Catalina Offers for ShopRite Supermarkets

catalina offers

Catalina Offers for ShopRite Supermarkets

Catalina Coupons are coupons that print out of the Catalina machine at participating stores. These machines are just like the one pictured above and are usually located next to the register. These are sometimes referred to as “Your Bucks”.

Catalina Deals are deals that require a certain dollar amount or quantity of products to be purchased. Once you have met the qualifications, a Catalina will print for a certain amount off your next purchase. Usually this purchase can be made for anything in the store, however, some promotions require they be used toward a specific brand or product.

Watch Cindy explain exactly what a Catalina offer is and how they work

We depend on readers like you to keep these updated with the newest deals at all your local stores. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please submit the info using the form below:


Here are the current ShopRite Catalina Deals:

Cheez-It Snack Products (7oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match)
Buy 2 Get a $1.00
Buy 3+ get $2.00

Hellmans Mayonaise Products
Buy 2 Get a $1.00
Buy 3+ get $1.50

Johnsonville Flame Grilled Chicken
Buy 2 Get a $2.00

Kidfresh Meals
Buy 2-3 get $1.50
Buy 4+ get $3.00

Nestle Pure Life Water (8oz multipack 24ct+ and/or 0.5L multipack 15ct+)
12/25/17 – 1/21/18
Buy 2 get $1.00
Buy 3 get $2.00
Buy 4+ get $3.00

Simple Products (excludes trial and sample size)
Buy 2 Get a $2.00

NOTE: If your Catalinas do not print, the best thing to do is visit the Catalina Marketing site and complete the form

  • Leslie

    Hi Cindy:
    What happened to the list of catalinas? I wanted to check out several end dates of current deals and you have only 3 listed here. I noticed you changed this tab. Is it coming back? The list of catalinas by supermarket was an extremely useful tool.

    • Cindy

      You are commenting on the new page. Each store has it’s own page now. The deals that are shown are all the current deals that I know about. This page will be updated daily with anything new we find. The other page didn’t work right for everyone so I had to change it to this.

      • Leslie

        Ok, thanks. I was curious about the Kraft Dairy. Did that end today?

        • Cindy

          Yes, it ended today.

      • Dave Mentele

        Which set of Catalinas do the Hy-Vee stores fall under?

        • Misty

          I think they are the same as Pathmark, Hy-Vee has a list under the “Helpful Ideas” tab on their website.

      • Phoenix

        Hi Cindy can you tell me when the Pantene Catalina ends please thanks a million

    • Glenn

      The shop rite fl yer starting 1–14-12 to 10-20-12 says buy 3 Nature’s bounty or flex-a-min get $5.00 off your next shopping order this is better than the one that you have listed buy $30.00 and get a $5.00 coupon for your next order.Why do they have both running at the same time?

      Also found out if you brought $30.00 worth last week using your listed Catalina my Shop rite store in Kingston New York used the regular price of the item of $9.18 for salmon oil during last weeks half price sale to figure the Catalina (needed $30 worth to get $5.00) i brought 4 so the cost came to over $30.00 i needed to get the $5.00 Catalina even though i walked out of the store paying $18.36 What i want to know is this correct should the store be using the regular price instead of the sale price when figuring the total to get the Catalina as its important to me because i got 2 rain checks for 8 more at half price but when i used a rain check to get the Salmon oil for half price the Catalina that runs to the 25th of next month is not printed and the store gave me a hard time getting the $5.00 catalina as they claim the rain check is not $30.00 Worth as your getting them for half price even though the Catalina printed up last week when they had the salmon oil in stock for half price.Is the store wrong i say they are as it worked during the sale its not my fault the store didn’t have enough on hand during the sale and had to issue a rain check by law.Doe’s the consumer have any rights when this happens to you?

      • Glenn

        Corrected flyer start date in my last post flyer is this weeks 10-14-12 to 10-20-2012

        • Laura D.

          The week the product was on sale everything worked on shelf price. The following week you used a rain check, so therefore, the register could not recognize the shelf price and has to go off of the rain check price, so no catalina. It would have been better to go to a different store to buy the product during the week of the sale.

          Generally, they don’t know how the catalina’s calculate. Getting catalinas to print off shelf price after coupons is a bonus for us. More and more stores are becoming aware and are changing their system to print off of sale price now.

          My opinion, fly under the radar. If it works off shelf, great for us! If it doesn’t, return product, get coupons back and move on to another store.

          Hope that helps, good luck!

      • dd

        Shoprite will use the reg price not discounted price for a catalina requirements of $’s if the discount is applied as a result of a requirement to use your shoprite card…..

  • Shari

    Love this Much Easier

    • H

      Yes!! Thank You Cindy! By the way My cats did not print for last week. Getting in touch with them right now!!

  • bri

    I was wondering about the pampers buy 2 of the 5.99$ get 4$ catalina. Is it over?

  • desiree

    hi Cindy,

    I’m wondering if any of these catalina’s are one time deals. I did the Dole pineapples earlier in the week and actually got a .75 catalina (i bought 6). I did it again today (6) and nothing printed. I went to CS and was told there was no catalina for Dole. She said it would say it in the circular. I explained there were sometimes catalinas that weren’t in the circular. She said she’d never heard of that and then read a few sheets of paper and said there was no catalina for Dole! Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if it was a one time thing, or I need to call someone, and if so who? Thanks!

  • Linda

    Hi Cindy,
    I was in Shoprite this morning and there was a sign on ONLY the Ziplock Gallon bags about the catalina. Does this catalina work if one buys 4 of ANY size Ziplock? Or must I buy 4 of the gallon size?

