How I Organized My Nursery – Products, Ideas & More!

Update: I had baby #2 on 2/2/22 and everything applied to him too! I love everything I got for both babies!

Let me tell you something about nesting mode, it is a real thing. I was in full on nesting mode right before Mia arrived on March 25, 2020! I share tons of updates on my Instagram (LivingRichwithCoupons)! So if you’re interested in seeing the day to day life cute little babe and me! Come hang out!

Update: now that I’ve been using this system a lot – I have to say it’s working out AMAZING! My favorite thing has to be the over door hanger, the personalised coat hangers and the pink bins in the closet! Also the Clips for the hangers!

So now onto one of the most important things when preparing for a new baby (other than healthcare of course) – ORGANIZATION! I’ve spent a lot of time working on nursery closet organization, coming up with nursery storage ideas, finding hacks and cheap ways to do things! Being prepared and ready for your little one, that will change your world, is just one thing that can make your life easier.

I found a TON of Nursery Organization on Amazon & Target and I had to share all my finds with you!

What Should be the Most Organized:

  • Closet
  • Drawers
  • Shelves

Nursery Organization Baskets will be your BEST FRIEND! The main thing we bought were baskets. All different types of baskets too! I’ll go through this when I tell you what we bought by section of the nursery!

TIP: Use BABYLIST! It is the best way to let your family and friends know what you need! It lists all your wants at many different stores so they have the option to buy from wherever in one place!


Pink Bins – These came in a set of 6 on Amazon – We paid $21 for the Pink ones which comes to $3.50 per bin (best price we saw)

  • These will hold extra sheets
  • Extra covers
  • clothes she grew out of
  • Accessories for gadgets
  • Older age toys

Large Pink Bins on the Floor (Target) They are very sturdy and a great price!

  • These will hold Blankets, Toys and anything else we might have.

Pink Pant Hangers – I bought these on Amazon to attach to the baby hangers i bought on Amazon. They are perfect for keeping outfits together!

Shelf Organization

Book Racks on the Wall – These are actually spice racks from Ikea! We attached them to the wall and they hold books perfectly! You can paint them if you want!

Baskets on last Shelf – These are from Ikea and will be used for toys!

Shelf – Ikea Shelf! We loved it because it’s slim and it can attach to the wall easily for safety!


Heavy Duty Drawer Dividers (Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond) – These are used for heavy things like diapers and blankets! We used them to organize diapers in the top drawer!

Small drawer dividers (Amazon) – These will be used to organize clothes and other items that may go in the drawer. They are easy to attach together and customize exactly how you want the drawer to hold your baby’s clothing!

Small Bins (Target) – We got a few small bins for the top drawer for things like a thermometer, lotion, nose frida etc!

Back of the Door

Shoe Organizer – This Organizer will be a life safer! It’s such great quality and holds SO much stuff. I’ll put bows, medicine, shoes, hats, just about anything in there! it lays flat and looks really nice!

I’ll be keeping my Amazon Favorites Page up to date with all of the things for baby and her room so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Do you have any Nursery Organization Hacks or ideas? Let us know in the comments! This could be a great resource for all moms to come for some advice!

Here are some quick links to some of our favorite Nursery Organization Products:

  1.  Pink Storage Bin – $21.99 for 6
  2. Large Plastic Pink Bin – $8
  3. Baby Pant Hanger Clips – $11.99/40pc
  4. Ikea Spice Rack (turned bookshelf) – $4.99
  5. Ikea Large Storage Bin – $3.99
  6. Heavy Duty Drawer Dividers – $22.99 for 4
  7. Small Drawer Dividers – $14.99 for 12
  8. Smaller Plastic Bin – $4.00
  9. Over Door Shoe Rack – $9.99
  10. Bow Hanger (or towels etc) – $12.99
  11. Plastic Drawers – $33
  12. Rolling Cart – $44.99