25% off KiwiCo DIY Kids & Activies | Subscription Boxes for Kids 0-16!

Looking for Subscription Boxes for your kids or babies?

KiwiCo has crafts, DIY activities and baby subscription boxes to help entertain your kids! We even have a deal for you for 25% off your first month or 25% off your Panda Crate!

KiwiCo Crate Subscription – Ages 2-16

This Monthly Subscription services has activity crates for all ages. You just have to pick the crate that best fits your kids!

These projects are educational and fun projects that will keep your kids mind going!

Get it for 25% off the first month here!

KiwiCo Panda Crate Subscription – Ages 0 – 24 Months

This subscription box for babies is sent our every 2 months! Each box has 2 months worth of toys that help develop your baby’s brain and are developmentally appropriate! I personally know it can be hard to keep a little babies brain going while they aren’t napping so I appreciate these types of boxes!

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You can cancel your boxes at anytime!


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