  • Kelly

    I got a catalina slip the other day for Country Crock Spread. Buy any Country Cock spread (15 oz or larger) between now and 10/22/12.
    Receive a $1.50 Next Shopping Order coupon when you purchase 1. Purchases can be made over multiple trips.

    • cathleen Green

      I rec’d a cat today from Country Crock. It was for a $1 and I had bought a 15 oz Country crock tub with calcium.

  • Andrea

    I bought a country crock today and I didn’t receive any catalina. I wish I did, I could use it right now. Any more info on it please let me know.

  • Angie

    I received an ad for a cat for Country Crock at SR. I tried it today. I bought 1 15 oz Country crock for $2.49 used a $.60 coupon making it $1.29 and got a cat back for $1.50!!

  • Bridget Rothe

    Hi couponers, I should have gotten a cat for $2.50 at SR today for clorox spend $9. does anyone know how to contact the company about this?

  • amy n

    i bought 2 maxwell house coffees today and 4 ziploc bags but didnt recieve the catilinas, customer service closed already so i could ask about it but i know they will print me out the one for ziploc but the maxwell house isnt in the add so they wont do anything who should i contact.

  • H

    Hello and how do I get in contact with catalina directly?

  • Renee

    So I was wondering if the tampax catalina is valid, I see it under shoprite deals but not on shoprites catalinas (yourbucks)

  • Tara

    Maybe I missed something, but I could’ve sworn there was a catalina for Coffee Mate this week at Shoprite. I went and bought them today, but did not recieve a catalina.

    • Michelle T.

      Tara, unfortunately that Catalina is for Stop & Shop. But it’s a good price at ShopRite 🙂

  • Cristine

    I got an OYNO today at SR from Gerber- I bought 5 Gerber items ( all graduates, but not all the same thing). Would love to know the info on this one to see if its worth it to do my transactions differently- can’t find info on this anywhere!

    • barbara

      Gerber Graduates (4/16/12 – 5/13/12)

      * Buy 5 participating products, get $2.00 off next shopping order ~ or ~
      * Buy 7 participating products, get $3.00 off next shopping order ~ or ~
      * Buy 10 or more participating products, get $4.00 off next shopping order.

  • Michelle T.

    I bought 8 YoCrunch yogurts today, on sale for .60 each. I used 2 of the .65/4 coupons, so total paid was $2.20. To my surprise, I got a $1 Cat, thanks from YoCrunch! Don’t know where this came from…..

  • donna

    where is the scott catalina?

    • Linda

      I was just pulling my coupons for Scott catalina – wondering if it has now ended!

      • Leah

        It hasn’t ended but didn’t work for me yesterday. I’m going to have to call.

      • elizabeth Harwood

        I did it today, but added another scott natural wipes to Cindy’s suggested scenario so I could use the $1.20 ecoupon that was on my card. Worked out great!

  • I had a printout from catalina machine advertising purina mighty dog cat but cant find it or any info about when cat is for. can anyone help w info? I shop at shoprite. thanks!

  • I thought the shelf tag for the large IAMs dog foods said that catalina ($8 when you buy 2) was through the end of June. Would that print out and I could still send in the receipt for the $10 card? Or did it end early for some reason?

    • IT WORKED- You can use 2- $1 Off one bag coupons from the PG Brandsaver, get an $8 catalina AND the printout for the $10 gift card

  • Jen

    Just an fyi. There is also a catalina deal for Suave products. Spend $15, get $5 off your next purchase.

  • k

    Cindy – Any idea if there will be a banana boat sunscreen catalina like last year? That was an amazing deal!

  • Mary C

    It’s times like these that I get very frustrated with my local ShopRite (Lawrenceville, NJ). This is the second time I bought something in the Catalina deals, and nothing printed out. Then I went to customer service and they said that the catalina I was mentioning was not reported in their biner/report. I bought 2 V-8s and should have gotten a $1.5 Cat. What the heck?

    My e-coupon for Suave also did not work.

    Does anyone else have problems or suggestions with CS is clueless??

  • ekakathy

    i bought crunchy nut cereal and no catalina came up:((((((((((((((((

    • Chris

      Happened to me also. Got The 10.8 oz. Crunchy Nut Roasted Nut & Honey and zip. CS at SR was unhelpful. Have to find the Phone No. & call them.

      • Michelle G

        Same just happened to me. Just bought it 5 mins ago…Will go to catalina with this.

        • ekakathy

          how i contact catalina can you give me contact number please
          thank you

  • Mark


    I got a $2 catalina today for Morningstar farms. I bought two but I’m not sure if it was because I bought two. The ecoupon did not come off, however, but I got it back at the CS, as well as the Crunchy Nut Catalina (got $2 back for both even though the Crunchy Nut Catalina wasn’t listed on some list that the Customer Service guy had)

    • Michelle T.

      Mark, I got a printout at SR from Cat machine that said “Buy 1 or more Morningstar Farms veggie foods products in this store using your frequent shopper card now thru 6/30/12 and get $2 reward” so I figured it would be for whoever got this printout, but maybe it’s for everyone 🙂

  • Swthrt

    Hi Cindy
    I have been doing well with all the deals I find here. Thank you.
    Today 6/1/12 I bought the Kellogs Crunch Nut Cerel. Catalina says Now – 7/20 Buy 1 get $2. I didnt get it. Is there a Start date? Should I contact Catalina? Thanks for Everything.

