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Upcoming Workshops


If you would like to host a workshop, e-mail to get the requirements and find out more.


  • Vienda Bynum

    Can you tell me if there are any workshops in the St Petersburg/Tampa Florida area?

    • Adeliz

      When would you do a workshop in New York City

    • Anonymous

      I received no reply regarding workshops in the St Pete/Tampa,Fl area.
      Will there ever be one in this area, or maybe an online class?

    • Cindy

      Check your local paper in Florid
      a they are offering workshops every week in a different city in FL

  • Linda

    What about PHOENIX AZ???

  • Tara

    I am a subscriber to your daily blog. I am also a South Jersey teacher. Are you available to teach a class at my school? I would be greatly interested in any information that you may be able to offer. Thank you.

  • Heather D

    Would love to attend a class if there was one here in south Jersey near the Hammonton area

    • I second that Heather. I am in Waterford and own a business in Berlin that could hold the workshop:)

      • Anonymous

        Me too! i live in collingswood!

        • Lynn

          I live in wildwood but would definately attend in hammonton area and know at least 4 others that would also attend.

  • Karan

    I would love to attend your workshop .The only thing is all other places are a bit far from my place. I live in Jersey City . Any place close to this would increase my chance to attend one.Yes I like your site and all the info you post on it. Thanks. Your hard work is really appreciated.

    • Nikki

      Union isn’t terribly far from Jersey City. I live in Union and work in Jersey City. 🙂

    • Liz Harwood

      Hi Karan,
      I live in JC and am organizing the Passaic, NJ couponing workshop in July. It is about 12 miles to get there, about 20 minutes with light traffic. We would love to have you come!

      • willy

        if u get the workshop in jc or passaic pls email me im interested in attending pls email if u do at as a subject write couponing pls ty

      • Janira Padilla

        when will you have classes in Passaic im new to the coupon world and I live in town

  • Anonymous

    Hi would like to know if you ever give any workshops in NYC ?

  • Marnet

    Good Afternoon Cindy,
    Please advised when you are you coming to the BIG APPLE to give a workshop.
    I’m in the borough of Queens,but I’m willing to travel.

  • Jocelyn

    Yay! you will be in Passaic in May, i will try to make it to that one. I live in Lyndhurst, NJ and passaic is close by… I will ask my hubby if New Brunswick is close as I am not too familiar with NJ yet.

  • Anonymous

    Would love it if you offered workshops on Long Island!

  • Martha

    Beautiful weather down here in So Cal.Any chance of having one over here?

  • Marcia

    I am looking forward to the Union workshop!

  • juana

    Hi cindy
    love to attend a class if there was one here in south Jersey near to blackwood .

  • Gena

    Hello Liz,

    I live up in Rockland County New York, I would love to organize a workshop at the Thiells United Methodist Church. There are a lot of couponers in our area and I know we would have standing room only. Please contact me if there is any possibility of planning one in the future. I know you’re very busy right now with house hunting, so no pressure. Contact me when you have time.

    Best regards,

    • meli

      Hi Gena and Liz
      I live in Rockland too!
      I would love to assist you in getting a local meeting together. Please let me know what I can do to help!!

      I too would love to attend 5/1 mtg but I am not sure exactly where union nj is..

      • Kabby

        Garden state parkway exit 140…was just checking myself…am in Bergen county.

    • Lisa

      I’m in Rockland County too!

  • Lori

    I am SUPER EXCITED that you will be coming to my daughters preschool on May 22nd. I look forward to meeting you as I have been following your website for a while now. See you then!

    • Barbara

      HI Lori,

      How can I attend the Bayville workshop? I see its a private workshop so i’m not to sure if I could attend?
      Im in Toms River.

      • Lori

        Barbara I would call the preschool their phone number is 7322692775. I don’t think it would be a problem if you attended but check with them. 🙂

  • Melissa

    please do a workshop in livingston, nj. I can get as many gals as you need. and I think you can use a room in the senior center for free.

    • Cindy

      Melissa, I would be happy to. If you coordinate it, I can do it. Email Megan at We can try to do it this month before I move.

  • kathleen

    I am in Upstate NY and would love to attend but obviously it is not likely with the price of gas and your time- to have you host in our area.

