How You Can Watch Live TV without Paying for Cable!

Times are changing! Tons of us want to ditch the cable and still watch Live TV! I’ve been doing this for over a year and LOVE it! You find a routine that works for you and you get used to not having cable!

Here are the Apps I have on my TV:

  • Sling TV – Live TV –
    Update – we have switched to YOUTUBETV – the main reason being that it has all of the cable channels available !
  • Hulu – ABC Shows/other series and movies
  • Netflix – because you have to have netflix
  • Disney+
  • Discovery+
  • Amazon Prime – Comes with my yearly membership

This costs us around $80 plus $55 for Internet!  Our cable/internet bill was almost $160!

You don’t have to use exactly what I use because there are SO MANY OPTIONS for live TV out there!

LIVE TV Apps So you Don’t have to pay for Cable:

  • SlingTV – Customizable for as low as $20 for your first month!
  • HULU live TV – Once you create your account you’ll see options for Live TV for as low as $54.99/month
  • Purefix – Clean Entertainment with faith and family values – Free Trial here
  • PhiloFree Trial (no CC required)
  • Paramount+ – Free for 30 days – $5.99/month after
  • Discovery+
  • YoutubeTV – $49/month 40 channels
  • Direct TVnow – as low as $35/month
  • Fubu TV – as low as $45/month – Get a free Trial here!
  • PlutoTV – apparently it’s Free!

If you are a movie lover and don’t want live TV you can get:

How do I stream LIVE TV on my TV?

If you have a smart TV – you’ll be able to download almost all of these apps (depending on the age of your TV). If you don’t you can buy some streaming devices!

I have the Amazon Cube.

You can also use:

Will I Need the Internet?

Yes! You will still need to pay for the internet! A lot of times through your normal provider there are deals for an internet only package! We use Verizon and pay around $55 a month!


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