Giveaway: $500 in Prizes From Ebates!

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Wow, Ebates is really stepping up their prizes.  They are now offering  $500 in prizes for LRWC readers.  So, if you missed the first giveaway, here is your chance to win as there will be 5 – $100 winners.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to learn how Ebates works you can head over  here to check out the How To Use Ebates post.

Here is how this giveaway will work:

There will be 5 winners chosen from all the entries.  If you win on one of the days you will not be eligible to win on another day. The winners will be chosen as follows:

  • Black Friday: 1- $100 winner
  • Saturday, 11/27: 1-$100 winner
  • Sunday, 11/28: 1 – $100 winner
  • Cyber Monday, 11/29: 2 – $100 winners

Enter below AND you must be signed up with Ebates to be eligible to win.  So make sure, if you are not already signed up, that you sign up for Ebates here and then follow the entry instructions below.


Here are the Official  Giveaway Rules

Entry: Place a comment below letting us know if you do the most online holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You must supply a valid email address. Please use the same email address that you have registered with Ebates. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only.  Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends at 8:00 pm EST on Monday 11/29/10.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • A winner will be choosen at random and MUST have a valid Ebates account.  Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway ending via email.  Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • This post is for giveaway entries only.  All comments that are not a giveaway entry will be deleted so as not to effect the order of the entries.


281 thoughts on “Giveaway: $500 in Prizes From Ebates!”

  1. Melissa B. says:

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….. I’m not off of work either day 🙁 So I will probably be doing most of my shopping on Thanksgiving!

  2. Amber Elliott says:

    I plan to do most of my shopping on whichever day has the most deals! I’ll be on-line both days though.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I plan on doing a lot of shopping on Black Friday, but if there are better deals on Cyber Monday I will shop then as well :0)

  4. Melissa D. says:

    I am planning on doing most of my online shopping on Black Friday, but I will not rule out Cyber Monday!

  5. Becky Barley says:

    I’m going to shop in store and online this year….So excited about the deals to come!

  6. Shelagh P. says:

    In the past, I did most of my shopping on Black Friday. This year I might do an equal amount on both days because I don’t want to wear myself out like I did last year when I pulled an allnighter on BF. I may just stay warm and sit at the computer both days.

  7. Wendy says:

    I will probably do more shopping online on Thanksgiving and Monday. Hitting the stores on Friday!

  8. ros mcpartlin says:

    I plan to do the most on Friday, sitting in the house with my pj’s on!

  9. Anne Catapano says:

    I work retail so getting Black Friday off will NEVER happen!! While on lunch break on Monday I will check out some CyberMonday deals.

  10. Danielle says:

    Most of my shopping will be on Black Friday; out and about AND online. Altough, I’ll swear next year it’ll solely be ONLINE because of all the crazies (I vow this every year!)

  11. Karla says:

    I do more online shopping on Cyber Monday.

  12. Lyn says:

    I will shop both days. Whatever I can’t find on Black Friday I will look for on line on Cyber Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Laura G says:

    I definitely do more on Friday. I start early at the stores and end up at the computer at night.

  14. Janey says:

    I will probably be up early Friday morning searching the online deals!

  15. Terri L says:

    I will be doing a little of both online and in store:)

  16. Kristine Twardy-Todd says:

    It is 50/50 for me, more online this year though, last year was brudel pulling an all niter and my aunt and I were not in the best of moods the next day…I am doing Target at 4 and possible Old Navy at Midnight and Stride Rite at 8 am…but I am definitely not bouncing from store to store this year!!

  17. Patti says:

    This year I plan to do most on Black Friday. Thanks for having another sweepstakes! 🙂

  18. Charlene says:

    I will shop both days online looking for some deals and don’t plan on going to any stores to fight the crowds!

  19. Jay says:

    I’ll be doing mine on Black Friday.

    (really on Thanksgiving Thursday if I can manage it, but not Monday..)

  20. Jessica says:

    I will probably shop on both days with the majority of shopping on Cyber Monday because we get paid over the weekend. More money to spend, lol!

  21. Jamie says:

    I try to beat the crowds and do most of my shopping on Cyber Monday.

