10 Simple & Natural Fertilizers, Weed and Pest Killers

You are making this effort to grow your garden, the last thing you need is bugs and weeds to ruin your effort.  If you would like to keep the use of chemicals to the minimum when caring for your garden, check out these 10 natural remedies we have compiled for you.

Natural Fertilizers, Weed and Pest Killers

Here are 10 options for you to naturally cure some outdoor problems at home!

1. Ant Killer


Get some short and long term solutions for this problem.

 2. Vegetable Garden Bugs


Sprinkle diatomaceous earth to get rid of certain garden pests.

3. Peppermint Spray for bugs


Use peppermint castille soap or add drops of your essential oil.

4. Garlic/Pepper Spray for Bugs


This strong concoction is perfect for aphids, white flies, spider mites, and other pests.

5.Coffee Grounds as fertilizer


Accumulate coffee grounds for healthier plants.

6. Listerine and Cayenne Pepper mix for pests


If I were a bug, I also would stay away from Listerine.

7. Vinegar and Epsom Salt for Weeds


This simple recipe costs way less than toxic store products.

8. Neem Oil


Not only good on pests but also mildew.

9. Tansy Herb


This works more as a repellent than a bug killer.

10. Beer


I bet you were not expecting this, but beer is a great trap for slugs.

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