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Guide to Grocery Sale Cycles – Getting the Best Prices

Guide to Grocery Sale Cycles – Getting the Best Prices

Using coupons is a great way to save money however, using coupons alone does not give you the best bang for your buck. To really save money, you need to know when the best time is to use those coupons and when you should expect to pay some of the lowest prices of the year.

A lot of prices are effected by holidays when things like baking products are sold at great prices or occasions like the Superbowl when you’ll find stock up prices on snacks and finger foods. And even during the winter months when soups are at great prices or in the summer when you’ll find great deals on BBQ items and condiments.

Knowing when products will be at their lowest prices and combining them with coupons allows you to stock up until the next great sale rolls around.

The Grocery Sales Guide shows you all the monthly holidays which usually dictates what type of products you can expect to see sales on for that month. Also included is a list of produce that is in season for that month as well as sale items you can expect along with clearances & seasonal sale items.

Also, be sure to check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to search for the best prices on groceries at your local store.

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    I don’t know what I am doing wrong. When I look at the price match chart for my store. When you list the coupons lets say it’s .50/1 box of kraft macaroni. Then it says 12/7 SS why when I pull my insert from December 7 for Smart Source can I not find the coupons ??

    • Laura D.

      Many of the coupons are regional, meaning some people get them and some don’t. Also, newspapers in your area may carry different versions of the inserts. Looking for the “thickest” version in your area may help. It’s also important to note that the coupon values differ as well. A posted $0.50/1 may be a $1/2 or even a $1/3 for some people. You can also buy coupons from clipping services online. Hang in there, it will work out once you’ve figured out if you need to buy a better paper or buy coupons online or a mixture of both. Hope this helps! :)

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        Thanks Laura! It’s just very frustrating when every time I go to pull a coupon and I don’t seem to have it. I have been wasting more time then I have been couponing.

        • Laura D.

          Definitely focus on which papers in your area carry the best inserts. You can go into the store and take a look inside each paper to see which has the best coupon for you. Open the inserts up and look at each page. If anyone asks, just be honest and tell them you want to buy the paper that carries the best coupons. As long as you leave the papers tidy in the end you shouldn’t have any problems. Also, look at the store ad’s early so if you think you’d like to purchase some coupons you have time for them to be delivered for the deal. Getting up to speed can be frustrating. Just remember, if you miss a deal one week it will usually come around again at the same store or another and sometimes its a better deal. If you get too frustrated, always ask questions on the boards. Lots of the readers here are always willing to help out with information. Remember this weekend there won’t be any coupons in the papers, every year there is a break. I believe the next weekend coupons are out is on 1/4/12.