Free Spring Cleaning Checklist, Calendar & Tips {Download}

I love spring. I love opening the windows and letting that fresh air flow through the house. That’s the good part. The bad part is, when you do open those windows, you realize how badly those windows need to be cleaned. And the window sills, and the blinds and….well you get the idea. So, it’s a great time to get your Spring Cleaning Checklist in order and start with a nice plan that won’t stress you out.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Over the last month, I have gotten a ton of questions on my Instagram page regarding a system for cleaning your house. I’ve always been a big proponent of keeping up with the basic areas on a weekly basis – vacuuming, dusting, cleaning down appliances and bathrooms. While that is great, our homes do need some deep cleaning as well and spring is one of the best times to do that.

Spring Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

I can’t just hand you a checklist and wipe my hands! You all know I have to give you just a little bit more information to get you going! House Cleaning Tips are probably my favorite thing to look up!

Luckily we have a huge post on that for you to check out – I’ll give you a few hints as to what you’ll find:

  • Lemon in the sink
  • Clean your Shower Head
  • Clean your blinds in 30 seconds

Yes those are for REAL! Go take a look at these cleaning hacks!

What you Need to Keep a Clean House

We all need at least just the basics to start our spring off right. Here are the supplies I believe you need and you can keep in stock:

Luckily we have a lot of printable coupons and insert coupons available for household products – so you’ll always be able to save!

Some Ingredients that should have on hand that can be useful in many different cleaning products in your home:

We have 5 Homemade Cleaning Products Recipes you can make yourself with these products! The are seriously so good!


Essential Oils for Cleaning

Going along with the Homemade Cleaning Products from above – not everyone loves the chemicals that are in some all purpose cleaners. Did you know we have a list of 5 Essential Oils for Cleaning. If you are looking to clean your home with essential oils these five are sure to fit your needs from air fresheners to disinfectants and furniture polish.

  1. Lemon
  2. Tea Tree
  3. Rosemary
  4. Pine
  5. Lavender

Head over to that post to learn how to use each of these oils to clean your home

No Clutter = Less Mess

I can’t tell you how important I think it is to declutter your home. It gives you a fresh outlook on your house and it’s MUCH easier to keep clean! I like to focus on 1 area a week in my home that I feel like needs a little de clutter, and I always end up sharing it on my Instagram! One week I may tackle under the kitchen sink and another week I could clean out my closet! Who knows!

30 Day Cleaning Checklist & Calendar

Setting a schedule for cleaning holds you accountable! It also tells you what you should be doing just in case you forget! Lucky for you we have this AMAZING resource for you!

Give yourself 30 days to completely clean your home from top to bottom to start the spring off right!

Print a Spring Cleaning Calendar and Checklist Below



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