Awesome News! Printing Coupons from your Mobile Device Just Got a Lot Easier

how to print on your phone


How to print coupons from your mobile device

Have you ever wanted to print coupons from your smartphone or tablet? Have your had trouble installing the printing software? Are you tired of having to open additional apps just to print coupons from your mobile device? Then you, my couponing friends, will love this new printing update. now has PrintID. PrintID requires no software install on your desktop and allows you to easily print coupons from your mobile device without having to open the app. This makes it super easy when using our match ups as you can simply click and print instead of having to head over to open yet another app and search for the coupons.

How to print from your mobile device

 Follow these easy instructions take advantage of PrintID:

  1. On a device that does not currently have the print software installed, navigate to and select the coupons you’d like to print. Click “Print Coupons”.
  2. Enter your phone number to have a verification code sent to you via SMS.
  3. Enter your verification code. You will then be taken to your print settings.
  4. Complete your print!

Note if you own an Apple device, you will have to have a printer that is AirPrint enabled. 

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  • Winnie

    I have an iphone and an ipad. Would I be able to enter the same phone number for each of the devices so that I can use them both to print?

    • I’m actually not sure about that as I have only tried it on my iphone. Possibly someone can chime in about their experience.

    • Michelle John

      Yes. I have used my cell number on multiple devices.

      • Winnie

        Awesome!! Thank you!

  • Bob

    Will this allow one more device so that you can print two additional coupons? For example, presuming a limit of 2 prints, if I have two desktops, and also use my phone, I can print 2 coupons x 3 = 6 coupons total?

  • MicheleAna

    I’m hoping maybe android devices work now.

    • Harry

      It works, it works!!!
      I was very sceptical given that Android printing has been neither supported by coupons dot com not by the printer manufacturers themselves. I have a relatively older canon printer that came out before the days of the “app printing” and found that they have an app “Canon Print Service” that does support my old printer. Installed the app and activated it. Then opened coupons dot com on chrome on the android phone and printed and got the coupon to print. Yay!
      Edit: ofcourse I had to do the submit phone number and get text to verify part as well.

      • MicheleAna

        Thanks Harry. Can’t wait to try.

  • swapna

    when i press printcoupons button button it prints my coupons, when will it give me option to enter my phone number.

  • Rocky

    No luck for me, at least, yet. I got the code, entered it, and, got the thank you, your coupons have printed message, but, nothing.. I’m a Droid with an HP wireless printer. Any ideas? I did check the Is this device connected to a printer checkbox, though I’ve never printed from the phone. Since it is a wireless printer, I figured it would be automatic. Also, I did install the cdc app, previously, but, could never print. It kept telling me it couldn’t find a printer..sigh.

    • MicheleAna

      Did it ask you to select a printer?

      • Rocky

        Oh, wow, I missed that step, I guess! So, if i say ‘no’ to the question about is it connected to a printer, then, maybe it will ask me to select one! I’ll give that a try, thanks!

        • Harry

          I had to activate my printer service at first which is disabled by default. Go into your phone Settings->Printing. There you should see one or more services (you should have at least one from HP if that is your printer. The cloud print is the PDF printer which also appears to be working for coupons dot com now). You can go into each one and select the ON button and make sure it shows green=on.

          • Rocky

            Thanks, Harry. I managed to add the Cloud print app, and, 2 HP print apps (one for the All in One and one regular), and, turned them on, but, two of them ended up saying can’t find a printer, and one has been ‘searching’ for about 30 minutes, now! Boy, I really think this should be a whole lot easier, nowadays!! When I set up my laptop, it found the stupid printer, just about immediately!!!

            • Harry

              It looks like something on the phone is preventing access to the printer. You might want to make sure the phone and the printer are connected to the same Wifi network and also switch off your mobile data when trying this. Also if you have any antivirus or such those could be turned off. And finally if nothing works a reboot of the phone and a reboot of the printer are things to try.

              • Rocky

                Thanks for sticking with me on this, LOL! They are on the same network, so, will work on the other things, today…! Appreciate it!

        • MicheleAna

          Rocky, your printer and phone only communicate together when they are on the same wifi network.

          • Rocky

            ‘Unfortunately’, they are, thanks!!!

  • Sue J

    I’m a happy camper. Love this.

  • Christine

    Can’t get it to work with my LG3 phone. I have a Canon inkjet MP495

  • Dana Crocilla

    You have to put in you phone number and they have to text you? I do not have text or Internet on my phone its just a regular flip phone. How can I get the coupons to print on my galaxy tablet since I don’t have texting?

  • Erin T

    I wish other couponing websites… like smart source.. would get on board with mobile printing.

    • Heather Costa

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    • Denise Uzunis

      That would be awesome!

    • Awesomemom

      I agree! I don’t understand why smartsource won’t let you print directly from your phone.

      • nick hill

        You can print directly from the SmartSource App. On iPhone/iPad.

  • Sharon

    Any way to change the zip code on the phone? Just wondering if we can print some of the zip code specific coupons 🙂

  • Hanna

    How do we print though? Is there another app you need?

  • Sarah Emanuele

    this is more trouble than it’s worth. i have the coupon app installed and it is saying i need to update the app i did and it won’t recognize anything and now won’t print at all and it keeps telling me i have to change setting on my printer to not keeping documents saved, when i don’t have them saved to begin with WTF. if its not broken don’t fix it they now broke it and i can’t print anything super annoyed.

  • Mary mance

    I have Toshiba excite ice cream sandwich. Hook up to canon 3500. Cannot print coupons

  • angela mefford

    coupon has reset but still saying limit reached…what to do…ty

  • Harry Ikenson

    I added the print software to a new Galaxy S8 and when I tried printing additional coupons I received a message you already reached your limit. How do I get around that problem. I have wifi for all of my devices so that might cause my issue. Any suggestions. Thank you.