  22. Maria says:

    I’ll most likely do both! 🙂

  23. Evelyn says:

    I do in-store for Black Friday, and online for Monday…so I do both. I am going to try online for Black Friday, (I think) and see how that goes. Good luck to everyone on their shopping!! Thanks for this opportunity.

  24. Allie says:

    I will be doing some online shopping both days, beats going out and trying to finding a parking spot.

  25. Andy K says:

    If I had to pick one or the other, I’d have to say more online shopping is done CyberMonday. However, I’m usually looking for online deals throughout the whole year that I can stash away for the holidays.

  26. Susan C. in NY says:

    I tried to be done with all my shopping before Thanksgiving. 🙂 However, that’s not always the case and I definitely do things online if possible so I will go with Cyber Monday.

    Thanks for all you do throughout the year Cindy!! I couldn’t save nearly as much as I do without you. 🙂

  27. I am going to try to get most of my things online on Friday morning, like around 1:00 am. then if I cannot get what I need, I will go get in line at Walmart.

  28. Taryn says:

    Probably more on Black Friday but right now I’m nearly done shopping already and its not even Thanksgiving. 🙂

  29. Vanetta says:

    Since I have to work on Black Friday, I will be lurking the internet on Cyber Monday 🙂 I’ve got most of my shopping done, but I have a few more gifts to find.

  30. aparna says:

    I am planning to do most of the shopping on black friday.

  31. christine says:

    I plan on shopping both!. I want the best deals I can find!

  32. Emily Head says:

    I plan on doing all of my shopping online on Cyber Monday so I can take advantage of using Ebates and not have to spend money on gas or shipping with all of the free shipping offers!

  33. Ngoc says:

    I will do both to find the best deals for my family!!

  34. Jenn says:

    I shop whenever the best deals are. Last year it was Black Friday b/c most stores were honoring the deals online as well.


  35. jennifer says:

    Black Friday in the stores. Cyber Monday online!

  36. Sara says:

    Black Friday since I work Monday!

  37. KC says:

    Right now planning on shopping online on Black Friday – I am sure I will shop online Cyber Monday as well.

  38. Laurie M. says:

    I have done a lot of my online shopping already using ebates – but I’ll be checking out the deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  39. Jennifer C. says:

    I have already started my online shopping and will probably check out the deals on both days.

  40. Dollie says:

    I will do online shopping on Cyber Monday.

  41. laurie says:

    I will do the majority of my shopping on Cyber Monday!

  42. Ilona says:

    I’m planning my shopping in stores on Black Friday and online on Cyber Monday

  43. Tracey says:

    Cyber Monday for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. jennk says:

    I shop on foot on Friday and online on Monday. Can’t wait!!

  45. Lauren says:

    Our financial situation is much different than previous years so all shopping will be pared down a bit. I will probably do more Cyber Monday shopping, especially with some LRWC codes!

  46. Jannel Oravets says:

    I plan to do most of my shopping Cyber Monday. Bring on the deals!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

  47. Denise Castagna says:

    I will do more online shopping on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday!

  48. jessica says:

    I like to find deals online on cyber monday – I have usually stocked up on gifts by now… can’t take the crowded craziness of black friday!

  49. Carolyn says:

    I will do most of my shopping on Cyber Monday!

  50. NB says:

    New to ebates and usually do most of my shopping on cyber Monday!
    Thanks for offering the contest!

  51. Carla Speer says:

    I will do most on cyber Monday, can’t handle the crowds on Black Friday 🙂

  52. Barbara says:

    I’ll probably shop online both days…always looking for good deals!

  53. evonne says:

    I will probably be doing about equal, whereever LRWC tells me the deals are i will be there !

  54. Melissa says:

    I will do most of my shopping on Monday

  55. Robin D says:

    I do more online shopping on Cyber Monday!

  56. Laura says:

    I do the majority of my online shopping on Black Friday.

  57. lydaugherty says:

    It’s hard to resist the urge of good online deals on Black Friday but I bite my nails and wait until Cyber Monday for my online holiday shopping 🙂

  58. terri says:

    Will be doing most of my online shopping on Black Friday.

  59. Carol says:

    I think that Ebates is a great website.

  60. Adrienne says:

    I plan to do most shopping online on Black Friday!

  61. Kelly says:

    I can’t afford to shop either day. I’m a student so hoping my mom will do the shopping for me.