    • Cindy

      Yes definitely contact Catalina Marketing. They told me that it would be working and I have reached out to them to let them know that it’s not however I have not heard back yet.

      • Swthrt

        Thank you

  • nicole

    The kikkoman catalina has not worked for me !!!!!!!!!! ugh

    • Cindy

      What did you buy? The deal is only for the Marinades. If you were buying the Kikkoman packets, you have to get the one that says marinade. The others do not work for the deal. Hope that helps.

    • Laura D.

      Nicole, I have been cashing in on this deal!!!! Where do you shop??? Have you been getting the Marinades?? The packets have MARINADE printed on the top and a picture of a steak on the front of the packet. Yet, the coupon beeps and the cashier must push it through..,,,……

      • Michele

        The catilina deal worked for me once but when I went back another day it didn’t print a catalina. Is it only good for one time?

  • Rebecca S.

    Anyone have more info on the Dove deodorant catalina deal. I just got back from the store and didn’t get a cat 🙁 I don’t see it posted either

  • Michele

    So I heard back from catlina about the kellog’s crunchy nut catilna. This is what they had to say. “Thank you for contacting Catalina Support.

    After reviewing your transaction we found the promotion is targeting certain card
    holders and your card number was not included. Catalina Marketing prints coupons only based on the conditions set by retailer. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the store in which you made this purchase, they may be able to assist with this issue.

    Thank you,

    Customer Support”

    So it looks like not everyone is eligible for the catalina deal. 🙁

  • barbara

    Here is some for shoprite and the additional info for the morning star.

    DiGiorno 12″ Pizza
    (6/11/12 – 7/8/12)
    Buy 2 get $1.00 OYNO
    Buy 3 get $2.00 OYNO
    Buy 4 or more get $3.00 OYN

    CPK Pizza
    (6/11/12 – 7/8/12)
    Buy 2 get $1.00 OYNO
    Buy 3 get $2.00 OYNO
    Buy 4 or more get $3 OYNO

    Kraft RTE Jell-O
    (6/11/12 – 7/8/12)
    Buy 3 get a $2.00 OYNO
    Buy 4 get a $3.00 OYNO
    Buy 5 or more get a $4.00 OYNO

    Morningstar Farms
    (6/11/12 – 7/8/12)
    Buy 3, get $2.00 OYNO
    Buy 4, get $3.00 OYNO
    Buy 5 or more , get a $4.00 OYNO

    Listerine Pocketpacks 72 ct or larger
    Buy 2 get $2
    Buy 3 Get $3
    Buy 4 or more Get $4 OYNO

    Dole Canned Mandarin Oranges
    Buy 4 or more get $0.75 OYNO

    Dole Canned Tropical Fruit
    Buy 4 or more get $0.50 OYNO

    Dole Canned pineapple 8oz
    Buy 4 or more get $0.50 OYNO

    Snausages brand dog treats
    Buy 2 or more get $1 OYNO

    PowerBar products
    Buy 10-14 get $2 OYNO
    Buy 15-19 get $4 OYNO
    Buy 20 or more get $5 OYNO

    • Cindy

      Thanks Barbara! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    NP These are also valid at ACME and Pathmark.

  • Karen

    What is the link to submit a receipt where the cat didnt print? I know I saw it posted somewhere but can’t find it. Thanks.

  • Amanda

    Found two catalina print outs when reorganizing today!

    Yoplait Trix Yogurt multipacks
    Buy 2 get $1.50 cat

    Campbell’s Select Harvest soup cans or bowls
    Buy 2 get $1
    Buy 3 get $1.50
    Buy 4 get $2

  • Anonymous

    why did i think there was a ploand springs water catalina???

  • Melissa

    Is there also a gift card your bucks offers for this week? I thought I saw an email about it. Thanks

  • Cindy M

    I am having a lot of trouble printing my lists… any ideas for help???

  • Jennifer

    For this weeks General Mills Catalina, do the cereals have to be Honey Nut Cheerios or can they be regular Cheerios?

    • Alan

      They can be any General Mills for the cat. honey nut or regular. It is just Honey Nut is on sale…regular is not.

  • jt

    I bought 8 yoplait greek yogurts this week and got a surprise $2 off oyno from yoplait — anyone know the full terms of this cat or was it just for me for some reason?

  • Alan

    Oh…heads up on Ziplock Cat. I didn’t buy any Ziplock last trip and it worked just fine.

  • Ann Wilson

    please help
    where is the printable version of catalinas for shoprite or other specific store?
    thx in advance

  • Holly

    I received a Poland Spring Cat from Shoprite today and a Glade cat from both Shoprite and Walgreens ( this is different than the one from last month. Let me know if you want me to send you a pic.

  • Lori

    Thank you for listing these by store – this has been so helpful!

    I tried purchasing 10 of the Kraft items and only got $5 Catalina. Do I ask the store manager what went wrong or do I contact Kraft via the address on the coupon?
    I checked & rechecked my receipt, and the 10 items are on the required items (and size) listed.

    • Santina

      This happened to me, so I went right to customer service. Luckily, the whole Kraft offer printed out for me when I checked out, so I brought it over with my receipt. They gave me a $5 catalina right there.

  • barbara

    The Glade Expressions update ( got a print out today.)

    Glade Expressions mist starter kit or Refill
    Buy 1 Get $1
    Glade Expressions oil diffuser starter kit or Refill
    Buy 1 Get $2

    • Maria

      I just bought a glade expressions diffuser and a cat did not print. The cashier and customer service could not help because it was not listed in the circular. Does anyone have a picture of this cat print out that advertises this glade expressions cat promotion?

