Catalina & Monthly Offers for Rite Aid

catalina offers

We depend on readers like you to keep these updated with the newest deals at all your local stores. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please submit the info using the form below:


Watch Cindy explain exactly what a Catalina offer is and how they work

Catalina & Monthly Offers for Rite Aid

Catalina Deals:

Allegra, Nasacort or Xyzal products
Buy 2 get $5.00
Buy 3+ Get $10.00

Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups, or GoodNites Underwear Jumbo Packs
Buy 4 get $5.00

All Rite Aid stores do not have a Catalina Machine so be sure to check with your store before making a purchase.

Monthly UP Reward Deals:

Rite Aid Monthly 3/4-3/31/18



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  • Hi,
    I am trying to find an ACE reusable compress coupon here before I go shopping.
    Your web site came up in a search…. but can’t find the product.
    am disappointed. brooke

  • franki

    isn’t Arm & Hammer 10UP wyb $25 also monthly?

  • Duke Fami

    Please remove expired list, I keep on thinking it is a valid list. Thank you.

    • Melinda Dilione

      updated – sorry about that!

      • Duke Fami

        Hi again—the list is still up 🙁

  • cpsavings

    is this an updated list? Can I use the Lysol deal today?

    • Linda

      Yes, these are the current Catalinas and monthly UP Reward deals.

  • Quieta Tyred

    The Catalina deals look current,but the Plenti point deals must be old, since all the coupons listed are long expired….

  • Ruth McCassie

    did huggies deal 3x and no catalina each time..contacted catalina marketing so we will machine was working too cause I got other coupons

    • Julianna York

      I had the same problem. Where do you go to contact the catalina company? Do they have a website?

      • Ruth McCassie

        dont bother..i did and they said the deal wasnt for this store so we got bad information this time on here. for future their number is 888-826-8766

        • Rocky

          Unless, of course, she was at one of the RA’S that were offering it and there was some other problem that caused it not to print, right? How many ‘good deals’ did you get here, over the years? For, ummm, free, I might add…

          • Ruth McCassie

            no need to take offense..if you look at my post it said “this time”..and the cat machine worked just fine because I got other coupons so it was printing. And if a cat is at rite aid then it is at ALL rite aids that it should some lose some..didnt want her to waste her time contacting catalina this time

            • Rocky

              Okay, that’s how you see it and that’s fine. I don’t know that her cat machine was working fine, like yours was, but, I just didn’t want her to miss out on it, if she should have received it. And, yes, thanks, I saw your ‘this time’ comment. I’d have to go back and check the other post, but, I thought this was the deal that did have the cat announcement confirmed at RA, though not all RA’s were participating. But, maybe I’m mistaken. And, if a cat is valid at one RA, but, isnt, at another, I still feels it’s an RA problem.

              • Ruth McCassie

                its so confusing if they do this at one store and not another in the same chain..I wish there was a catalina site that told all the cats as well as where and when..

                • Rocky

                  I know, and totally agree!

  • darlene

    Is the May 2016 Huggies catalina for all areas or just certain states?

  • Melena101010

    No Catalina in NYC on Pullups just did deal, bummer last time we had a $5 ;((

  • Liz

    The catalina deal for huggies at riteaid is not working. Contacted Caralina and they said there is no deal for it.

    • Linda

      Due to the feedback stating that you guys aren’t receiving the Catalina, we are pulling Rite Aid off the list. We did have a pic of the actual Cat stating it was valid at Rite Aid, but apparently that is not accurate. Thank you for the info.

      • Evelyn Ruemmele Wood

        I have done the Huggies deal at Rite Aid several times and the cats are printing.

  • Evelyn Ruemmele Wood

    Did the Huggies deal and before I cashed out 2 $1.50 Catalinas printed for Huggies Pull-ups. Once transaction was finished the $5.00 Catalina printed.

  • shauna

    I have done two deals purchasing tena pads. The weekly is $10 wyb $30. I received the pp’s but I also received another $10 for j&j that I don’t see listed as a monthly. So I spent 30 and got 20 back before coupons. Sweet deal.

  • Mofi Buku

    Did you get a confirmation on the Huggies monthly deal for spend $20 get $5 pp?
    I was told it is not a true deal. The in ad weekly deal spend $30 get $10 in pp is working and the spend $25 get $10 cat is working and so is the Tru gc is working.

  • SRom

    The L’Oreal hair care is on sale B2G1 this week (and next) will the CAT print $1.00 or $2.00?