Cindy’s Weekly Grocery Budget Tracker

 Cindy’s Weekly Grocery Budget Tracker

While doing the Zero to Stockpile Challenge, I donated my entire stockpile, emptied out my full size freezer and purged all my coupons starting completely fresh, like a new couponer.

Normally, with the use of my stockpile, my grocery budget was just $75 each week.

Having to increase my budget for this challenge was necessary as I had no stockpile or stocked freezer to live off of each week.

This grocery budget tracker is to show you the impact that a stockpile makes to your grocery budget. Hopefully, you can see that, as the weeks go by and my stockpile builds back up, my grocery spending decreases. Then once again, I can be back to my original $75 a week grocery budget.


  • Laura D.

    Great idea! Any chance this shhet can be a printable or downloadable in order to fill out our own trips?

  • Molly Hazlett

    not fair, who has 200 to spend each week at stores, im lucky to have 50

    • Susan

      I get it. Buy what you normally buy for your budget to feed your family, then, look at the free items at your local stores – get the lists from the STORES tab on the website – and go to the stores to get the free items. You will stockpile much slower than Cindy, but it works. Slowly, you’ll see that one week, you don’t need to buy something b/c you have it already and got it for free. Then, you’ll slowly have a few $ to spend on something that week to stockpile that costs a few cents or a few dollars (ie toilet paper, cereal, etc.) It will take you longer, but it does work!

    • Jen

      Molly you can do it, may take longer then others, but focus on the free stuff every week, you will get there.

    • Rocky

      And, honestly, that’s not going to change until you start doing something about it! Like Susan said, start with the freebies, but, just start!

    • Follow the progress, you’ll see that I’ll be reducing my weekly spending very soon. The whole point of this is to show people that spend too much on their groceries (to me, $200 a week is too much) how the stockpile can work for you to reduce your weekly spending.

      • Ang In CT

        Cindy have you seen the website fruitsandveggiesmorematters dot org. Specifically the article titled 30 ways in 30 days to stretch your budget. There are a ton of links but the last one takes you a family grocery budget calculator that you put your family info and such and they give you a target number for budgeting. There are lots of tips that you give listed. The budget calculator is from Iowa State University Extension Services. I used to work for them when I live in Iowa. I smiled when I saw my pediatrician post the article. The reality is that every family has different dietary and financial constraints. It’s about doing the best that you can with what you have.

  • Margaret J Pankowski

    to start the stock pile i would only be able to do the cvs deal for the toothpaste. HHMMMM.

    • Jen

      Sounds easy enough, just need to start!

  • Nancy Foster

    I made a copy of the sheet for whoever wants it. You just need to put in your budget for the week in the Starting Amount column every week (in case you change it sometime). It will calculate to whatever budget you put in. Just leave me a message with your email and I’ll send it to you. I can only upload an image here.

  • fran

    I am glad you added the cost of the coupons. People tell me all the time it cost too much for the papers but you can put it in budget

  • Roe B.

    Have you thought about sharing your weekly savings total? I know that tracking my time spent cutting coupons and making a shopping list helped me decide if couponing was worth my time – which it was! (I did not track shopping time since i would have to shop with or without coupons … but I will add I spend less time in the store cause i try to stick to my strict list) Coupon prep for about an hour week i saved about 30% … two to three hours i can get to 40% to 50% savings.

    • Ang In CT

      I know that some may disagree with me but I actually spend less now that I use SRFH for the big orders. I am less likely to go off list and impulse buy when I prep ahead with an order. Lately I will just have my husband pick up the order on his way as he passes the store anyway. So, before he leaves I have my coupons ready for him to hand over. Anyway you do it having things in order that works for you is always a win for the budget in my eyes. Typically I get my orders on Thursday or Friday so I can plan out based on the ad for the following week.

      • Jen

        Why do some disagree? Shoprite from home works great for me, and they seem to be more coupon friendly at my store, I don’t have a line of nasty people behind me annoyed because I have so many coupons. My opinion is they are trying to prove it to be a success and the more couponers who use it the higher there bottom line is. Just my opinion. The deals for SRFH are amazing.

        • Ang In CT

          Jen you would not believe the comments I got from friends about being too lazy to go to the grocery store in cold weather when I commented on Facebook about how no lines for me I love SRFH. I ialso hear but it costs x .. and my take is always been even on weeks when the promotions aren’t big for me I more than make up for it on weeks when they are. I get I miss out on any “manager special” type deals by not actually being in the store but really those are hit or miss most of the time anyway. I am noticing a change in my budget because unless I forget something there are no extras that find their way into my cart. I am not one to go to many stores .. I prefer one trip and done if at all possible. It’s a personal choice but it really does save me a lot of money and time in the long run.