  62. Shannon says:

    I will do both….never enough shopping. I will shop in stores on Friday and online on Monday (while I should be working)!

  63. Jodi says:

    Usually cyber Monday, but Chanukah is coming early this year!

  64. lisa says:

    Cyber Monday…much easier and more relaxed shopping.

  65. aldis says:

    This will be the first time I am going to the store on black friday..not the early one though..and of course, will be doing online shopping on cyber monday.

  66. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I am planning on skipping black friday this year & hopefully finishing up my shopping online on Monday!

  67. Tricia says:

    Most of my shopping will be done on cyber Monday through Ebates, of course!

  68. nicole kaplan says:

    cyber monday from the computer

  69. Jennifer Campbell says:

    I will probably do most of my shopping on Friday, both in-store and online. I love ebates!

  70. Mary ellen says:

    I will be on the look out both days!!!!! I love to shop and I love EBATES!!!!!

  71. Sally B says:

    Most of my shopping is already done, most online. I will finish up over the next 5 days online only.

  72. Katie says:

    I’m planning on doing most of my shopping cyber monday, but might head out on black friday too.

  73. Stephanie M says:

    I find better deals online on black friday than on cyber Monday !!!! So online and sipping a big cup of coffee is where I will be 🙂

  74. Bethany says:

    Probably on Friday.

  75. Cheryl says:

    I do most of my shopping on Black Friday. I got great deals last year!

  76. Irene S. says:

    I plan on doing much of my shopping in stores on Friday, but I’m always looking for deals on the web!

  77. Melissa S. says:

    Definitely do more shopping on Black Friday since I work on Monday. So excited to make a game plan for Friday morning!

  78. Stefani says:

    I shop online whenever the deals present themselves. Love Ebates!!!

  79. Stephanie says:

    I will be splitting my shopping between whichever day has the better deals…but I will be sure to use Ebates first!!

  80. Jillian says:

    I do most of my shopping on Black Friday, My husband hits the deals online, while I travel to the stores.

  81. Kari says:

    I’ll be shopping mostly at the drug stores on Black Friday. But if something super comes up on Cyber Monday I’ll do that too.

  82. Kristin says:

    Depending on what I get on Black Friday, Cyber Monday will be to finish everything up!

  83. Sam says:

    Cyber Monday because I find better deals!

  84. Drue Harris says:

    I will be doing online shopping on both days, hopefully I will get in on some good deals!

  85. Judy Ribblett says:

    Most all of my shopping is done but since I do not like crowds in the store Cyber Monday would be my choice.

  86. Jenn K says:

    I do most of my online shopping on Cyber Monday, but I’ll be checking out prices on Black Friday.

  87. Nancy says:

    I will probably do some online shopping on Monday. The kids have a soccer tournament this weekend, so I doubt I’ll be shopping.

  88. Christy says:

    Lots if online shopping with a few brick and mortar thrown in;) Friday mostly!

  89. Jan M. says:

    I will do the most on Black Friday, love the sales.

  90. Rie says:

    I am doing my shopping on Cyber Monday!

  91. Kathy C says:

    With 2 toddlers in tow there is no way I am braving the stores on Black Friday! I’ll be shopping peacefully in my jammies on Cyber Monday.

  92. Mary says:

    I’ll be shopping on Friday!!! Bright and early!!!!!!!!

  93. Reesa L. says:

    Honestly I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of shopping on either day! I am just looking for a nice comforter set for my parents for xmas & a new camera for myself.

  94. Anna says:

    I’ll be online all weekend (Friday THROUGH Monday) , comparing and keeping my fingers crossed!

  95. Tina M says:

    I am planning on doing most of my online shopping on Black Friday

  96. Puja says:

    I plan to shop Friday and Monday!

  97. H L Jones says:

    i plan on doing shopping on friday… but if i cant find things, ill try monday too…

  98. I am not working on Black Friday, making it very convenient to do online shopping on Black Friday. However, Cyber Monday deals may make it tempting to shop on that day, too!

  99. kat says:

    I will shop on both days. I dont do stores….I love shopping in my pj’s LOL.

  100. Christina says:

    Hoping to do tons of online shopping starting today thru Cyber Monday!

