CVS Coupon Match Up 10/9 – 10/15

CVS Deals for the Week of 10/9/11

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  • Heather

    Does anyone know what time 24 hour CVS switch over to Sundays flyer?

    • Nancy

      My CVS (a 24-hr. store) switches over on Saturdays at the register and puts up the sale tags for the next week on Saturdays. So when you go to the register usually the prices for the following week ring up, but they’ll offer both weeks’ sales if you just tell them the sale price and the ECB amount. So that’s a good day to shop for sale prices for both weeks’ ads. Kind of confusing when I’m in the store shopping, but they’re very understanding at the register.

      • Nicole Weimer

        I agree…It’s the best of both worlds…

  • eve

    Mid night

  • Ruby

    Silly question but with the garnier can we use 2 $1/1 since we are getting 2?

    • Allison


  • Heather

    my cvs in ct switches after 5pm on sat

  • meli


  • Rose clark

    Cvs new flee goes into effect at my ct store at four p.m.

  • Susan

    I wonder how much the Garnier facial cleansers are? Does anybody have any idea?

  • Monique

    The people that are saying their stores start the new sales earlier than midnight …are they 24 hour stores?

  • Dana C

    I was just at mine (which isn’t a 24 hour) about an hour ago and the girl said the new sales were already in the system but that this week’s were still there too. Too bad I didn’t have this coming week’s matchups with me…lol

  • gabby

    Just went to my CVS (which is not a 24 hr store, in NJ) at 6 pm on Saturday, and they had already switched all the shelf tags and even the computers to the coming weeks ad/sales. The cashier was very nice though and still honored this weeks sale for the Listerine, but had to manually type in the ECB.

  • Natalie K.

    What happened to the Tide/ Gain ECB deal?

    • Cindy

      That ends tonight

  • missi

    My store in pa is not 24 hrs n they switched at 5pm.

  • Rachel

    My store is not 24, I always thought I would have to wait until Sunday AM for the sales.. I can get them on Sat night? I better check into this! 🙂 I’m honestly not too excited about this weeks sales, but I usually do very well at CVS each week. 😉

  • Margie

    For the sensodyne deal does the $10 purchased have to be $10 after coupons or can I buy one sensodyne for the $4.49 and one iso for $5.99 and still use two $1 off coupons which would make it under $10 and still get the $5 ECB?

    • Cassie

      At CVS the deals are always spend $xx BEFORE coupons, so yes, you can use your coupons, and even though it will make your total less than $10, you’ll still get your $5 ECB.

  • Laina

    First off, Cindy thanks for all the matchups!!
    I have a question about the Covergirl cosmetics, it’s listed under the ECB deals this week. Is the scanned coupon seperate, meaning does it affect the ECB deal? Or will the $3 ECB still print out after I paid nothing, using the CVS and manufacturer coupon?

    • Allison

      the ECB deals count on your total BEFORE any coupons are used.

  • MillburnLaura

    I dont see the Hallmark card deal in the circular…wasnt posted at my store. Am I missing something?

    • Cindy

      Its on page 3 under the halloween costumes

      • KATHY

        It’s American Greetings in my ad.

  • Susie

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my CVS, sure many more will to, has tons of sunscreen on clearance! I price checked a few and they were all under $4. This will make for an excellent deal with the $4 Banana Boat & Hawaian Tropic coupons from a few weeks ago!

    • Karen

      Please don’t save them for next year! Sunscreen has a shelf life. 🙂

      • Jules

        If you google shelf life of sunscreen most say 2 to 3 years if it is UNopened, so it should be ok for this summer…bottles should have dates on them 🙂

      • Lisa

        It’s recomended to use sunscreen all year long. I will stock up if I find some on clearance.

  • Jennifer

    I bought 4 Keebler fudge stripes that were on sale and did not get a $1 ECB. I also bought 2 Dial Body Washes that were marked and only recieved one $1 ECB.

    • michelle

      it was probably limit 1 per card.

      • Jennifer

        In the paper it actually said Limit 3 for the Dial, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work. And it was my mistake on the Keebler cookies, it was for the smaller sizes, not the full sizes that I bought.

  • Ginny

    Cindy – thanks for the matchups! I would be paying retail for everything but for you!

    Anyone know – how much the Huggies Slip Ons are this week – I need to figure out if the buy one get one 50% off is a good deal or not… thanks in advance!

  • Anne

    Anyone know the price of the Listerine formthis week? Thanks!

  • blanca

    Do I have to do this all in one transaction or can I do it in several? Spend $15 Get $5 ECB. Can I spend 10 today and 5 tomorrow to get the ecb. Thanks,

    • Ginny

      Yes I think you can do it separately

  • Janelle S

    So I did the Oral Care Deal and it turned out great in the end….(I had a little trouble on the way to the great ending)…..It started with two suprise coupons that I could us for the deal….
    Here’s the deal:
    2- Super Poligrip Zinc Free-$3.99 ea.
    1- Polident 84ct.-$3.99 ea.
    Total Before Coupons-$11.97
    -(2) $1/1 Poligrip
    -(1) $1/1Polident
    -(1) $1.25/1 Super Poligrip Zinc Free (CVS coupon)
    -(1) $2/1 Polident (CVS coupon)
    GOT-$5 ECB

    So I got them for ONLY $0.72 ($0.24 ea.).. A very very very great deal..But I originally bought the 40 ct. ($3.69) Polident then returned it for the 84ct. ($3.99) which is the one I should have gotten in the first place…..the 84 ct rang up at regular price $5.99 and had to be adjusted and because of that the $5 ECB didn’t print…..So the cashier had to print it out for me…..All in all it was a pretty good trip and the cashier and sales people were very nice and helpful with my deal

  • If you go on there is a $4 off $20 in store instant coupon when you sign up for extracare mail for the first time. It expires on 10/22/11.

  • sylvia

    A great deal to be had on similac powder this week @ cvs–

    on sale for $19.99
    use $5 manufacturer rebate check
    use $2 coupon (I blv fr SS)
    total– $13

    if your store is sold out (like mine was), ask for a raincheck. It doesnt expire and you can buy up to 3 containers with one raincheck.

    If you make another purchase at that time, you may get a coupon (I did!) to give your email address and have a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase emailed to you.

    When you get the coupon… take your raincheck and get 2 containers for $22!!!

  • Anna

    There’s a $5 off $10 GlaxoSmithKline oral care products coupon in the CVS beauty booklet. Great for the polident, poligrip, and sensodyne extrabuck deal this week.