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Staples: Dollar Days + $5 off $25 Coupon

Staples: Dollar Days + $5 off $25 Coupon

Staples is having their Dollar Days sale again through 1/7! There are a bunch of items on sale for $1 through $10! You can also find a $5 off $25 purchase coupon that is valid through 1/7 as well! These coupons are located in the circular.  The online circular says you can print it however, I have tried and it does not print correctly.  They should have plenty of circulars in the store though.

Staples: $5 off $25 Coupon (located at the bottom of the Circular)

Check out all of the great deals available this week!

$1 Sale Items

  • Staples lined 3×5 white index cards
  • Staples #10 envelopes
  • Business Card Holder
  • Staples Glue Sticks
  • Staples Poly zip envelope check size
  • Scotch Magic Tape with dispenser
  • Stickies 1 1/2 x 2 notes
  • 3×3 Sticky notes
  • Expanding envelopes letter size
  • EnduraGlide dry erase markers
  • Westcott Preferred
  • Single Writing Pad
  • Staples 1 subject notebook
  • Staples 3×5 topcoll memo book
  • Staples 5.5 x 4.25 fat memo book

$2 Sale Items

  • Staples 35 piece eraser and grip combo pack
  • Staples dry erase board eraser
  • Stapels Invisible tape
  • Staples 3×5 faux leather memo book
  • Staples Simple poly binder
  • Scotch super glue gel
  • Staples Postscript mechanical pencils
  • Staples zeno ballpoint pens
  • Bic Matic Grip Pencils

$3 Sale Items

  • Staples 3-tab Manila File Folders
  • Pentel WOW! retractable gel pens
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers
  • Stickies 1/2″ tape flags
  • Detailed Daily Driving Log
  • 8.5×11 dry erase board with marker
  • Plastic Storage Crate
  • Pentel EnerGel Xpress Retractable rollerball pens
  • Staples CD/DVD Envelopes

$4 Sale Items

  • Corrugate Project Board

$5 Sale Items

  • Staples Cascading Poly File Tote
  • 11 x 17 Dry Erase Board with Marker
  • Stapels PAstels colored paper

$6 Sale Items

  • 62 Quart Buckle up plastic storage box

$10 Sale Items

  • Scotch Sure Start Packaging tape
  • Post it 3×3 Value Pack

  • loretta

    My SS has Staples coupons in it for 50% of HP multipurpose paper case, 50% off HP inkjet and Laser paper Reams and Cases, 50% off all HP Premium photo paper, and 50% off HP business communication paper… Can I use the paper coupons with the $5/$25?

    • Rocky

      My $5/$25 coupon has all the following {crappy) stipulations:

      - Not valid on HP ink and toner….(just about every other coupon Staples issues has this stipulation, sigh…)
      - Minimum $25 must be met with purchases in which no other coupons or instant savings offer applies.

      So, you will have to be careful. I see that the paper case deal is an easy rebate, though, so you may be good. You have to pay $48.99 upfront, so, I would think that alone would be acceptable for the $5 coupon.

  • Jess

    By purchasing items with rebates and 100% back in rewards you can get items for free maybe even make money. For example the paper is $6 but with a $5 rebate. Limit 2 per household. So that’s $12 towards $25 but only $2 out of pocket.

    • Miraim W.

      That is not true. If you use a Staples coupon (OR even rewards coupons) it will reduce the amount you get back for that coupon, so if you purchase the binders for 100% off and it was, say $18.01 and the paper that is $6.99 with a 5.99 easy rebate, you will a portion taken off of each item and that won’t be given back to you in rewards. However, paying less out of pocket is never a bad thing, and the easy rebate will be the same amount no matter what.

  • Annie

    I went to Staples this morning to take advantage of the dollar days and the $5/25 coupon from my circular. I brought it with me, and the cashier said it was a good thing I brought it from home, because the circulars in the store do NOT have the coupon. I did not look myself, but just a heads up to others to try to print or bring your own circular, if you can. Do not count on it being available in the store.

  • RG

    Ditto the previous poster — the in-store circulars do not have the coupon! But the cashier applied the coupon for me anyway (I forgot mine in the car. Oops!)

    Don’t forget the 100% Rewards items, too. They are great deals, especially if you’re moving soon or need to clean out some clutter: medium-sized plastic file boxes (limit 2), 10-pack of cardboard storage file boxes (limit 2), Avery binders (limit 4). If you split up your transactions, you will pay less OOP with the $5/$25 Q.

  • Sandra K321

    My store wouldn’t take the $5/$25 coupon for use on the 100% reward items.

    Also, as someone else mentioned, my store did not have the coupon in the in-store circulars.

  • Jenny

    I also checked store flyer yesterday–no luck
    Alas, today in my inbox the coupon was emailed to me!
    Keep checking your email

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