Awesome News! Printing Coupons from your Mobile Device Just Got a Lot Easier

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how to print on your phone


How to print coupons from your mobile device

Have you ever wanted to print coupons from your smartphone or tablet? Have your had trouble installing the printing software? Are you tired of having to open additional apps just to print coupons from your mobile device? Then you, my couponing friends, will love this new printing update. now has PrintID. PrintID requires no software install on your desktop and allows you to easily print coupons from your mobile device without having to open the app. This makes it super easy when using our match ups as you can simply click and print instead of having to head over to open yet another app and search for the coupons.

How to print from your mobile device

 Follow these easy instructions take advantage of PrintID:

  1. On a device that does not currently have the print software installed, navigate to and select the coupons you’d like to print. Click “Print Coupons”.
  2. Enter your phone number to have a verification code sent to you via SMS.
  3. Enter your verification code. You will then be taken to your print settings.
  4. Complete your print!

Note if you own an Apple device, you will have to have a printer that is AirPrint enabled.