10 Healthy Snack Ideas the Kids will Ask for Over & Over!

Snacks seem to get very repetitive! We wanted to give you some inspiration to make it fun on those days you just don’t know what to do for lunch boxes, after school snacks or even for yourself!

1. Cream Cheese and Jam Sandwich Crackers


These look good for anyone! Make them with MakesandTakes here!

 2.Banana Peanut Butter and Chocolate


The kids will thing they are having a treat when it’s really a snack! NotEnoughCinnamon makes these with you!

3. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries


How yummy do these looks! FamilyFrehMeals makes these with you!

4. Microwave Sweet Potato Chips


What a cool spin on classic Sweet Potato Chips! byStephanielynn makes these with you!

5.  Healthy Gummy Bears


Gummy Bears that are healthy made by simplytaralynn!

6. Whole Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips


So yummy and healthy! Better than a bag of potato chips! makes these with skimmyms

7. Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks

These look so yummy! make them with thankyourbody

8. Meat & Cheese Roll Up


Super Simple and quick! Make them with thegraciouswife

9. Apple & Cheddar Quesadillas


Why didn’t I think of this! make this with cookieandkate

10. Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Crunchy healthy snack idea! Make them with stregthandsunshine


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