How to Prepare to Shop Black Friday Deals Online in 2021!

Online Shopping during Black Friday is becoming the thing that most people want to do! We all love a great deal and Black Friday is for sure the time to do it!

Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2021

We wanted to get you ready for Online Black Friday Shopping so you can be ready for the Big Day(s) – because we all know these sales happen way before and way after Black Friday 😉

1. Sign Up for Retailers E-mails

First you should sign up for the Living Rich with Coupons e-mail list (top left)- we will send you all of the BEST stuff from ALL of the stores for Black Friday.

Then you can sign up for your favorite stores e-mail list to be notified of their individual sales! This will help you be in the know!

Some popular stores:

2. Check out the Black Friday Ads Before Black Friday

Lucky for you the moment Black Friday ads come out – we post them on our Black Friday Ad page! You can go there to read through them and decide what looks best for you to buy! Write them down – add them to your shopping list and get ready to shop!

3. Know the Best Prices of Items before you Shop

Do a little research before you make the purchase! If you see a price on Target you like – check Walmart then check Best Buy. Make sure it’s the price you want! Also keep an eye out on our Black Friday Online Deals Page (bookmark it) – we’ll post the best prices we find from the stores through the holiday season!

4. Make it easy – Shop the Retailers known for the best prices for certain products

  • Amazon – These deals start EARLY! keep an eye out!
  • Best Buy – Hello Electronics!
  • Kohls – Kohls Cash makes some items REALLY cheap
  • Macys – Free Shipping and major discounts
  • Target – tons of online only deals and free shipping and discount codes
  • Walmart – You’ll see a discount on everything here!

5. Follow Your Favorites on Social Media

This includes us on our IG, Facebook Page and Private Facebook Group! Follow all of your favorite stores to stay up to date with whats happening!

Follow our online deals page, Black Friday Ad page and Black Friday Deals page to stay up to date! We can’t wait for Black Friday to start!

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