    • Anonymous

      I bought 4 weight watchers novelties icecream as someone mentioned receiving $5 Catalina off next shopping order but did not receive any. When I went to the CS they told me that the price should be more than $20 after coupons and sale price. Is it true or misguiding because either they are not aware of exactly how the Catalina works and calculated or they try to just fool us.

  • Meli

    this is great! i dont know how i missed this feature befroe.

  • Anonymous

    ********* NEW CAT AT SHOPRITE **********
    Buy 1 Refresh Brand Product
    Between 9/3/12 – 9/30/12
    and Save $1.00 OYNO

  • Kristi

    I did the Post Cereal Deal today and only received a $1 cat but I purchased 4 Post cereals. Is there a way I can follow up with Catalina marketing about this? Thanks!!

  • I got 4 Dear Parks yesterday and did not get my Catalina. When I went to customer service they said they were not aware of that deal. I did get a “coupon” with a transaction 2 weeks ago that advertised it, but did not have it with me. I am pretty sure I trashed it since I didn’t think I needed it for Catalina. What do I do?

  • Alan

    For whatever reason…didnt get cat for the cotonelle flushable wipes today. Talked to CR and was told it was a dead deal..but I see it listed here as live till end of month. Just FYI.

  • Diane

    I did the Weight watchers catalina deal (buy 20.00 get 5.00 back) at Shoprite this afternoon. I spent over $20.00 on WW products and it did not print. I went to customer service and they said it was because I used coupons for the weight watchers products so the $20.00 was calculated after coupons. I said I would call corporate to verify – they refunded me $5.00.
    I would still like to call someone as to why it did not print. Who do I call?
    I do catalina deals at many stores and use coupons all the time and never have a problem except at Shoprite.

    • Meenakshi

      same with me..I went to shoprite today and bought 4 Nabisco crackers worth $15 before PRICE PLUS and it didn’t print any catalina and when I went to customer service they told me the total was less than $15 and counted it after price plus and told me that the catalinas are on the amount spent after priceplus and all other coupons used. But I usually see all the posts calculated on basis of, before the price plus and it has nothing to do with the coupons used since its actually the amount we are paying for our expenses in form of coupons and its not the benefit( on coupon used) that the store is providing to us. By using coupons we are trying to pay our total and they are not providing direct discount on their sale. I hope my thinking is not wrong but then they were very rude and not ready to honor the coupon. To receive the catalina they asked me to purchase 2 more boxes and also restrained me from using any coupons that I found later on the two Nabisco cracker boxes( peelie). Is their calculation correct? When I bought the other two boxes they issued me a $5 catalina but this was very expensive transaction for me without using any coupons and after price plus sale price.

  • ruth anne

    sent 2 shoprite catalinas to deals@ last week…and they were never posted…..nature’s bounty vits and post cereals.

    • Laura D.

      Ruth Anne, do you remember what the Nature’s Bounty cat stated, I’m planning to stock up and adding the catalina into the mix would be great! TIA!!

  • ruth anne

    hi laura….$5 catalina for a purchase of $30, one transaction, 10/1/12 – 11/25/12

    • Laura D.

      Awesome! Thank you!!! 😀

  • Is the Glade Diffuser deal still working. I noticed that it doesn’t have a date under it and was wondering if it is still valid.

    Thank you

  • Elaine

    *** NEW SHOPRITE CAT ****

    Buy ANY Scott Item from different SCOTT product categories
    excluding single roll)
    Between 10/7/2012 and 10/28/12
    and Save up to $3.00 OYNO

    Buy 2 GET $2.00
    Buy 3 GET $3.00
    *Puchases must be from different scott product catagories. Product catagories include: Bath Tissue, Paper Towel & Flushable Wipes.

  • Terriann

    I went to ShopRite last night and purchased a box of Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate k-cups and received a $3 catalina

  • Felicia

    Hey Cindy, Just thought I would let you know I bought 4 Almond Breeze Almond Milks today and received a $2 catalina. Thanks for all you do!!

    • Cindy

      Was it the shelf stable boxes or the ones in the refrigerated section. Thanks a bunch!


  • AA

    Hi Cindy,
    Is the Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops Catalina over? I was never able to find the Dual Action at various ShopRite stores in my area. Today they had lots of them.
    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to know too..had the SAME problem! So bummed!

    • Cindy

      Yes I believe it’s over

  • AA


  • Julie

    How can you get the catalina’s for say Waldbaums which is an AP store on Long island.

  • Dana C

    Received at ShopRite this morning a MIO catalina notice:

    Buy (2) Get $1.00
    Buy (3) Get $2.00
    Buy (4) or more Get $3.00

    01/28/13 to 02/24/13

  • SMB

    Last week at Stop & Shop I received the following Catalina Notice:
    Campbell’s 100% Natural Soup Cans (excluding Healthy Request)

    Does anyone know if this is Catalina is good at ShopRite.

    Buy (3) Get $1.00
    Buy (4) Get $2.00
    Buy (5) or more Get $2.50

    01/28/13 to 02/24/13

  • Aggi

    Does anyone know if the men’s Dove Bar catalina deal will still work this week…I missed it last week…

  • Aggi

    Can you also verify if the Clairol catalina is still on?…Thanks!

  • er

    week or two ago at New London shoprite there was a sign for campbell’s catalina. I purchased 2 soups cataline did not print. went to cust. service and got reimbursed for the catalina. next day went back to get more soup, but signs are down and cat does not print! has anyone had luck with this one?!