  101. missy says:

    This year I will do more online shopping on Thursday and Monday than on Friday because I have to work on Friday. Thanks for awesome giveaway.

  102. elena says:

    i’ll try to scoop up the deals on both days!

  103. sara eisik says:

    I love both but cyber monday is better I had the pushing and shoving in stores!!!!!!! cant wait for monday
    ebated get ready cyber monday! is coming!

  104. Sue M says:

    I’m a mix of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Cyber Monday hasn’t been that good to me the last few years.

  105. RaChel B says:

    Definately Cyber Monday!!! Still so caught up in Thanksgiving mode on Black Friday and don’t have time to scope the best deals online!

  106. Dawn says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I would much rather shop on Cyber Monday, than on Black Friday. No cranky sales people or obnoxious shoppers to deal with. HAPPY FRUGAL HOLIDAYS.

  107. Jessie C. says:

    I’d be shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  108. Alicia says:

    Probably on Black Friday so I don’t have to actually go out and battle the crowds but can shop from the convenience of my nice, warm, quiet house.

  109. Miriam Vassallo says:

    This year I will do 95% of my shopping online through Ebates. With 4-kids it is so much easier this way and getting csh back through ebates is a great incentive.

  110. Amanda Owens says:

    I’m going to hit the sales early on black Friday! It’s my first time! Wish me luck!

  111. Pam says:

    I dont have as much shopping to do as I normally on Black Friday, so I may just go out to get a few super deals. I would rather shop online than fight the crowds if possible.

  112. Heather says:

    Usually i go out on Black friday but with a three month old this year I’ll be doing most of my shopping online. 🙂

  113. JOY says:


  114. Julie says:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to fight the crowds on Black Friday. Cyber Monday for me!

  115. Dena says:

    I will be doing a mix Black Friday and Cyber Monday trying to get as many specials as I can.

  116. Nicole A. says:

    Cyber Monday is better for me

  117. mary metz says:

    Cyber monday is my day! Thank You for all the ways you help me to save money!

  118. Linda says:

    I love the deals of black Friday, but this year its all online for me, same deals, no crowds + extra discounts with Ebates!!

  119. Joyce Mlinek says:

    I do my most online shopping on Cyber Monday.

  120. Denise says:

    This will be my first year ever to try Cyber Monday. I’ve done Black Friday when my kids were little and the last year I went I nearly got trampled at the very front of the line. I’m 5′ tall and small framed so when I had people over 6′ reaching over my head and squashing me it scared the heck out of me so I decided that was the last year for me. It’s time to try Cyber Monday!

  121. I like this website because you can click between several stores and kmart has its members reward points going great black friday sales and ebates bonus too!! Its a win win situation!

  122. Kiwi says:

    A lot of great deals are online now so I’m planning on doing the majority of my online shopping Friday!

  123. Monica says:

    I shop on Black Friday. Thanks for hosting this givaway!

  124. Shanida says:

    I love Black Friday shopping, but will probably check out deals for Cyber Monday as well. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

  125. Luisa S says:

    In previour years, I did mos tof my shopping on cyber monday. But this year, since more and more sites are offering deals on friday, I am doing most of my shopping on friday online!

  126. sarah says:

    I plan to take adavantage of cyber Monday deals!! I love shopping from home and avoiding crowds and crazed shoppers 🙂

  127. Rachel says:

    This is my first year EVER going out for Black Friday (to get the $2.49 train deal!) but I will do most on Monday!!

  128. Liz says:

    cyber monday. i hate the crowds!

  129. Jessica says:

    After living in Germany for almost four years (my husband is in the air force) I am venturing out to experience the madness of black Friday since we now live in Florida. For the past 4 years I have been using cyber Monday and am excited to finally get to see what the hype is all about!!

  130. Melanie says:

    I will do more online shopping on Black Friday than Cyber Monday because I am off work on Friday and have to work on Monday…and I hate the crowds on Black Friday but I love shopping so I am looking forward to still participating in the Black Friday festivities!

  131. Sarah Ulfers says:

    Cyber Monday I live to far from any stores.

  132. Nikki Eddy says:

    Cyber Monday, Baby, alltheway! Thank you 🙂

  133. Jasmine says:

    It depends on the sale year to year. Mostly on Black Friday though, and I try to do as much online shopping as I can instead of B&M

  134. Emili says:

    Black Friday – All that hype 😛

  135. Veronica says:

    This year I’ll probably do most of my online shopping on Cyber Monday.

