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Costco Members-Only Savings

April 2020 Member-Only Savings 
Sneak Peek – 4/15 – 5/10/20
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Important Tips when using our Costco list and comparisons:

  • Prices may vary by location (these are prices from NJ which usually tend to be higher)
  • Dates for the listed deals may vary by store. Please check your store for the exact dates of your sales
  • Comparisons are listed for your reference. Many times, brands will repackage products in different sizes for Costco as well as modifying the product slightly for Costco sales.  When searching we have looked for products that are as close to the listed Costco product as possibly.

NOTE: If you have any prices, please let us know in the comments below. Also, please note, there are a bunch of unadvertised deals listed which may be regional. If you find unadvertised deals at your store please let us know the deal and the location in the comments below. The listed deals below are from the Hazlet, NJ store.

10 of the Most Popular Deals at Costco

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10 of the Most Popular Deals at Costco

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