  • Michelle T.

    I bought two Campbells Go soups last night @ 2/$5, used two $1 coupons, and got a $1.50 Cat.

  • Anonymous

    Can Catalina’s be used with mfc’s

    • It depends on whether the catalina says “manufacturers coupon” on it (usually somewhere on the top). In that case, you cannot use another manufacturer’s coupon with it. But you can stack it with a store coupon, store sale, and/or raincheck.

      If it is a “$$ off your next order”, you can stack those with a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon, if you have one. And if the item is also on sale or you have a raincheck, you can stack it with the sale and raincheck, too. Oh, yes…sounds like a money maker!

  • Irene d.

    Got a printout on 3/1/13 for Scott Bath Tissue (12-Packs)
    Between 3/10/13 and 3/30/13

    Buy(2)and get $2.00 or
    Buy(3) or more & get $3.00
    coupon off your next shopping order

  • Alejandra

    are the catalina deals for shoprite just this week or for the whole month of march.

  • mary

    Why are the comments from last year? Wouldn’t it make more sense to list most recent first? I’m looking at “March” and just now realized it’s from 2012. Any helpful info will not really be helpful

  • Dina

    I didn’t get the sunlight 1.50 catalina. I did buy 2. I forgot who I call about getting one.
    Thanks, Dina

    • Cindy

      Oh I didn’t even realize the info wasn’t on the bottom of the catalina pages. Thanks for the tip off on that. Important info to put on.

      Here it is:

      NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

  • Joan

    There is a catalina at ShopRite for the Magnum Ice Cream Bar multipacks between 4/22/2013 and 5/19/2013. Buy two or more and save $2.00 on a future order.

  • Clara

    I have a question about the catalinas. I just banked on the Huggies diaper catalina today at Shop Rite. Can you use same catalina twice as long as the catalina is still going on or it is a one time use? I get the Huggies diapers for my nephew and I would like to know if I go back to Shop Rite if I use this catalina again. Thank you so much and I love this site!

    • Anonymous

      Clara, yes you can.I often do it on the same shopping trip,diving the orders by cayakina’s and putting the catalina coupin with the next order. hth

      • Clara

        Thank you Anonymous!! I was hoping to continue to use the Huggies catalina. My nephew is a growing boy and diapers are expensive. This will help us greatly. 🙂

  • monika

    Wasnt there a catalina for head&shoulder shampoo for this week?I could swear i saw it last week on this site

  • Holly

    I received a Birds Eye Cat from Shoprite that starts the 17th, if you need it let me know

  • NS12077

    Are the catalinas 1 deal per order? For example if I purchase 4 huggies will I get (2) $5 catalinas?

  • Meli

    i went yesteday tried the loreal and the huggies deal and nothing printed. I had to run out to get my duaghter off the bus but i was wondering if anytone was having problems. the machine actually printed outthe cataline deal .. but not my bucks….

  • Christina D.

    Nestle Toll House Morsels Cats from 9/9/13 to 10/6/13: Buy 2 get $1, 3 get $1.5, 4 or more get $2.

  • Latasha

    Has anyone been having problems with the huggies wipes refill catalina

    • Christina D.

      I tried it, it did not work for the smaller refills. Can’t confirm the larger ones.

  • trish

    I love love this website – it is nirvana for what I was looking for. That being said I didn’t get my catalina on most things I bought in east noriton, pa and wanted to use the guide to prove it and to see how much it was for when I go to customer service but I don’t know how to find the information for past catalina’s. I remember one for Cheerio’s honey nut small box and another time the coupon printer was off because it was out of tape and I told the floor in-charge and she said it would come up the next time I came in. Well, it didn’t and I can’t remember all these things in my head with the dates and prices and quantitys and sizes. You know? I need help. I should have used the check box for print option but I’m fairly new and learning. What to do?

  • barbara

    Green Mountain Coffee K cup packs
    Buy 2 Get $1.50
    Buy 3 get $3
    Buy 4 or more get $4

  • Catherine

    Is the Shop-Rite Catalina for Quilted Northern still valid? I don’t see it listed above.

    • The quilted northern catalina deal is just a week long deal. The list above are national catalina deals that run for a month. You can see the quilted northern catalina deal info in the weekly match ups. Hope that helps.

  • Catherine

    Thanks so much, Cindy. I’ll be stopping in at Shop-Rite today and didn’t want to make the purchase if it had expired. Thanks again for helping me navigate the site.

  • kris4christ2

    Last night I purchased 2 Coffee Kcups and 2 Apple Cider Kcups. I only received a $1.50 catalina. So which ones actually qualify?

    as ‘barbara’ posted:
    Green Mountain Coffee K cup packs
    Buy 2 Get $1.50
    Buy 3 get $3
    Buy 4 or more get $4

  • kris4christ

    Saw a sticker for those Campbell’s Kettle Soups/Bisques:
    Buy 2, Get $1.50 (I’m sure there are also higher values for 3+ items.)
    There are $0.75/1 printable coupons. I’ll try to update if I buy more than 2.

    • barbara


  • JH

    I use the Shoprite “Shop from Home” delivery service and because they run my card at my house, I am not getting Catalinas.
    Anyone else using “Shop from Home” and have a work around for this?
    Thanks! – JH

    • kris4christ

      I am going to use ‘Shop from Home’ tonight for the first time, but will be picking up my order (later in the week). Have you contacted the store you use? I called and asked to be sure my catalinas would still print out using this service and the lady said yes. Since you get your food delivered, definitely call and tell them you would like all the coupons that print out – you are entitled to them.

