18 Irresistible Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Summer usually means ice cream deals season.  Use some of that ice cream you may have stashed in your freezer to put together these delicious ice cream cakes.  It doesn’t even have to be warm outside!  These are also great for birthdays or any occasion really!

1. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake


For best results use gel paste food coloring.

 2. Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake


I love the delicate accent of the neapolitan sprinkles on top.

3. Rainbow Ice Cream Cake


You won’t believe how using sweetened condensed milk makes it simple to make homemade ice cream.

4. Salted Chocolate + Caramel Ice Cream Cake


This recipe uses chocolate graham crackers and it looks utterly delicious!

5.Fruity Pebble Crunch Ice Cake


The use of Fruity Pebble cereal makes this so easy to make and add tons of color.

6. Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches Cake


This showstopper only “looks” sophisticated. It is actually easy to make.

7. Layered Ice Cream Cake


This one also uses ice cream bars as an ingredient but the oreo cookies and caramel make it a winner.

8. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake


Perfect use for those in-season strawberries.

9. July 4th Ice Cream Cake


Change the gel paste food coloring you use and this could easily be an any occasion cake.

10. Brownie Mountain Ice Cream Cake


Brownie and cake is already a classic combo. Made into a cake in this recipe.

11. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich


Why hand out single ice cream bars when you could be sharing a HUGE one?

12. Checkerboard Ice Cream Cake


You will have a hard time keeping from your guests how easy it was to make this fancy looking cake.

13. Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake


You will need a springform pan to make this came.

14. Pistachio Raspberry Ice Cream Cake


Had to share this one because pistachio ice cream is my favorite!

15. S’mores Ice Cream Cake


This sounds like an oxymoron but it works and it looks delicious!

16. Nutty Caramel Ice Cream Cake


This one is made with pecan shortbread cookies and pecan ice cream, double yum!

17. Oreo Cookie Mini Ice Cream Cakes


For when you want to hand out individualized cakes not slice into a big one.

18. Watermelon Ice Cream Cake


You will need to get this loaf pan to make this amazing cake.

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