ShopRite New Click & Save Program – Earn Free Products & More

We’ve got a new savings opportunity at ShopRite right now. It’s the New Shoprite Click & Save program.

What is ShopRite Click & Save

The New ShopRite Click & Save Program is a rebate program that allows you to earn rewards when you buy specific products.  The rewards you earn could be dollars off your shopping order or even for free products. You can find the offers by going to the “Save” tab on the ShopRite website you can just bookmark the page here.

Currently there is one offer up at the moment. This offer is for Buy 5 Nabsico Snack Crackers, any varieties Wheat Thins, Triscuits and Good Thins 3.5 oz – 9.1 oz between 10/6 – 10/26 and get a coupon for a free box.

How do I Use Click & Save

Just like ShopRite digital coupons, all you need is a ShopRite price plus card. To add an offer to your price plus card,  click the “start the savings” or “load to card” button under each offer and reward.  You will be able to see your list of Click & Save offers and rewards by checking the “My Offers” tab. It will no longer show under the “All Offers” tab once you load it to your card.

Update: As of this time, it doesn’t appear this program is listed in the ShopRite app. You can only access it from a web browser.

Each offer has a purchase and redemption period. During this time you will need to make your purchases, which can be made in different transactions. It will show a progress of your purchases on your saved offer (see image below) You also must redeem your reward during this same period of time.

When you have earned your reward your offer will state “Reward Criteria Met”. You will than have to download your reward which will get loaded to your price plus card. It will then say that the Coupon is Loaded. When you make your purchase, your reward offer will deduct during that transactions.

Important Note on the Offers:

 Please note that offers do not download automatically — you must click the “start the savings” or “load to card” button under each offer and reward.  You can a view a list of the Click & Save offers and rewards loaded to your card under the “My Savings” and “My History” tabs.

Can I Use Coupons With a Click & Save Offer

Yes you can. Here is information from the ShopRite FAQ section

Yes, digital coupons can be applied on participating products included in your Click & Save offers.

More Information on ShopRite’s New Click & Save Program

Be sure to visit the entire ShopRite Click & Save FAQ section for even more information.


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