  136. Odalys says:

    I tend to do both Black Friday & Cyber Monday, but I’ve gotten better deals on Cyber Monday! Looking forward to it! Thanks for a chance at the Giveaway!

  137. I tend to do most of my online shopping equally between Black Friday & Cyber Monday. I prefer online to the crowds though!

  138. Colleen Ronkowski says:

    I do most of my shopping, online & in stores, on Black Friday because I work on Cyber Monday without access to a computer.

  139. Frieda says:

    I just signed up because I do lots of on-line shopping during Christmas : ) I will be going thru Ebates this year when I do my shopping. Thanks!

  140. Pamela M. says:

    I did some shopping on line on Thursday and today. I will probably wait til Cyber Monday for any further shopping!

  141. Mimi says:

    I think Black Friday and the hype behind it is definitely more competitive and exciting, so I definitely shop more during Black Friday! However, online retailers have really stepped up their game lately and I have to say I prefer shopping online for Black Friday, so maybe for me it is “Cyber Friday” then?! 🙂

  142. Laura W. says:

    i started shopping online at midnight.

  143. Terri Kelley says:

    Most of my online is CyberMonday, I think this year will be the same.

  144. robyn says:

    I went out last night for my first ever Black Friday shopping– but I will now shop Cyber Monday!

  145. Krista A says:

    I finished my shopping today. Couldn’t wait until Monday, the things I wanted were selling out!

  146. Lynda Del says:

    Cyber Monday is when I do the majority of my holiday shopping.

  147. Carol says:

    Ebates! Ebates! Ebates! Ebates! Ebates! Ebates!

  148. Wynette H says:

    I have an ebates account and am definitely a fan of yours.

  149. Amanda says:

    I LOVE Ebates! Getting a deal is great, but getting a deal AND getting cash back on top of it is super great! Love seeing those checks come.

  150. Jo says:

    definitely more of a cyber Monday girl- I hate crowds.

  151. Karen says:

    I do a little of both….I do some on Black Friday because I hate the crowds and there are a lot of online deals….and I also shop on Cyber-Monday…for whatever I didn’t already get a good deal on.

  152. Heather Brey says:

    I do my shopping EXPLOSION on Black Friday but started late on Thanksgiving this year – yay free online shipping!!!

  153. Darsel Tebo says:

    Black Friday – haven’t ever done cyber Monday.

  154. Stephanie says:

    I’m a cyber monday person- family was here on Friday so not a lot of computer time to scoop up deals!

  155. Francesca says:

    I usually shop Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything in between!

  156. Meghann says:

    I will do some on Cyber Monday but will be checking for online deals from now through the end of the year.

  157. JB says:

    Black Friday (Midnight Madness until 6am) It has become a ritual with my 2 girlfriends and I (even if we really don’t feel like doing it, we go because it affords us some quality girl time without our children & sig. others)…and then because I am tired from not sleeping that day and need the three day recovery period, I will shop Cyber Monday to try to complete my shopping 😉

  158. cs white says:

    I didn’t do any shopping on Friday and I don’t have specific plans to shop on Monday. I just show when I figure out what I want to buy for folks and panic when it starts getting too close to Christmas!

  159. Pam says:

    I do most of my shopping on black friday, but am ready for more deals on cyber Monday. Thanks.

  160. Deidre Grant says:

    I will do more shopping on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday.

  161. Carrie T says:

    I wait until cyber Monday to do the bulk of my online shopping…

  162. Mari says:

    We are doing our shopping on cyber Monday.

  163. Lisa says:

    Bought some toys on Black Friday, but will do some more shopping on Cyper Monday.

  164. trina says:

    definitely Cyber MOnday

  165. Richard says:

    I went Black Friday shopping with my wife.

  166. Florin says:

    Ebates is a great idea and I use it as much as I can. Thank you.

  167. Florin says:

    Most of the holiday shopping I do is online on Black Friday, through Ebates of course. Thank you.

  168. kris says:

    I will checking out all the deals on both days to see what’ out there.

