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New $3/1 Nexxus Coupon only $0.29 each at CVS!

Nexxus coupon

Nexxus Coupon

I know that some of you missed the $3/1 Nexxus coupon for the great CVS deal on Nexxus this week.  Well, you are in luck because there is another Nexxus coupon available.  This printable coupon is located on the Target site but it is a regular manufacturer coupon.

Print: Nexxus Coupon

Remember, the deal at CVS this week is Buy $20 of select Nexxus products and get a $10 ECB with a limit of 1 offer.  Also, there is a new Unliever SavingStar ecoupon for Buy $20 get $5.

Here is your deal:


Be sure to check out the rest of the CVS Deals for the week & look for your CVS Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards to make this deal even sweeter.

  • michele a

    Actually, my limit was twice n I received two $10/50 n $5/15. Score for me, yay.

  • Martina

    hummm, I was checking yesterday every where for Nexxus coupons. I got this deal on Monday. I printed two just in case I can get another good deal. Thank you!!! I still have a coupon for $10/50 maybe I will try deal again, but how many times I can get the $10 ECB?

    • Michele A

      If your receipt doesn’t say your limit has been reached the first time you purchased them, you CAN do it again. I did.

    • P

      The limit is 7 for this nexxus promotion.

  • Paula

    where is the 5.00 on saving star?

    • Martina

      You must have an account with SavingStar and register your CVS card, then you will see the coupon to load in your cards.

      • Paula

        i do and I did

      • Kathy

        I have an account, and my CVS card is registered. I’ve been looking every day for the Nexxus to show up on Savings Star, and it hasn’t.

    • Michelle T.

      It’s the Unilever buy $20 save $5 deal on Savingstar.

      • Nl

        Has anyone had this credit$5 to savingstar? I went shopping Sunday spent over$20 on nexxus and no credit to SS. But, my other shoprite stuff credited

        • Qpon Jenn

          I have gotten credited for my Nexxus purchase I made on Sunday. I also bought 2 Magnum ice cream bars that went towards it to push me over $20.

        • nl

          nevermind, it got credited today. YAY… so happy

  • Sandi

    I know it says a limit of one ecb, but I keep hearing people saying that it is working twice. I am thinking about giving it another try.

  • Paula

    cant find the 5.00 saving star coupon

    • jt

      go to savingstar website on a computer, not a phone app, and activate the unilever coupon in the group at the top — hth

      • Paula

        ah ha ok didnt know it was in the unilever deal!!! got it ty jt!

      • Kathy

        Oh! That helps a lot! Thank you. I didn’t realize Nexxus was part of the Unilever deal.

    • Michelle

      I can’t find it either and I have an account and a CVS card number entered into their site. HHMMMM

  • robyn

    I just checked savingstar. theres no nexxus coupon on there.Am i missing it or is it gone?

    • jt

      it’s for all unilever products – in the “one shopping trip or many” section at the top of the webpage.

  • Michelle

    JT thank you I just went back on the website and found it. If it was any bigger it would have come out of my computer and hit me. LOL

    • jt

      glad you got it — and that it didn’t hit you!

  • Nance

    Coupon prints off Target website, but it says “Target Web Coupon”, and no where does it say manufactures coupon :(

    • http://LRWC B_Lo

      It’s a manufacturer coupon on TARGET website and you can print out two times…. :)

    • Annette

      I just printed mine, it says Manufacturers Coupon right at the top.

    • Bill

      Just so no one else is confused, this is incorrect. It prints as a normal manufacturer’s coupon with an expiration date of 11/27.

  • Ebony

    okay so I am so sad! I have been TRYING to print this Nexxus coupon for what feels like forever. I CANT FIND IT! Ugh! I couldn’t find the right people mag either :( Do I have to change the zip code? Please help

    • Laura D.

      Hi Ebony, I found it! Go to the link (Target site) Cindy has provided above and click on “personal care” on the left hand side.
      The Nexxus coupon is in the middle of the second row. It is for “any” Nexxus product. I don’t think there is an area to change the zip code on the Target site. HTH!

      Good Luck! :)

      • Bill

        I found it on the 2nd page of personal care on one machine I tried it on. There should be 15 so be sure to check both pages.

        • Ebony

          Found it! THANK YOU!

  • Bill

    Has anyone ever succeeded in switching cards from one Savingstar account to another? My wife and I each have CVS cards and I had both on the same SS account. Recently I signed her up for her own CC account. I removed her CVS card from my account and added it to hers. We got Nexxus on both cards on Sunday but only mine got credited, and there does not appear to be any way of seeing the actual transaction info so I don’t know if somehow the other card went to my SS account, although I would expect it would not. I just tried deleting and re-adding it to my wife’s SS account, in case I buy two more with these new coupons, but I don’t know that it will work.

    Any suggestions? I could report the missing transaction to SS, will they investigate or manually add if you send them a copy of the receipt?