  • littlebites3

    i just came back from shoprite and i purchased 4 loreal advanced care products and i was suppose to get 3.00 catalina instead got 1.50 i went to customer service and told them about it …i cant believe they dont have the catalina deals on file at the store…but she gave me the 3.00 and i was able to keep the 1.50 so i scored 4.50!!!

  • Greg

    is the yoplait greek yogurt included in the catalina deal?

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi Greg, the greek yogurt is not included in the Catalina Deal.

  • Kathy

    Just a note that the email contact info (listed above) for Catalina Marketing is not the correct way (via computer) to contact them for issues with cats not printing. I tried sending an issue to them at that email address but it’s just a regular email address and they replied that requests for missing catalinas should be submitted through the website form available at support (dot) catalinamarketing (dot) com

    It’s a very easy to complete form that requests all the information they need, as well as a photo of your receipt….

    • dee

      the photo is optional

      • Kathy

        Right but they stress that processing is MUCH faster if you do submit a photo.

        • dee

          it’s like a backup if they can’t find your transaction based on the time/location data you enter from the receipt. have never needed it. sometimes you get an email that they will send your coupon, and sometimes you just get the coupon in the mail. have had no problems, and typically receive something within 1 to 2 weeks.

          • Kathy

            Good to know! I just thought I’d save them the trouble of looking it up and it helped in my case because I had 2 receipts to show them (with varying results) and the form only accepts one at a time….I just put the details in the comments section and attached one scanned photo of both receipts side-by-side. I think they should always respond though….but I guess that’s only an issue if you don’t get anything after a reasonable (2 weeks) amount of time. It was my first submission, so thanks for the additional details!

            • dee

              shoprite receipts tend to be quite long with all the extra info on them, so taking a pic is not always simple – have had far too many resubmits with ibotta! 😉

              good luck!

              • Kathy

                You can say that again! Did you opt-in for the digital receipts? I did and logged into my account to view them just now and they are SO much “cleaner”….it displays just the price paid (not the PP discounts, etc, etc) and coupons used. You can also easily save it….in case you ever decide you need to attach a photo of one somewhere.

                Because the receipts were so long I used to always make separate purchases for things I knew I was going to have to scan for Ibotta or C51….now I won’t bother – I’ll just attach the nifty little digital receipt! I think it’s a very cool perk they are offering!

  • Harry

    there is also a Huggies wipes refill catalina ongoing. See attached. (With pampers wpes at 1.59 with 0.50 IP doubled making them 0.59 and hence the better deal, this one is not so good unless someone is a fan of the Huggies wipes)

    • Linda

      Thanks Harry! We’ll update our Catalina list.

  • Lynne

    Had a problem with Kellogg’s cata’s last week and the Cata Marketing company was wonderful to deal with. I submitted a claim and they got back to me the next day saying they would send out the two cata’s a missed. Very pleasant to deal with them!

  • ReformSchool

    Don’tcha thnk stores featuring catalina machines should sell catalina dressing?

  • Renay

    Has anyone tried this deal? Buy 3 Huggies wipes refills and get $3.00 Catalina?
    Huggies Baby Wipes Refills, 160ct or larger
    4/21/14 – 5/18/14
    Buy 2 Get a $2 Catalina
    Buy 3 or more Get a $3 Catalina
    I tried it on Monday and it did not work. A friend tried it yesterday still not working. PLMK what’s going on. Thanks,

  • Hershey Catts

    has anyone figured out which solo products produce catalinas in Shoprite?

    • barbara

      all of them. this is a personalized catalina.. Mine is spend $10 get $1.50 but is tied to my card and i get a running total after each purchase..

  • Rachael

    I tried the Post Cereal deal..bought 4 (Alpha, Golden Crisps, Fruity Pebbles, and Honey Combs) and only got a $1 Cat, not a $3 one…anyone else do this and have it work successfully??

    • Danielle

      I bought 4 boxes of Fruity Pebbles and got the $3 cat no problem.

  • Ashley Tilton

    Can anyone tell me exactly what may be personalized means?

    • Sandy

      If you receive a personalized offer or email from SR it simply means that it is an offer that belongs ONLY to you or particular people who received same offer and not to everyone who shops at the store. (Specific offers are attached to your SR price plus card.) HTH!

      • Ashley Tilton

        Bummer 🙁 thanks!!

  • How/where do I get a master list of what are participating products for the Kraft/Oscar Meyer offer spend $15/get $5 off next shopping order offered in this weeks ShopRite circular?

  • Tiffany Thompson

    what is a cantalina.? are they for specific products.? can they be stacked.?

    • Michelle T.

      A Catalina coupon is a reward that prints out of a machine at the checkout when you buy certain products. Normally they are for an amount off your next order, and there are no restrictions, basically are like cash.

  • Jaime

    Does anyone know which Uncle Ben’s products count for the Catalina deal? I am hoping for the microwavable rice pouches.

  • Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

    I got a carnation breakfast drink catalina at shop rite and I had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon!

  • Lorraine Skaarer

    Kraft Catalina deal at shop rite is buy $20 in participating products get 2/$5 cats back.

  • checou

    I thought there was a $5.00 catalina deal for the Schick razors at Shoprite? I don’t see it listed anywhere but you have it listed under the Shoprite deals?

    • Melinda Dilione

      that is a weekly offer advertised in the circular. We don’t list the weekly in-store offers on this page, just the month-long Catalina promotions that most of the time aren’t advertised in the circular. hope that helps!

