How to Keep Your Garden Beautiful On A Budget

gardeningFrugal Gardening Tips

Planting a flower garden does not have to cost you an arm and a leg nor does it have to take up your entire weekend.  There are some simple things you can do that are quick, easy and free.  And as I always say, if it’s for free, it’s for me!

1. Clean out the gardens

Get your hands dirty.  Clean out those garden beds.  Remove all the dead plants and leaves.  All that should be in the garden are your beautiful plants.  And you don’t have to replace your mulch every year.  Turn it, fluff it and make it look fresh.

2. Separate existing plants

Go through your garden and look for plants that can be separated.  Separating them and using them in different locations in the garden has a double benefit.  The first is that it keeps your existing plants from getting too big and second, it enables you to expand your garden for free.  And we like free!

3. Don’t plant too close

Sometimes when the plants are small, we tend to plant too close together especially in the spring when everything has yet to get to full size.  I am known for doing this way too often.  Resist the temptation.  Keep your plants far apart other wise you will have a crowded mess when they get bigger and wind up moving them all around.  Hmm, that sounds familiar.  Honey, can you move this plant over here and this plant over there. 🙂

4. Keep deer out naturally and inexpensively

A great way to keep deer out of your garden is to use hair.  Yes hair.  Deer do not like the smell of humans so unless you want to lay across your garden bed 24/7 you can use the next best thing.  Human hair.  So, the next time you get your hair cut, bring a bag along and ask for the hair clippings.  Spread them along the edge of your garden bed.

5. Get rid of weeds naturally and inexpensively

Use undiluted vinegar to spray on weeds and even grass in sidewalk cracks or bricks.  Keep the vinegar in a  sprayer and shoot those weeds when you see them.

6. Make your own fertilizer

Epsom salt is a great alternative to fertilizer.  It’s made up of magnesium and sulfate which plants love, especially houseplants, roses, tomatoes & peppers.  And, not only is it frugal, but it’s also better for the environment.  Combine 1 tablespoon Epsom Salt with 1 gallon of water in a watering can.  Water your plants with this solution once a month.

7. And the last and to me the most important.  Edge your garden beds!

I’m actually amazed at how many people don’t do this simple task.  Which, in my opinion, finishes off the whole garden.  At the beginning of the spring, when you have cleared out all the dead plants and leaves and turned your soil and/or mulch, edge the garden beds.  Simply take a lawn edger and go along the entire length of the garden where it meets the grass.  It makes for such a beautiful defined garden.  I do it about 3 more times during the summer and fall.  Plus you can edge it with the garden trimmer as well each time you mow & trim your lawn.  Turn the garden trimmer on it’s side and move it along the edge of the garden bed.  You can also do the same thing where the grass meets up with sidewalks or driveways for a professional look.

What do you do to make your garden beautiful?  Share your frugal gardening tips!

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  • Annabelle

    Does it matter what kind of vinegar you use to kill the weeds? White?

    • Cindy

      White vinegar! Works great.

  • Cynthia

    Love it! I prefer using natural products so I will use both the vinegar & epson salt on my garden this year. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandi

    Ha, I remember this post last year. It was around the same time that we were cleaning up on Walmart and Lowes spring bulbs on clearance. Time to look again I guess.

    • Cindy

      Oh my goodness I remember your shopping trip. As a matter of fact, here it is. What a deal you scored! Are they coming up this year?

      • Sandi

        The asparagus is growing like crazy. The rhubarb and garlic I guess we have to wait for it, but my husband the gardener assures me that all the bulbs are doing fine. We were just at Lowes and there are plenty of perennials on clearance. They definitely come back, my yard is 95% clearance plants.

        • Alyson

          I LOVE Lowe’s clearance – earlier this spring I scored a ton of plants at 50 cents each because they froze a little in the later frosts that we had. I popped them in the ground and half of them are going CRAZY – the other half will go crazy next year! I scored some $1 plants at Walmart earlier this year – bulbs like tulips and hyacinth. Clearance plants are the best thing ever!

      • Heather

        Wow, that is a fantastic score! I just spoke to my husband about it (he was a landscaper in his late teens/early twenties) and now he’s excited to see what we can score at the end of summer.

  • Casey B

    Another frugal gardening tip – ask your friends and neighbors for any plants they may be thinning or throwing away. I have a friend who is always giving me plants that are crowding her garden. Her latest gift to me: a rose of sharon bush!

  • Jen

    Hi guys I found hanging baskets on clearance at shoprite for 60 percent off they were only 5.20 a piece . HTH somebody good luck

  • Mary

    Have you actually tried all of these ideas?
    Using human hair isn’t all that effective if you live in an area of heavy deer population as those deer are quite comfortable with the smell of people. And putting hair on the ground won’t deter them from eating leaves that are higher up.

    A mixture of eggs in water (and then let this ferment in your fridge for a while) can be sprayed on your plants. The deer don’t like this smell, but you need to reapply it after every rain so it’s not terribly convenient but it’s fairly effective as you are spraying the leaves/flowers which is the part that they eat and therefore have their nose up against.

    Vinegar will kill the leaves but not the root, so while the plant will look dead, it will come back and you haven’t really accomplished much of anything.