    Is there anyway that you could video your workshop so that we could be a part of the workshop? Maybe you could video tape a couple or even each one and we could watch them after the fact-

    Just a thought- Kathleen

    • Joan

      I am new to couponing, and agree with Kathleen about you making a video of your workshop. I live in Maryland, and would love to come, but NJ is a bit far. I for one would be willing to pay for the video and I am sure more people would too. Perhaps you could start with a beginners class and advance from there : )

  • Hsen


    Could you please tell me if manufacturer coupons published in newspapers can be used throughout the country? For example, Can I use a manufacturer coupon that was published in a newspaper in Atlanta, while shopping at a store in NewJersey?

    • Laura D.

      YES!!! 🙂

  • dawn

    I am also in south jersey Atlantic county Galloway area and I have many request from my church asking If I could teach a class , I honestly am not sure If I could start the teaching process to a whole group. I was wondering if we could set something up for early fall ? We might be able to set up a food drive drop off at the same time.? please email me



  • Lori

    It was great meeting you on May 22nd at Bayville Preschool! The information you provided was amazing. Thank you again so much for traveling down our way. It was wonderful meeting your son too (tell him to keep cooking!) Remember to stop at Shore Restaurant Supply in Brick the next time you are down in this area and get your turkey. Thank you for all of the things you do to help us save some money. 🙂

  • china

    how can i join the workshop for june 5 i live in newark area and would love to go.

  • Jenn

    This site is amazing and I have learned alot! I see there are some others from South Jersey, while we wait for the possibility of a Southern NJ class maybe we should hold a small meetup/swap of our own?

  • Catherine

    I would love to see one in my area Budd Lake, NJ.

    • Eileen

      I would attend one if in the Budd Lake area. I live in northern Sussex County area. Would love to see a workshop up this way. Newton (the county seat) would be perfect. I know I could gather up a group. If I knew what it takes to get one together, I’d organize it!


  • AS

    How about a workshop in Norwalk, CT?

  • Dessi

    I wished you had one in New England! Have you ever considered a Webinar?

  • Dee

    I have alot of people that would be interested in coming to a workshop and would have a facility ( my sons condominium’s public area by the pool) I am SURE you would get a huge turnout with advertising and here people would pay admission. It is in the Southern CT area (Farifield County) about an hour from NYC. Do you plan on expanding your workshops at all? Or allowing someone ( my daughter in law is a couponing expert and belongs to your site) to help organize and teach one? Thank you for your time. Please email directly for any specific questions.

    • Dee

      Check out the videos on YouTube, she does basically have a webinar in place. I am subscribed to her videos, there is one on Couponing 101 in two parts, also one on organizing coupons which I found useful, Stockpiling etc. I hope this helps you out. (I am not a representative of the site I just watched them the other day lol)

  • JerseyCityWoman

    My coupon buddy and I will be attending the workshop next week in Passaic and we are ecstatic! Hope to meet other “Jerseycityites” and neighbors there!

    • Stacey L

      The Peninsula Women’s Club of Bayonne, NJ is on Cindy’s waiting list to host a workshop. We’d love to have you come visit your neighbors in Bayonne when we get a date finalized with Cindy. 🙂

      • Bayonne Coupon Queen

        Wow would love to go a workshop by Cindy in Bayonne.

    • kabby

      Went tonight to Cindy’s Coupon workshop in Passaic…I am still on a high from the sheer pleasure of meeting her and her daughter Megan. Thank you so much for all you do…We were able to get a photo with our idol….I just might use it for a Christmas photo this year. Thanks again!!!!

      • Cindy

        Kabby, you are too funny. Thanks so much for coming. It was a great evening!

  • Tonya B

    Also in the South Jersey Area ( near Collingswood & semi near Berlin area that a few others posted they were). Would love to see one this way!!!!!

  • JerseyCityWoman

    Stacey L, I would love to come to your workshop! I will definitely keep an eye out for the date!

  • Tianna B

    Hi Cindy I live in the Brick township area of Nj i was wondering if you do any workshop in this area?

  • Donna Q

    I live in Pa do you ever southern Jersey-Delaware-PA area?

    • Kim

      We are having one in South Jersey April

    • megan

      I live in pa too!!!

