Walmart+ Rewards Program | Everyone Can Earn Cash Back Now!

Walmart Rewards Free Rewards Program

Does Walmart Have a Rewards Program? YES! Walmart Rewards is a Free Rewards Program where you earn item rewards based on what you shop for every day! This is NOT the credit Card program!

This rewards Program is for ANYONE Walmart+ Members only (It happened for us recently so we know this is true)!

What are Walmart Rewards?

Select an item reward and purchase the product (pick up, delivery or in store), the value of the item is deposited into your Walmart Rewards balance! You can use this on future purchase in Walmart Stores or You CAN cash out the balance now – you would do this in store!

Where do you find Walmart rewards? Sign into your Walmart account. Tap Add Reward when you see it next to an item. You can also search for them in the rewards center, search bar or products page.

Where are the Walmart Rewards in my app? Rewards Center

How Do I Earn Walmart Rewards?

If you are shopping In-store

  1. Use the Walmart app – make sure you added item rewards for items you are buying.
  2. At checkout – scan the Walmart Pay QR code in teh app
  3. The reward will be in your Walmart Rewards Balance after you purchased it.


  1. Sign into your Walmart Account and add rewards for items you are buying
  2. Add the items to your cart and place your order
  3. once you pick up or your items are delivered the rewards will be in your Walmart Rewards Balance.

How do I use my Walmart Rewards?

In – Store

  • At checkout use the Walmart Pay QR in the app and  tap “Use Walmart Rewards”

Note: If you forgot to scan the Walmart Pay QR Code you can scan your receipt barcode within 7 days of purchase. Go to your rewards center tools and tap submit your receipt and scan the bar code!


  • at check out while logged into your Walmart account – tap apply Walmart Rewards

Do I need to be a Walmart+ member?

No! All members can do this! just scan the QR code at Checkout!

Do Walmart Rewards Expire?

Yes, saved item rewards expire and you must purchase the item before the expiration date. Item rewards that have expired will be removed from your saved rewards in Reward Center.

Does my Walmart Rewards balance expire?

No – It does not!

Can I earn item rewards & redeem Walmart Rewards in the same purchase?

Yes. You can earn item rewards on eligible items & redeem your existing Walmart Rewards balance on the same transaction.

Can I use paper coupons & earn item rewards for the same item?

No – if you use a paper coupon on the product the Walmart Reward will not be given to you.

Can I use another Rebate like Ibotta with Walmart Rewards.

NO you cannot!


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