Catalina & Monthly Offers for Walgreens

catalina offers

Catalina Offers for Walgreens

Catalina Coupons are coupons that print out of the Catalina machine at participating stores. These machines are just like the one pictured above and are usually located next to the register. These are sometimes referred to as “Your Bucks”Catalina Deals and are deals that require a certain dollar amount or quantity of products to be purchased. Once you have met the qualifications, a Catalina will print for a certain amount off your next purchase. Usually this purchase can be made for anything in the store, however, some promotions require they be used toward a specific brand or product.

Watch Cindy explain exactly what a Catalina offer is and how they work

We depend on readers like you to keep these updated with the newest deals at all your local stores. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please submit the info using the form below:Submit-Deals2

Here are the current Walgreens Catalina Deals:

Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Pull-Ups, or GoodNites Underwear
12/24/17 – 1/21/18
Spend $30 get $10.00

Kimberly-Clark Participating Paper Products (Includes Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott and Viva)
1/1/2018 – 2/17/18
Spend $25 get $5.00

NOTE: If your Catalinas do not print, the best thing to do is visit the Catalina Marketing site and complete the form provided

  • Sibel bayram

    Is the rightguard catalina still going on?

  • Yolanda

    I got 4.00 catalina when I bought 2 clairol hair color from the clearance section.

  • Frances

    I purchased 4 Skinny Cow and received a catalina for .75/4

  • Sonia

    I purchased quite a bit of toiletries and got a $25.00 catalina for oil change & tire rotation. My husband was ecstatic while I was hoping for something I could turn around and use lol

  • Isabel

    I tried to do cottonelle deal with blue color pack and it didn’t work. No catalina

    • tee

      did you buy just 1? you have to buy at least 2. i did the deal on saturday 9/8 with 1 blue pack and 1 purple pack of connonelle toliet paper and got back the $3 catalina

      • tee

        sorry meant i got thr $2 catalina

  • Deal Hunter

    If your deal did not print a catalina, you can file a request for the coupon.

  • tiff

    Can someone explain what Catalina means. I still don’t understand what this means when u get 4 Catalina back. Is this stores bucks???

    • Phillip

      Yes, Catilina’s are a coupon that prints out at the register. When the forums mention they got a 4 catilina, etc… that means the coupon reads (4$ off your next purchase) so essentially yes store bucks, there are also catilina coupons that are brand specific.

      Hope that helps

  • olinmero

    what pantene products are included? i bought 4 pantene shampoos and i did not get a catalina coupon.

  • Jojo

    Newbie question……. @ walgreens if it says you’ll get a $x register reward for an I item , if I purchase let’s say 4 of said item on one single trans. will I get 4 register rewards printed out???

    • Velma Neal

      You will if you buy them in individual transactions.

  • Theresa Fackler

    I received a $2 cat on 2 4 packs of Kleenex last evening

    • Melinda Dilione

      Thanks for letting us know Theresa!