  • Judi


    Your workshops seem to be in the eastern part of the US. I live in the midwest but am definately interested in what you have to teach. Is there a possibility you could do some sort of webinar? You could video tape of one of your workshops, send a link through Living Rich couponing and we all could learn.

  • Paz

    Hi Cindy, Im so happy I found this site as I’ve been wanting to get into couponing to save money for a long time, but couldnt find any workshops near me. I too live in Rockland County, any chance you may be doing something in this area in the near future??

  • Sherry

    Lots of people here in Manchester, CT that would love to attend a workshop! Let me know if you can teach me, then I’ll do the workshop for others here myself~


  • Kara

    Do u have any scheduled workshops for 2013

  • Felicia

    Are there any classes in tampa/brandon,fl? I wanna save money for my family of 5

  • Nina

    Do you have an updated 2013 schedule for your couponing workshops

  • Nikkinicole

    Any more coming
    to Jersey City area???

  • Catherine Gerdes

    I would love for you to do a workshop in Budd Lake NJ or in the immediate area!! Thank you

  • Autumn Kelch

    We need need this Cincinnati!!!

    • Melinda Dilione

      maybe one day we can come out there 😉

  • Crissy C.

    Will you do a workshop here in Somerset County?

  • Jane Day- Durning

    Do you ever have classes in RI?

  • mercedes

    Any online resources or videos?

  • DeBorha Summers

    Will there be one in Las Vegas, Nevada?

  • Lisa

    Have you have ventured into Connecticut?

  • Kathy Marshall

    can you tell me if there is any workshops in the michigan area like farwell or mt. pleasant michigan.

  • Crissy

    I would like to attend one of your workshops but they have been a over an hour away. If you are not having one around me (Hillsborough NJ) How can I organize one?

    • Carolyn Magier

      Hey, Crissy – I’m in Hillsborough too. I’m attending the 11/11 New Brunswick workshop. Hope to meet you there!

  • Robin Lindmeier Quinn

    Is there any workshops upcoming in the 2016 year?

  • Noranne Thompson

    We’ll see you in Pleasantville, NJ on December 9th. I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Robin Quinn

    Are there any workshops upcoming in the future in South Jersey?

  • Betsy

    I have an extra ticket for tomorrow’s Delaware workshop. If anyone needs one, let me know. I can leave it at the registration table with your name on it.

    • Marjorie Cavender

      Hi Betsy, I don’t need your ticket, but I was wondering, did you print out your tickets? I can’t seem to figure out how to do that! Thanks!

      • Betsy

        Hi Marjorie, I just printed out my tickets with no problem. First I downloaded the pdfs that were attached to the email from the News Journal. Then I printed the pdfs. Hope that helps!

    • Ilze Jooste

      Not sure if my response went through. I have been looking all over to find a ticket and would appreciate it if I can have your spare ticket for tonight’s workshop. Thanks

    • Ilze Jooste

      Hi Betsy. If you still have the ticket, could you confirm that you will leave it at the registration table tonight? I don’t want to go out if the ticket won’t be there for me. Thanks so much!

  • Ladytee Addison

    Are any coming to bay area california?

  • Jennifer Fox

    When will you be having a class near Newton, NJ? If you need a place I can get our fire hall for you to use.

  • Harry

    Was great to to meet Cindy in person at the workshop this week…..learned some new things about couponing at RiteAid and Walgreens. Thanks for the souvenirs!

    • Rocky

      Oh, that’s so nice!!!!

    • It was so great to meet you too Harry. Nice to put a face to a name we see so much here on LRWC. Thank you so much for coming!

  • Ariel

    Hi Cindy,
    I live in Hoboken NJ & Southhampton is about an hour and a half from me. I was wondering if you will be having any workshops up here? Your response is much appreciated!

  • Kim Miller

    I would give you my first born child id you had a workshop in IL. I live near Peoria, IL; technically, it’s Washington, IL-you probably heard about our 2013 F5 tornado. I love this site but would appreciate an in-depth session.
    Also, my eldest is 19 and good at it. Lol. I won’t make you take her….just come to Central Illinois.

  • Elizabeth Levander

    I Would like to do one of your workshops. Can I have some info plz