New House Party to Enter: Better it with Benefiber House Party!

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House Party: Better it with Benefiber

There is a new Party to apply for! The party is the Better it with Benefiber House Party.

Here are the details:

Party Dates: Dec 7, 2013

If selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Plenty of Benefiber® product (62 servings)
  • Apron for host
  • Benefiber® banner
  • Benefiber® take-home containers for each guest
  • Clear cups and bandana for Benefiber® taste test
  • And more!

Apply for: Better it with Benefiber House Party!

Good Luck and let us know if you won! Have you have ever hosted one?

  • Dawn Holgersen

    I love House Party! I just got picked to host a Gevalia ‘For the Love of Foam at Home’ party. I’ve also hosted parties for Redd’s Apple Ale and Keurig Vue.