Full List of Ibotta Freebies This Week | Free after Offer

Ibotta has a section of the rebate app where you can get items FREE after 1 offer. It’s seriously so easy!

What Does Free After Offer Mean? You get the FULL amount of what the item costs in store – back via rebate through the Ibotta App!

How does Ibotta Work? Check this out to learn more!

So you just follow how Ibotta works – but the item is free! MIND BLOWING!

List of Ibotta Freebies for This Week: *if you see more please comment!

Ibotta Free After Offer List – Can Expire anytime

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Newbie Ibotta Bonus

When you first sign up for Ibotta you will get a $5 welcome bonus if you redeem your first rebate in the first 7 days of registering!