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  • Lisa M Ouellette

    Hi my name is Lisa, and I live in Michigan. I am looking too start couponing, and have been for about the last couple of weeks, but I am finding I am not saving very much. Is there something I am doing wrong. Can someone help me, too guide me through this process too better understand how too use coupons too get the biggest bang for the buck. Thank you in advance.

    • Kari

      Welcome to the couponing life! Living Rich with Coupons (abbreviated LRWC, this website) offers many good places to start. At the top there is a “Beginners” tab and that’s a great place to start learning about how to save more than your average coupon user.

      I think the biggest part where I see change is learning WHEN to use coupons. Using a coupon on a regular or full price item is fine, but it’s not bringing your bill down too much. Wait until an item is at it’s lowest price (you learn this by watching sales and LRWC will also tell you) and THEN use a coupon on it and buy several so you don’t have to buy it at regular price when you run out!

    • geoff84

      Lisa, buy things when there are good deals – like those noted on LRWC – and stockpile. “Good deals” usually means you’re stacking a sale price with coupons (manufacturer and sometimes store) and sometimes rebates. Then, when you need an item, you walk to your stockpile rather than run to the store and pay whatever the day’s high price. It takes some time to build a decent stockpile, but it’s fun.

      • Lisa M Ouellette

        I am not sure what is considered a good deal. I try too buy buy one get 2nd half and have s coupon but still I don’t see the savings. Also I don’t understand the whole double coupon thing. Is there a software program to do a lot of the tracking? I am so confused. I am pretty knowledgeable but I don’t understand how these extreme couponer a spend a thousand and only pay less than $30 bucks

        • geoff84

          If you’re not sure, this website will point you to the good deals. Double-coupon means a store will take your coupon for 50 cents off and give you $1.00 off instead. You don’t need a computer program – just keep track of it yourself. If something costs $2.50 and it’s on sale for buy-one-get-one and you have a coupon for $0.50 off which the store doubled, then you just paid $1.50 for items that otherwise would have cost $5.00 – a savings of $3.50, or 70%. Give yourself a pat on the back!

    • Rocky

      Hi, Lisa, welcome! Something else to keep in mind about your potential savings is whether or not your particular grocery stores in Michigan actually ‘double’ manufacturer’s coupons like they do here on the East Coast. Do you know if they do? If not, you can still save money, but, your deals will be slightly different than those posted here. If you are not sure, go online to your stores’ websites and look for the link to their coupon policy. Also, on the toolbar above, click on the My Store tab to see if any of your stores are listed. If they are, check the current ‘Match-ups’ to see what deals might meet your needs. Then, check the new match-ups each week to stay on top of the deals. In addition you may have drug stores in your area that are listed, above, so you can start slowly with those deals (none of those stores double coupons, so, other than some possible variances in sales prices, the deals will be pretty close to what you can get). There is a LOT to learn if you are just starting out, so, you do have to start reading the Beginner’s Sections, or, even the questions we answer for you in the Comments section will not always make sense! Also, don’t watch those extreme couponing shows because they are all staged and give people the wrong ideas. So, read the Beginner’s section, look for your stores on the Toolbar, start studying the deals and comments for those stores, and, only try one or two deals at a time until you feel more comfortable! Good luck!

      • Lisa M Ouellette

        Rocky, thank you for responding. I see on your tool bar that rite aid, cvs, Kmart, Walmart and Kroger are on the list. I don’t understand how too use the store match up thing so I am stuck on that. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am a coupon probee

        • Rocky

          You’re welcome, Lisa! Go back to My Stores and click on Kroger. You will see various options for that store, such as Match-ups 12/16; Latest Deals; Catalina Deals, etc. You will see that the current matchups post is highlighted in green, so it means you are already on that page/option. Scroll down and you will see the sale items listed by category, with the 1st being Meats/Seafood/Deli. Items with green check marks are what they consider stockup prices, whether there are coupons, or not. Any items that have coupons will have those listed below the item. Although there may be a lot of different coupons available, you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item. You should read that Beginner’s section to get familiar with all the different types, because it is too much to explain here! They calculate the ‘final price’ by factoring in the highest value-producing coupon. You may, or, may not have that particular coupon available, though, so you would calculate YOUR final price using whatever coupon value you have. It might be easier for you, though, to click on the Latest Deals option, first, because there will be less confusing choices! They consist of smaller deals that will be easier for you to visualize and understand.

          • Kim

            Thanks for such detail! It helps having a friendly body to help explain some of this..I have the same questions….before i lost anymore, I think I’ll read thru all these first…..this is sooo AWESOME! I can’t wait until all this info “clicks” and I’m able t

            • Rocky

              You’re welcome, Kim! Yes, you’re right – start reading through things, first. And, start slowly! Don’t try to take everything in, at once, or, try to do too many deals, or, you can become discouraged. In addition to the Beginner’s material, check out the smaller deals that are posted throughout the day. They are easier to understand because they highlight less items, until you get more familiar with things. And, ask questions when you need to. There is a great group of helpful people here! Good luck!!!

  • precious

    Have been trying to get set-up and have requested to get password several times. It is getting very frustrating!!!!!!!!!

    Why when you register can’t you not do you own password? Why does the page have to do the password it is very frustrating.

    I would like to complete my registration, so please just send password to my email address. I don’t want a link I have used it many times and it doesn’t work. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  • Kim Miller

    I love near Peoria, IL. I can’t find local ShopRite; I can’t even find one in IL. Does anyone know the nearest one? Their website just keeps telling me there isn’t one…..that can’t be, can it??!!
    Ps. I’m new to this site and LOVING it!!!! It is a lil detailed, which is great, but until I understand how to do this, I’m finding it a tad overwhelming….any suggestions, advice, direction from any of you veterans?

    • Unfortunately, Shoprite stores are located in the north east

    • Tracy

      If you have Kroger near you, you can look for match ups under the “Store” tab above. Start with one store, until you get used to couponing. Click on “Beginners” tab to learn how and where to get coupons. Good luck!