  169. egregg says:

    I do most of my shopping on Cyber Monday. thanks for the opportunity

  170. Susan says:

    Definitely Cyber Monday to avoid all the madness!

  171. Sandra says:

    I am shopping mostly on Cyber Monday. Honestly, shopping is more fun when you don’t have to fight over things. Thanks!

  172. Lynn says:

    I do most of my online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  173. TerriAnn says:

    I found a lot of good deals online on Black Friday-too cold to go out to the brick and mortar stores. I plan on continuing the search through Cyber Monday though.

    I am signed up with Ebates and will be getting my first Big, Fat Check of cash back soon!

  174. Julie says:

    I had to work on friday, so some shopping was online and some was already done. woo hoo. avoided the madness

  175. Jennifer I says:

    I always do all my shopping online, usually through amazon. No tax and free two day shipping can’t be beat! There have been some great Black Friday online sales and I’m looking forward to seeing what will pop up on Cyber Monday

  176. Kim A says:

    I didn’t do any shopping on Friday but will do some on Monday online. I tend to procrastinate as I’m convinced the better deals will be found later in the season due to retail desperation (at least I always hope so!)

  177. Naomi Polovich says:

    Neither I avoid the stores on black friday all togather, I look for deals during the year and buy them then, I may shop over the weekend online and it may fall on cyber monday depends on what they have to offer.

  178. bcm says:

    I shopped online for black friday

  179. Michelle Mccormack says:

    I am very new to online shopping but after being disappointed at the stores Friday, I have found some awesome deals online this weekend! I now can’t wait for cyber Monday!

  180. Lynette says:

    I will shop Monday probably. Did a little on Black Friday

  181. Daleene says:

    I will probably shop more on Cyber Monday. Through Ebates of coarse.

  182. emanuel addison says:

    i will do most of my shopping on cyber monday i think it will have better deals

  183. Bridget L says:

    In the past I have done most of my big shopping on Black Friday, but this year I’m very excited to be do most of my shopping on cyber Monday.

  184. Karen says:

    I did some shopping on Black Friday on-line (through ebates :)) but I can’t wait to see what the cyber Monday deals will be!

  185. Kevin says:

    I like to shop on-line only…the deals started at midnight on Black Friday and I picked up a few!

  186. Jean says:

    I’ll did most of my shopping on Black Friday – online. Thanks.

  187. Teresa F says:

    Usually I shop more online during Cyber Monday but this year I will have to wait until I hopefully get a Christmas bonus. Last minute shopping for me this year. Thank you. tmartin26(at)aol(dot)com

  188. Cindy says:

    I did some shopping on Friday but I am waiting for cyber Monday — I love to online shop in my pj’s! Thanks for your awesome website; you have changed the way I shop forever 🙂

  189. Kanisha Wallace says:

    Mostly on Black Friday but I’ll definitely be on my laptop to see what’s good on Cyber Monday too!

  190. Laura says:

    I did a bit on Friday, more this weekend and then will do more on Cyber Monday! 🙂

  191. stefani says:

    never love shopping online so much till i heard about ebates!!! 😀

  192. Amaybel says:

    This year, I did most of my shopping on black Friday, but I will check cyber Monday, just in case there are some more good deals!

  193. Jean says:

    I’m hoping for some great deals on Cyber Monday.

  194. Lori S says:

    I do most of my shopping in the stores but not on black friday.


  195. Lisa says:

    I’ve usually waited til cyber monday, but this year, some of the online deals for black friday were just too good to pass up!

  196. Barbara A says:

    I did some online shopping on Black Friday and I will check out the sales on Monday to see if there are some good deals.

  197. Anita A. says:

    I do a lot of shopping on Black Friday and then try to finish up on Cyber Monday.

  198. Rachel says:

    I am preparing to do all my shopping online Monday…I couldn’t face the crowds Friday!

  199. Kristen says:

    I did some shopping on Friday…we’ll see how Monday turns out!

  200. Vivian says:

    Both Black Friday & Cyber Monday will be my main shopping days! Ebates helps make a great deal a better deal!! Can’t ever go wrong using Ebates any time of the year!!

  201. jennifer S. says:

    I did some shopping in the sotres on Friday and I’m planning on shopping on cyber monday as well.

