Shaws Coupon Policy

Shaws Coupon Policy

View & Print the Shaws Coupon Policy:

Shaw’s promotes a coupon friendly shopping experience and encourages customers to participate in store, manufacturer and internet coupon use. The following policy guidelines are current, but Shaw’s may change this policy at any time and policy changes may not be advertised. Coupon redemptions are subject to the policy in effect at time of redemption.

Shaw’s adheres to individual State regulations regarding coupon acceptance in our stores. Please review the State Regulations regulation section below.

Coupons – Definition: Coupons are a form of tender to reduce an order total based on merchandise purchased. Retailers are not required by law to accept manufacturers’ coupon. Coupons can be in print and/or in electronic form, and may be integrated into the register systems where they are deducted automatically when all purchase requirements are met.

General Coupon Acceptance Guidelines:

  • Coupons are accepted in accordance to the stated requirements on the coupon at the time of purchase. These requirements include, but are not limited to: product type, flavor(s), size(s), quantities and minimum/maximum dollar purchase limits.
  • Coupons are intended for one time use and cannot be redeemed more than once.
  • Coupons have no cash value.
  • Coupons stating “on next/future purchase or visit” cannot be used in the transaction in which they are generated. Next purchase is defined as a separate transaction.
  • The coupon redemption value on ‘Free’ coupons may not exceed the value of the item.
  • Other Retailer coupons are not accepted with the exception of valid Catalina manufacturer coupons for specific item(s) that Shaw’s carries and ‘manufacturer’ must be stated on the coupon. Other Retailer Catalina store coupons are not accepted.
  • Any combined discounts, including coupons, may not exceed the value of the transaction.
  • One store coupon and one valid manufacturer coupon may be applied to an item.
  • Coupons may not be applied on a “free” item.
  • Coupon must have a valid scanable barcode and a valid date to be accepted.
  • Transactions may not be separated for the purpose of circumventing coupon policies.
  • Shaw’s reserves the right to limit quantities.
  • Photo copied, altered and/or fraudulent coupons will not be accepted.
  • All applicable sales taxes are paid by the customer at the full value of the item.
  • Shaw’s reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.

Doubling of Manufacturer Coupons:

  • Shaw’s doubles valid manufacturers’ coupons that have a face a value up to 99¢. Coupons with a face value over 99¢ are redeemed at face value only.
  • Mfg coupons that state “do not double” or “free” will not be doubled.
  • No more than FOUR “like” (same UPC) Mfg coupons will be doubled per customer, per day. Any additional coupon(s) may be accepted at face value (not doubled) based upon product availability.
  • Shaw’s store coupons may not be doubled.

Internet Coupons:

  • Manufacturer (Mfg) Internet coupons follow the same stated mfg coupon policies along with the following restrictions:
    • Must be printed from a computer printer (no copies).
    • Mfg internet coupons for free product are not accepted.
    • All mfg internet coupons valued at $5 or more, including BOGO Internet coupons valued at $5 or more may be accepted based upon managerial review and approval.
  • Shaw’s Internet Coupons are accepted with some restrictions:
    • The coupons must state “Shaw’s” and be printed from a computer printer (no copies).
    • Unless otherwise stated, limit ONE coupon of each type per customer per day.
    • A Shaw’s Internet coupon will NOT exceed $10.

State Regulations:

  • Massachusetts: Coupons may not be accepted for non-flavored/white milk.
  • Massachusetts: Coupons may not be accepted for cigarette or tobacco products.
  • Maine: Coupons may not be accepted for milk.
  • For all States other legal restrictions may apply.