13 Ways you Can Use Dawn PowerWash!

How to Use Dawn Powerwash

I’m a recent convert to Dawn Powerwash.I’ve of course heard how great it is – but I’ve never used it! I recently had to clean Mia’s Watertable after the winter and I thought I’d try Dawn Powerwash – guys… it was the easiest thing EVER! I will use it for everything for now on!

I thought I could put together a list of some things you can use it for! (out of the norm). We know you can basically clean any pot/pan/dish with it – but there are MANY other ways to use it!

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Here are ways you can use Dawn PowerWash:

1. Kids Water Table/Toys

Anything that gets yucky from being outside – clean it with Dawn Powerwash. I promise it will take away the yuck! Sometimes you need to let it sit – but it works!

 2. Shoes

Spray it on the shoes – especially sneakers (the white part) and scrub! Then throw it in the washing machine (if your shoe is machine washable of course!

3. Oven

This is more common – but the oven is a tough place to clean! Spray and let it sit! Wala!

4. Window Tracks

The forgotten space! Quickly wipe that area clean and make it sparkle!

5.  Stained Clothes

Spray the stain and let it sit then wash the clothes! (test your clothing first to be sure)

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6. Stainless Steel

Finger prints GONE!

7. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces naturally get yuck!

8. Glass Shower Doors

If it’s a tougher water stain – let it sit!

9. Bathtub

Imagine how much you won’t have to scrub!

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10. Carpet Stain

test your carpet first – but this works!

11. Airfyer or Toaster Oven

Take out the crumbs – then clean these food spaces! (unplug first)

12. Outdoor Grill

The grill grates get grimey! Try this!

13. Sink

Any type of sink can be cleaned with this!

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