  202. Kristine Twardy-Todd says:

    I did some black friday shopping…will check out the cyber monday deals as well…

  203. Karen says:

    I love to shop…so did some on Black Friday and will do some more on Cyber Monday! =)

  204. norma says:

    I will definately shop cyber monday. tried to do the black friday thing at 7am but everything had already flown off the shelves. I will also def. go thru Ebates. I am an avid Ebates user!

  205. Kim Stewart says:

    I got a few things Black Friday but plan to do more onCyber Monday! Thanks!!

  206. Karen says:

    depends on the deals, but probably black friday………….

  207. Michelle A. says:

    It’ll be cyber-monday for me! Thanks Cindy!

  208. Jackie Penn says:

    Black Friday was my big shopping day.

  209. Laurie says:

    E-bates makes online shopping economical, convenient, and fun. Thanks, livingrichwithcoupons!

  210. robin says:

    Cyber Monday definitely if not later.

  211. Barbara S says:

    I did a lot of shopping on Black Friday, but will probably do a little more on Cyber Monday.

  212. Heidi says:

    I love shopping at Target and Amazon on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

  213. Susan says:

    Can hardly wait for Cyber Monday! Shop til you drop!

  214. Meg Moen says:

    I usually go shopping on Black Friday. I do a lot of online shopping already but looking forward to Cyber Monday for sure!!!

  215. Jennifer Lambert says:

    some on Black Friday AND most on Cyber Monday!

  216. Meg Moen says:

    I usually go shopping on Black Friday. I do a lot of online shopping already but looking forward to Cyber Monday for sure!!!

    *please use this one, the other email I provided isn’t associated with my Ebates account. Thanks!*

  217. Lori Andrews says:

    I love saving money. I like shopping at Expressionary especially on Black Friday when there was a 17% rebate that day on all purchases. I know I’ll be shopping at Lands End and Bath and Bodyworks too over the Holidays. Love Ebates!

  218. kristi says:

    I did most of my shopping on black friday. It’s hard to do cyber monday when you are busy at work!

  219. Dianne Kelly says:

    I LOVE, I use it often for Kohls and Ebay!

  220. Dianne says:

    I shopped most of the morning on Black Friday at Best

  221. Mandi says:

    I haven’t gone to stores on Black Friday since 2002. The next year is when I discovered that most of the prices are the same online. Why would I go out in the wee hours of the morning when I can get the exact same things at home with free shipping? I love shopping Black Friday sales online and Ebates makes is that much sweeter!

  222. danielle says:

    i’ve done most of my shopping online on black friday and plan on hitting the sales on cyber monday… i even took the day off work!

  223. Sue Reynolds says:

    looking forward to cyber monday

  224. Sue says:

    Did some shopping on black friday, waiting forcyber monday

  225. Nazia says:

    I am waitin for some nice cyber monday deals…

  226. Linda says:

    I finish up most of my shopping on Black Friday but always end up finding deals on Cyber Monday! 🙂

  227. trina says:

    hope to score some good deals on cyber monday

  228. Stefani says:

    Getting ready for Cyber Monday. Ebates is my home page so I never forget to use it.

  229. jen says:

    I will do most of my shopping online on Cyber Monday!! I hit the stores on Black Friday but will be back to work on Monday 🙁

  230. Anonymous says:

    Mostly on black friday!

  231. patti says:

    did most of mine on black friday!

  232. cris says:

    I usually do most of my shopping on Black Friday, but this year, I am going to check out Cyber Monday as well!

  233. Carol says:

    I can’t wait to get my first Ebates check! So exciting…

  234. Jenn says:

    I made two huge online purchases on Black Friday, but I am ready to check out the offerings tomorrow as well!!!!

  235. emily says:

    I do most of my shopping on black friday

  236. Terri W. says:

    Looking forward to shopping through Ebates on Cyber Monday!!

  237. Cathy J says:

    I always try and get the best deals on Black Friday!!

  238. Stacy k says:

    So happy I found ensues. I’ve saved at least tax and shipping this season. Thanks for a great product

    1. Stacy k says:

      Of course the above post should have read EBATES. I used it so much this cyber weekend my typing fingers are not accurate but my savings were

  239. Annie says:

    I will be doing my shopping on Cyber Monday.