    • IK

      could it be that even though you have a diff cvs cards with your wife they would still merge into the same ‘household’ and be linked to the same cvs acct nbr? I had similar situation with my husband ‘rite aid’ card…

      • Bill

        No, the CVS cards are completely separate (I was able to do the ECB deal on both).

    • Bill

      Oops, make that “her own SS account” :-(.

      • Ruth

        Bill we did the same thing like you and the transaction we did last Oct 2 for my husband’s CVS card (now on his own new SS account) was credited today on my old SS account. I just did the transaction for the old card today. So… nothing will go toward the new one. HTH.

        • Bill

          That’s ridiculous. How can they let you remove and readd the card on another account and then not credit it to the correct account??

        • Bill

          I wonder if this is a timing issue (that it takes a few days to change) or simply that they do not ever change where the card gets credited? I am planning to do this deal again on my wife’s card (was going to do it today but did not find a bonus pack) so maybe it will be fixed when it gets credited the next time.

  • jocelyn a

    I am dissapointed i only got credited $4.96 instead of the whole $20. tech before coupons it would have been $27.98 :(

    • Bill

      I wonder if the problem is that they are not crediting some stuff. I bought it with two coupons on the one that did get credited, so it’s not coupons. It would be nice if they showed you the transactions and items credited. I bought different stuff on the two transactions so it is possible that they recognized the items on the first (which had 2 identical shampoos) and not the other.

      • IK

        I would just contact the Savingstar about your wife’s transaction. They are pretty quick with response. Good luck!

      • Jocelyn a

        So I emailed them and within 3 hours my account was fully credited. The customer service is awesome

  • Jessica

    Has anyone done the deal twice and rolled the 10 ECB towards the next deal and still gotten another 10 ECB? My reciept says I am 16.34 from the ECB so if I use my 2 $3/1 and use the 10 ECB will it print another ECB or does it not print if you use ECB from the same deal?

    • Ebony Desole

      YEs you can use the $10 ecb from the previous deal with the new purchase and get another $10 ecb!

  • bonnie w

    Thx so much – had a hard time finding these Nexxus coupons until I checked this site. I will try this deal tomorrow.

  • Ebony

    I was able to so far do this deal THREE TIMES!

    • Jocelyn a

      That’s funny you mention that. Today I went back to buy another 2 robittussin fully aware that I wouldnt get the $3ecb because I already did the deal and to my surprise I got another!

  • Trina

    So I did this tonight got the $10 ECB, curious to see if the savingstar will go to my account. This was the Unilever, clipping correct?

    • Jocelyn a


  • Jordyn

    Heads up on the Nexxus products, one of my stores had the Pro Mend shampoo and conditioner shrink wrapped together and I was assuming it would be over $30 but scanned at the coupon machine and they rang up $16.97 (thats the price of 1 conditioner). I grabbed two of these double packs, and 1 additional shampoo. Used 3 $3 coupons and got back $20 ECB and got the $5 Saving Star promotion. Great deal, now I just hope this stuff works on my hair.

    • jocelyn a

      I am tempted in getting two more

  • Michelle

    I am so glad I decided to do the Nexxus deal again. The MCM gave me a $3 Nexxus coupon! I had gone over the $20 by 6.77 on Sunday, so I got a $17 & $18 product, used two $3 coupons, MCM coupon, $5/30 email coupon , and $20 in EBs . Paid $3 and got $20 she! Woohoo!

    • Michelle

      $20 EB! Autocorrect :/

  • Michelle W

    Thank You Bill & others who answered my Nexxus ? on how many times I could do the $10.00 ECB, I tried it for the second time last night, and ended up getting it for free between ECB’s & Coups. I’m so excited that I can end up getting these for FREE or next to nothing. I will be going back before sale ends tonight to score more because again my receipt shows $19.72 from getting my 10.00 ECB. Also, I had the $5.00 Savingsstar deposited once so far.
    It was a wonderful night @ CVS, Total was $50.02, with Cindy’s LRWC I scored everything for $6.43, LRWC ROCKS!!

  • Ebony Desole

    What is wonderful about this sale for those who dont know if you have beauty bucks set up this is even a better deal because if you TOTAL before anything totals $50 you get a $5 Beauty ECB. I have done this deal three times right now and have not only gotten them for nothing but got an additional $5 ECB on top of my $5 savings star!

  • Bill

    I went to look for another bonus pack today to buy on my wife’s card, but was not succeeding. I even wasted my time going to 2 stores further away only to find that they did not have the bonus packs AND they were charging $18.29 for a single conditioner that was $16.99 at the store I was coming from. I was almost going to go back to the store that had it for $16.99 when I decided to look at the shelf tag. Turns out the promotion is good for 4 weeks! So I will look around tomorrow and see what I can find. BTW the $3/15 coupon worked fine the $2 off any beauty purchase that I found a link for on another site.

  • Bill

    I’m thinking that the 20% off shopping pass in tomorrow’s “ad” should work on the Nexxus. Sadly I suspect it will be after all coupons are applied, so if I buy it again with the $10 + $3/15 + $2 beauty, it won’t give me very much of a discount.

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