  • Patricia Barba Hanson

    Is there a catalina involving breyers ice cream? Spend $15 get $5?

  • Rocky

    Received a Windex products catalina announcement at SR on Friday:
    Buy TWO (2) Windex products (excluding travel and trial sizes)
    Between 7/13/15 and 8/9/15
    and SAVE $1.50 on a future order with coupon

  • Kim S

    Today a shoprite I received a catalina announcement –
    Buy $25.00 worth of any combination of Huggies Diapers, Huggies wipes, Pull-ups training pants, or goodnites underwear (jumbo packs or larger) between 7/12/15 and 8/9/15 and save $5.00 on a future order with coupon

  • Rocky

    Received the following catalina announcement at SR today:
    Buy Kraft Natural Chunk Cheese or Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese or Cracker Barrel Chunk Cheese between 12/30/15 and 1/26/16 and Save Up To $2.50 on any future order.
    Buy (3) and get $1.50, or
    Buy (4) and get $2.00, or
    Buy (5) or more and get $2.50 off your next order.

  • Rocky

    Another Kraft cat:
    Buy Kraft Singles between 12/30/15 and 1/26/16 and Save up to $3.00 on any future order.
    Buy (2) and get $1.00, or
    Buy (3) and get $2.00, or
    Buy (4) or more and get $3.00 coupon off your next order.

  • Rocky

    Scott cat announcement:
    Buy Scott Bath Tissue, 12 ct. OR Scott Paper Towels, 6 ct. between 12/27/15 and 1/24/16 and Save up to $3.00 on a future order with coupon.
    Buy (2) and receive $2.00, or
    Buy (3) or more and receive $3.00 coupon off your next shopping order.

  • Yvonne

    In the Shoprite match ups you have solo plates cat listed with the buy 6 items. The cat is only on plastic cups and plates, not the paper ones which are part of the buy 6. I was very disappointed and the service desk had no idea about the solo cat. Plastic items are not part of the buy 6. Just sayin’.

  • george

    I don’t have the ability to send a picture but I just received a Catalina offer (at least I think it’s a Catalina) from Shoprite today. Buy 3 or more Klondike products from 4/18 to 5/15, and save $2 on a future order with coupon.

    • Rocky

      Oh, good, thanks. The whole family likes Klondike Bars! I like either the Crunch or the Neopolitan, though I wish they would make a Neopolitan Crunch! Yum, the best of both worlds!!! I hope we have some good deals before the cat ends. Last couple of years there was that $3/3 insert, I think, that also included Klondike, if I’m not mistaken!

  • Vonnetta Graves

    I just registered, however, I’m having trouble creating a password. I followed the emailed instructions and also attempted to send LRWC a message which I stated unable to send. Please help. Thank you.

  • Regina

    12/1/16 – Is the Catalina deal for Pampers listed above correct? The flyer states buy 2 packs of Papers Jumbo and get $5. The listings above state “Super” and “Giant”. I never bought diapers, so this is confusing….HELP!

    • Mercedes-LRWC

      Hi Regina,

      it seems the offer that you mention for the jumbo sized diapers is not listed above. So that would make for 3 different Pampers offers : for jumbo, super and giant. All resulting in different catalina values at checkout.

      • donna

        I didn’t see anything additional in the flyer besides the buy 2 jumbo packs get 5 dollars- which I got. I also bought 2 big boxes and got nothing else. do you have any additional info on the other cats for pampers boxes? I cant seem to find it anywhere

        • Mercedes-LRWC

          We got this info from print outs we got at checkout. Did you buy “Giant” or “Super Pack” because those were the ones that offered catalinas. Not “Big.” If your order qualifies and you purchased before the promotion expired, you should contact Catalina Marketing about it.

  • acappy

    Is the Catalina deal for Scott/Kleenex still in effect at Shop Rite?

    • Yes it is! here’s the link to the main catalina list with all the stores/dates etc. its listed under kimberly clark

      • acappy

        The current Kimberly Clark and Pledge Catalina states… “Participating Products”. So how do you determine which Scott or Pledge products?

  • Nikia Hallett

    Shoprite : Gillette Razor AND Gillette Cartridge
    FIND YOUR PERFECT SHAVE For Him For Her SAVE AT CHECKOUT $5.00* when you buy one (1) Gillette Razor AND one (1) Gillette Cartridge below. *$10 additional purchase required. (excluding fuel, P&G items and items prohibited by law.) $5.00 savings is on your total purchase. All purchases must be made in one transaction. Offer valid 2/26/17 – 3/4/17.

    • Barbara

      This is also an instant Savings Deal.

  • Nikia Hallett

    Shoprite Schick Quattro Disposable Razor…
    Buy 1 Schick Quattro Disposable Razor 3-ct., Men’s or Women’s or Schick Slim Twin Razor 12-ct., Regular, Sensitive, Women’s or Dry Skin, Disposable or Schick Xtreme3 Razor 4-ct., Triple Blade, Disposable $5.99 And Buy 1 Schick Hydro Shave Gel 8.4-oz., Sensitive or Edge Shave Gel 7-oz., Assorted Varieties (Excluding Edge Infused and Edge Energy) or Skintimate Shave Gel 7-oz., Assorted Varieties (Excluding Tropical Splash) $2.99 And SAVE AT CHECKOUT $3.00 with Price Plus Card Limit 4 Offers MUST BUY 1 pkg. of Razors & 1 Shave Gel

    • Mercedes-LRWC

      Thanks Nikia, these look like awesome store promos!

