How to Use App Rebates | Everything You Need to Know


How to use the App for Rebates

Lets get Cash Back from the App! This is a bit different from how you may know (printing).

The app is a one stop shop! You can print from the app, link your store cards, scan your receipt and get cash back offers!

Full List of Available App Rebates

How Do I Earn CashBack from App

  1. Download the app
  2. log in with your account or create one
  3. Connect your paypal
  4. Scan Your Receipt and Get Cash Back on offers you choose!

Note: This is valid on in-store, online pick up and delivery orders.

What is the difference between App Rebates and Coupons App Rebates can only be used as Rebates and Coupons can only be printed. We have noticed that most pirntable coupons are on the App as a rebate. We also noticed there are more app rebates than there are printable coupons!

Can I stack a App Rebate and a Printable Coupon

No – you cannot. You can stack a App rebate with Ibotta, Shopkick, Fetch etc.


  • no minimum payout from app
  • You cannot stack a printable coupon and a App Rebate
  • You CAN stack other rebate apps like Ibotta with App Rebates
  • hook it up to your paypal account
  • allows receipts form any store

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