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Cindy Livesey is a Frugal Living Lifestyle Coach and the founder of the wildly successful and author of Living Rich With Coupons, Empowering Smart Shoppers to Live Rich.

But Cindy’s full-service frugal living mecca wasn’t started from a casual supplement clipping here and there. It started out of necessity. Once living large, Cindy and her husband Pat had a combined income that topped six figures. They drove new cars, lived in a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood and sent their kids to private school, never worrying about money… that is until her husband lost his high paying job. Reality hit hard and Cindy had no choice but to put her household of five on a very strict budget. She started with their annual grocery bill of $15,000. By strategically teaching herself how to use coupons daily, Cindy saved $11,000 on groceries in just one year and couponed her way out of $40,000 worth of debt.

Now, through Living Rich With Coupons,  Cindy shares her tips to live a thrifty rich life to help empower shoppers with the knowledge and tools they need for them to live a richer life as well.

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