Succulents Studio Subscription Box just $5.00 | 2 Plants per Month!

Hello Plant Lover! If you clicked on this you are interested in plants! If you don’t have a green thumb – Succulents are Perfect for you!

How to I get Succulents sent to me or a friend!

Succulent Studios will send you 2 organically grown in Southern California Succulents every month!

Your first month will be $5 + Free Shipping with coupon code CACTUSDEAL!

Each Month after that will be $10 + Shipping! This can be cancelled, skipped and gifted (yes you can choose to send your box to anyone) each month!

Head over here to try your first box for $5 + Free Shipping

Once you get your Succulents you can put them inside or outside! You can put them in cute containers or in a rock garden! The possibilities are endless! They do great in sunlight – so near a window inside would be ideal! They also only need to be watered every 7-10 days. Super easy to care for!

Get someone a gift of plants sent to their house monthly!


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