Bottom Dollar Food Coupon Policy

Bottom Dollar Food Coupon Policy

There is no Coupon Policy on the Bottom Dollar website but Living Rich With Coupons contacted Bottom Dollar regarding their policy and received this response:

Our company will gladly accept manufacturer, store, internet and Catalina coupons, provided they scan in our register system. We will however, decline internet coupons offering a free product, a coupon that has a higher dollar amount than the value of the product, a competitors’ coupon, or if the coupon appears to be fraudulently generated, copied, or reproduced. In addition, we will only accept one coupon per item. We do not honor competitor prices. We reserve the right to decline acceptance if the coupons are deemed to be fraudulent. I hope you find this information beneficial. Please feel free to speak to the store manager with any concerns you have.

We allow a limit of 10 of the same kind of coupons in one transaction; however there is no limit on the amount of coupons. You can use one coupon per item even on BOGO items as long as there are no restrictions on the coupons, such as “not good with any other offer”. Our associates are well trained and understand our standard practice and this is company wide and not on a store by store basis. However, our store management is able to make the final decisions on coupon use in our stores. .

In summary:


  • Manufacturer, store, internet & catalina coupons
  • 1 coupon per item.
  • 10 of the same kind of coupons in one transaction
  • no limit to the number of coupons you can use
  • can use one coupon per item on BOGO sales as long as the coupons does not state “not good with any other offer”

Does not accept the following:

  • Coupons for FREE products
  • Coupons that are a higher dollar amount then the value of the product
  • competitors coupon
  • Coupons that have been copies or reproduced

Bottom Dollar does not honor competitor prices.