    • Barbara

      That is an instant Savings Deal. Not a Catalina. IT ends Tomorrow 2/25

  • pattie

    what happens if you spend say 45.00 in one transaction on unilever products will 3 catalinas print or do you have to do them in separate transactions to receive 3 catalina coupons

    • Harry

      Most offers require separate transactions including the Unilever one. If you buy 45 in a single transaction, you will only get 1 $5 CAT.

  • acappy

    Shoprite had no clue about a Gorton Catalina on 2 breaded/battered products this week. How can they verify it?

    • Laura D.

      They (Shoprite) can’t. You’d have to get your cat directly from Catalina Marketing. You can fill out the form online. HTH.

      • acappy

        I do that.

    • MisterBill

      I didn’t get it when buying the gourmet filets, but it probably didn’t qualify.

      • acappy

        Catalina will send them but if I have to go to courtesy for something else, it would be convenient. The only way that you will find out is to contact Catalina. LRWC may be too busy to answer multitude of people asking specific sizes/varieties when general Cats are listed. I wonder where their source is for Catlina offers. I spoke to them once, and the woman claimed that you have to ask the store.

        • Laura D.

          Shoprite gets their list (a sheet of bar codes with Manufacturer listed near each bar code) from Catalina Marketing.
          LRWC gets their list from all of us letting them know exactly what our catalina promotion coupon says on it.
          Sometimes the specifics are listed, sometimes not.
          It’s only through the posting of LRWC staff and readers like us that the LRWC catalina list is made.
          That’s the only way we all know. It’s complicated.

          • acappy

            Laura, Thank you!! Does LRWC get the bar codes? I have spent many hours trying to find specific sizes and varieties. “Any variety and size” is easy peasy. SR Courtesy desk clerks are likely not completely versed…and given may glitches that occur….I guess that is a given.

            • Laura D.

              No, LRWC doesn’t get the bar codes for us. When there are deals with problems, or unknown items, readers will put out a post requesting UPC codes for confirmed products that are triggering that particular catalina. Hopefully, someone out here will read the post who has had success with the deal and they will post the UPC for you along with the variety and size and exactly what they bought. Basically, someone has to “test” the deal. Especially if there aren’t any shelf tags out there to help us. After a reader (or LRWC) tests a deal they will confirm the items that worked. Sometimes when deals have no details, readers will post the failures so other readers don’t do the same exact transaction. LRWC can’t test every possible item out there for us, it’s too time consuming and will take their attention away from all of the other great deals they constantly have coming our way.
              Worst case scenario, you can try the deal and either keep the products if the cat doesn’t generate, or you can go to CS and return the products, plus the risk of losing your coupons. There is no point in arguing with CS over national cats. That is exactly how we do it. In these circumstances, there needs to be someone who will just go for it, and let the rest of us know their results.
              You can also contact Catalina Marketing and request the catalina you thought you should have received. They will let you know if your items qualify or not. 🙂

              • acappy

                Cat did not print on 2 Gorton crusted/breaded yesterday. I called CS and they do not have Gorton on their product list. The $20 off $100 SRFH promo, 20OFFNOW, was rejected on the order too. I followed up w/ Corporate, and despite the fact that the promo was accepted upon ordering, they have no record of the promo to give me a foot to stand on. $6.50 in digitals did not come off and after review of the coupons, we have another $7.50 to go back to customer service to hopefully resolve. MM coupons were handed back on another $12 of products, which is a new occurrence as far as the 3 stores 10min or less from my home. $45 in glitches, and maybe half will be resolved.

                • Laura D.

                  It sounds like the cashier didn’t hit the total button before scanning your coupons, that’s one reason why your ecouopns didn’t come off. It stinks it was a SRFH order. You can contact catalina marketing support to fill out a form to submit for the catalina for the gortons fish catalina. Sorry you had such a terrible experience. Hope you can get enough back to where you are satisfied. I don’t so SRFH, the stores in my area are awful.

                  • Lesley

                    Whenever my cashiers tries to scan a coupon before hitting the total button, the coupon won’t scan. They’ll hit the total button (ecoupons will come off) and then the coupons will scan. Is it not the same way for all registers?

                    • acappy

                      That I do not know. But your info is appreciated.

                  • acappy

                    Some digitals did post. Lately, they have been awful. The learning curve on couponing has its’ challenges. lol I have done Catlina submissions but the wait time is not the same as a print out after paying your bill. SRFH…it depends on the people working and doing check out. I guess the busier they are…the greater the glitches that they have control of.

                    • Laura D.

                      Yes, some digitals will post, but not all until the total key is hit. In the future, you could put that in the “notes” section of your SRFH order. Just a thought.

      • Laura D.

        The gourmet filets are not breaded or battered, correct? Aren’t they flavor buttered?

        • MisterBill

          The tilapia is breaded, although I think they consider it crusted.

          • Laura D.

            That could be the culprit!

            • acappy

              It is frustrating.

  • Dusya

    Can anyone post the picture of catalina announcement for Huggies spend $40 get $10 running through 07/09. I bought two boxes (reg price $23.99) and only got one $5 catalina. The shoprite ad advertises spend $25 get $5.

  • Beth Santiago

    I could swear there was a Catalina coupon that said buy hellmanns mayo and spend over $20 to receive a $5 off next purchase. Has anyone seen this?

    • Rocky

      Sounds like a store catalina, not one of the National cats posted here. I know SR has had a couple/few Unilever cats recently, that included Hellmann’s, maybe that’s what you’re thinking of? Also, the National cats are usually Buy X Amount, not Buy X Dollars.