  240. Marty says:

    I stay away from Black Friday, to much chaos. Cyber Monday works for me.

  241. couponlue says:

    Ventured out on Black Friday…still on the lookout for deals on Cyber Monday.

  242. RosaliaF says:

    I wait till Cyber Monday. I have been watching prices of certain things for months and some of them were actually higher on Black Friday.

  243. Jen G says:

    I do most of my holiday shopping during Cyber Monday! It’s so much easier than dealing with the crowds! Hope I win 🙂

  244. Jason says:

    I could really use one of those $100 give aways. Hook a brother up!

  245. Kristy says:

    First time I’m shopping on Cyber Monday! I looking forward to all the deals!

  246. Joan says:

    I shopped a lot on Black Friday but I’m also shopping the deals on Cyber Monday! Thanks!

  247. Julie says:

    I definitely do more shopping on Cyber Monday. I have never had the desire to get up that early to go out on Good Friday!

  248. Lina says:

    I do all of my shopping on Black Friday! I’ve never really ordered anything online on Cyber Monday.

  249. vkemp says:

    would absolutely LOVE to win a prize from Ebates, use them all the time!

  250. Sarah DJ says:

    Cyber Monday…since I didn’t buy much on black Friday…

  251. Andrea Ferreira says:

    Did lots of shopping on Black Friday and am hoping I can still catch some cyber Monday sales after work!!

  252. Lea T says:

    I was a crazy person out at 3 am on Friday shopping up all the good deals and today I am relaxing at the office doing the same. A win from Ebates would just round out my weekend!

  253. theresa says:

    LOVE saving $$$$$$$ by shopping from HOME!!!!!!!! Thanks Ebates 🙂

  254. Elise says:

    I did some black friday shopping but will def. doing a lot more today, cybermonday, staying warm in my house and no lines! can’t beat that 🙂

  255. Rachel Rost says:

    I did most of my shopping prior to both! Although I did go out and get some good deals on Black Friday. Most of my online shopping is already completed as of today, CyberMonday.

  256. Melanie says:

    Black Friday for me!

  257. Daleene says:

    I have been shopping through Ebates all day long!!

  258. Molly says:

    I do way more shopping on Black Friday (in stores and online!)

  259. Emily D says:

    I haven’t done much yet…looking at the Cyber Monday deals!

  260. Krystal Colon says:

    Most of my shopping is on Black Friday!

  261. Sadie says:

    I got a couple of cyber monday deals

  262. Stacey Payne says:

    I split my shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday; I finish up on Cyber Monday!

  263. Carey Parks says:

    I like to shop on both days but Black Friday had better deals.

  264. mo b says:

    cyber-mondaying thru ebates it as we “speak”!

  265. Definitely Cyber Monday!

  266. Alisa D says:

    did some on Friday, but a lot more today…those deals just keep popping up

  267. Erica Worrell says:

    I do the most online shopping on Cyber Monday.

  268. lorie says:

    I love to save money.

  269. nicole harding says:

    im signed up and made my Borders Cyber monday deal through ebates! Woohoo!!

  270. bonnie says:

    I am loving cyber monday deals

  271. Genevieve Burk says:

    I did some black friday shopping, and even more Cyber Monday shopping. Used ebates on everything and got some great ‘cash back’!!!!

  272. Sarah says:

    I do most of my shopping on Black Friday. I got some great deals at Kohls plus cash back when I used ebates!! Win Win!

  273. emanuel addison says:

    of course i did most of my shopping on cyber monday who wants to deal with all the crowds on black friday

  274. Karen T says:


  275. Charlene S. says:

    I love saving extra money with Ebates. With 2 little guys to shop for this year, I’ve used it to shop at Kohls,, and Toys R Us so far and much more to go!!

  276. Charlene S. says:

    Oh, and I did all my shopping today, Cyber Monday!

  277. Shari Reiss says:

    I am a Cyber Monday kinda girl, but I do look for “Friday only” specials and may pick up a few things then as well!

  278. Callie says:

    I did some stuff online on Black Friday, does that count? I HAVE been looking online today, too, but haven’t bought anything yet.

  279. Blair Williams says:

    Cyber Monday =)

  280. nikki wilson says:

    I mainly shop black friday, but am looking ovewr the deals for today.
    [email protected]

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