my store.

    • D

      I never use SFH or can take advantage of the many deals posted on this site for this very reason – some stores charge a 10% fee and some charge a flat rate of $10. Unfortunately, all the stores near me that do SFH all charge the $10 flat rate which ruins the deals shown..they really only work if you can find a SR that charges the 10% fee instead. I don’t know how many SR stores in your area offer SFH but it’s worth it to see if any charge the 10%.

  • shantte

    I Live In North Carolina I can not find a site like this. to help us get good coupon match ups . how can I start one for us

    • Sandy

      What grocery stores are u looking for matchups on?

      • shantte

        Food Lion ,Krogers, Aldi’s ,Harris Teeter, Walmart ,Piggly Wiggly ,IGA

        • Sandy

          Check out Southern Savers site as she covers those stores

  • Linda

    Is there a difference between i.e. Shoprite ecoupon and a manufacturers coupon?

    • Rocky

      Shoprite is one of the stores that allow you to use both coupons on one item, commonly known as stacking. Individual stores may choose to do some tweaking of the values of the paper coupon, though, if the doubling value of it would cause overage, so, you will have to see how your store handles it. They may round down a $.75 coupon’s double value to, say, $1 instead of $1.50, so that the item just becomes free after the digital coupon and the paper coupon come off.

  • Diane Rank

    I live in Arizona, which I don’t see on your website. Nearby I have Fry’s (a Kroger Company store), Walmart, Target, Winco and Safeway. Will the sales in my area be the same to match-up coupons with sales ads?

    • TheGroom

      No, the sales in your area will probably be different. This site was set up by folks who live in New Jersey, and focuses on stores that are in NJ, NY, and Connecticut. However, even though I live in Ohio, often times I can still use some of the match ups for CVS and Target and Walgreens. Also good are links they supply to some very good coupons. Another thought–you might want to google for “Couponing in Arizona” to find the couponing gurus out west.

  • 123Sammy

    Someone please help me. I have created my list that are save and I see where I can print my list but where are the coupons? Are they on the list? Am I printing a real coupon? If so where is it and how do I get to it? I’m so confused ? If anyone can walk me through this please help before I just give up! Thank you Anthonis

    • TheGroom

      Hi 123Sammy,
      This site does not generate coupons. It will either tell you RP3/5 or SS3/5–which means the coupon is in the RedPlum Sunday insert from Sunday, March 5. SS is the SmartSource insert from Sunday, March 5. Inserts are found in the Sunday newspaper–you should subscribe to your Sunday paper and pay for TWO (2) copies of it. Or obtain the inserts from non-couponing friends or relatives.

      This site may also supply a clickable link to a coupon. If so, click the link and follow it to the coupon. You will probably need to install software in order to print the coupon. The software allows the barcode and coupon ID’s to print on the coupon. If your coupon does not have a scannable barcode on it, the cashier will not accept it at the store.

      Please read the information under the “Beginners” link. This is directly at the top of the site and to the right.You have to have patience to coupon. And there is a learning curve—but you can do it!

  • Tammy LeeAnn

    I cant seem to find help with the way i created my acct. I didnt see where to put my daughter code link.. she can have her 5th subscriber so she can get her 2 bags from LRWC. Ik shes been trying to get those bags!! Someone plz help

  • Stephanie Deblasio

    The glue deal for Walmart isn’t Working. I tried it and they won’t let you use coupon for the 4 oz bottle. I do appreciate all the deals you show us. Thank you 😉

  • Jean Koz Claud

    You have on the shoprite page, unadvertised specials with a link to shoprite ecoupons, why cant I find these coupons on their page?

    • Rocky

      Some of them may have been issued weeks ago and might have reached their clip limits. You have to clip them very early Sunday mornings, or, you will not have them when deals pop up. With that said, though, this past weekend, there were humongous problems loading the ecoupons and they could not be clipped. Hours later, a few could be clipped, then again, some more. At any rate, this weekend was unusual, insofar as them being available to clip, early. It would be helpful, going forward, for you to clip early. The in-ad ecoupons come out on Friday mornings around 12:30a, though there are usually no limits on those. The rest of them come out on Sunday mornings around 12:30a.

  • JacJac

    PLEASE HELP…..I’m going crazy trying to figure out what I can do about My Lists “morphing” into one another. I will make 2 lists and when I go to print them they end up looking like each other….also minus any changes or notes I’ve added. Is there a Trick to it or am I just doing something wrong? It seems pretty cut and dry. It has something to do with making changes and the auto-save feature….Help Help Help