Savings Resources & How to Use Coupons

Take advantage of these free savings resources to help you learn How to Use Coupons to save money on groceries. These are awesome free resources that you will want to use to save you tons of money on your groceries

Check out the Printable Coupons page for complete round up of all the coupon sites available. Plus a FAQ section on printing coupons.

Keep track of all your monthly shopping trips!
% Saved for Each Shopping Trip Total % Saved for the month Monthly Food Budget Tracker Year To Date Totals Page Detailed Instructions

By far, the best of our money savings tools. Check and compare prices for products on your list or have a coupon for. The database includes preview deals as well so you can get ahead start on planning your next shopping trip.

Use the Grocery Sales Cycles List to find out when you should be stocking up certain products throughout the year.

Use the Coupon Database to find the best coupons to match up with sale items. The database contains printable coupons, insert coupons, select store coupons and even tearpad and peelie coupons to be on the lookout for.

Be sure to check the Catalina Deals page to find out the newest Catalina Offers for products at your local store. Combining sales, with coupons and Catalina Offers is one of the top was LRWC readers save money on groceries.

Don't miss a deal, with the Weekly Shop for Free post. This Round up of the free offers available at all your local stores is updated with new offers each week. You can view it here or from the navigation bar above.

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  • Donna

    Can you use shoprite e-coupons more than once. Just loaded them, never used them before.

    • Sue Donym

      They’re one-time use only, but every little bit helps. It’s always great to get an extra savings wherever you can! 🙂

  • Sandra

    The dashboard widget link isn’t working.

    • LRWC – Cindy Livesey

      Okay thanks I’ll take a look.

  • Sarah

    Hello I’ve just started clipping coupon’s to start this wonderful way of saving money 🙂 So I am so very new to all of this ( like just started this past week new ) I wanted to know if there was a certain amount of how many coupons for the same Item I wanna buy do I need to clip or print. I would really appreciate any advice or anything I could get. Thank you so much

  • the DASHBOARD WIDGET link doesn’t work.

  • kell&kenny

    hi I’m new at Couponing.. can you please tell me What is a shop rite e coupon and what is a saving star coupon ??

    • Carnjay

      If you sign up on the shoprite website and link your price plus card to your account, you can upload ecoupons to your card. When you go to the store, these coupons are directly on your card, so when you swipe your card at checkout, the ecoupon should come off of the amount of the product (just like a coupon but without the paper). Usually, new shoprite coupons come out early Sunday mornings. Savingstar is another website. You have to sign up, but when you do, you can clip coupons there as well. You can link your store cards to your savingstar account, or you can also upload receipts from certain stores. The savings are added to your account. I hope this helps!

      • kell&kenny