What Are You Doing for National Napping Day?

National Napping Day

National Napping Day –

Yes National Napping Day is actually something that is celebrated! It is on March 11th, the day after daylight savings day. The day we all have to move our clocks forward an hour and lose sleep (Sad face).

Which is why we all celebrate national napping day! To do this we should take advantage of ALL the hygge products around us, snuggle up and take a nap…even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Take that 20 minutes for yourself!

When we celebrated National Cuddle Day we found tons of the cuddle-iest Hygge Items we could find. For National Napping Day, we are sharing our favorite things needed to take a nap, Hygge style.


The Softest, Highest Rated Blanket

Fluffy Soft Pillows

Fluffy Robe

Relaxing Tea

What will your Napping Day Purchase be?

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