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Top 6 Money Saving Mobile Apps for 2013

Money Saving Mobile Apps 2013

Money Saving Mobile Apps 2013

The following Money Saving Mobile Apps 2013 are the Top 6 Apps picked by LRWC to save money on food, clothing and much more!

We live in a day where there’s really no excuse to neglecting to save money.  Not only do we have the traditional form of savings through a wide variety of insert and printable coupons readily available to us, we also have many new and exciting mobile “apps” you can download to your smartphones for a simple way to save money!

It would be impossible (for me at least) to master every single mobile savings app there is out there, however if you can take advantage of even just one, I think you’re doing pretty good!  Have fun with it and involve your family.  If your child or teenager really has been nagging you for a smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc., agree they will get one if they commit to using their smartphone to help save the family money.  For more ideas on how to involve your family in couponing check out last week’s Extreme Couponing Tip!

Here is our list of the Top 7 Money Saving Mobile Apps for 2013:

::Ibotta App

Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.  Here’s how you use Ibotta:

  • Before shopping, choose your products and complete the tasks. The more you complete, the more cash you’ll earn.
  • Buy your chosen products at over 35 retailers nationwide. We’re adding new stores all the time.
    Verify your purchases by uploading a photo and scanning the product’s barcode.
  • Yes, real money in your Ibotta account that you can send to a PayPal account or donate to any school in America.
  • For more details on how Ibotta works, check out this post!

If you haven’t done it already, be sure to download your Free Ibotta App

::SavingStar App

SavingStar is a great way to save big money on your groceries and pharmacy store purchases.  They are the first and only national, fully-digital grocery eCoupon rewards service. There is nothing to clip and nothing to print. We post new SavingStar eCoupons regularly so be sure to heck out the newest eCoupons here!  Here’s how you can use SavingStar:

  • Once you are registered you will have to set up your store loyalty cards.
  • Select the eCoupons you like and link them to your store loyalty cards.
  • Use your loyalty card at checkout (note: The total on your receipt does not change at checkout and the savings are not printed on the receipt).
  • Your money is automatically added to your SavingStar account within 2-30 days! They’ll e-mail you when your savings post.

You can go to the SavingStar site to register and download the SavingStar Mobile App right onto your phone.

:: Cellfire App

Cellfire delivers grocery deals to a BlackBerry or iPhone. Search for a local supermarket and choose coupons to download to your loyalty card. The discounts show up when you use your card at checkout. Go to for more information.

::Target Mobile Coupons

Target Mobile Coupons are exclusive deals and coupons for your Target store sent right to your mobile device.  These electronic Target Coupons can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.  No clipping, not cutting, just show your phone to the cashier for them to scan the eCoupon!

To subscribe for Target Mobile Coupons go here!

::ShopKick App

ShopKick is a great iPhone and Android App for your phone that gives you exclusive deals to all of your favorite stores including, Best Buy, Target, Macy’s & Toys R Us!  You can earn “kicks” (points) just for walking into a store and earn even more “kicks” for making qualifying purchases. Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards to Target, Best Buy and so much more.

You can download this App for free on your smart phone just by clicking this link: ShopKick


Viggle is an app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device that lets you earn rewards just by watching TV. When you’re watching a particular show, use the Viggle app to “check in.” When you do so, you score points that you can collect and use to redeem for rewards, including coupons, gift certificates, and more.  My son Patrick started using Viggle and he’s earned a $10 ITunes Gift Cards and a $10 Fandango Gift Card so far!  Pretty cool.

What other ways do you save money using mobile apps?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

  • gloria

    another “app” is called media insiders panel – sign up on their website and they’ll send you a link to download the app – keep the app running in the background of any media device that they support (right now ipods, ipads, android and kindles) and they’ll send you a $5 gift card to every month PER DEVICE!!!!!!!!! between me and DH we get $20 a month – tango cards can be redeemed for all kinds of retail gift cards or cashed out for a paper check (with a fee)

  • Nicole

    my go-to coupon app right now is called Snipsnap. Basically you can search and find store coupons (not really grocery store ones though) and redeem them at the register. Works every time for me at places like Jo-Anns and Kohls! Definitely worth checking out, especially since it’s free

  • Holly

    Snipsnap isn’t allowed at most stores since it’s pictures of coupons and not actual coupons…it’s actually fraud!

  • Linda

    I’m a Viggle user. Last July I redeemed my points for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Very easy app to use! I’m closing in now on redeeming my points for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD!

  • Debbie Busse

    ibotta is great. ive earned over $10.00 in a few weeks

  • Lynne

    I just signed for thx endorse app last week, I read some where that it allowed you to cash out to a PayPal account at any time, so I tried it and it sent my .59 to my Paypal. So I song think you have to wait to get to $25.00 which is really nice.

    • loretta

      yep the $25 Minimum is only for a “check” cash out :)

    • Sharon

      Yes, I cash out anytime…you don’t have to wait until you reach $25. I have cashed out 3 times already :)

  • Linda

    Can you use edorse if you don’t doFackbook? Does anyone have a phone number for them?


  • Linda

    Sorry, Mistyped pervious message. Should have been Facebook.

  • sher

    I had downloaded Ibotta and some others onto my Ipod and it seemed to work until I tried to USE it…then I was told my Ipod was not supported :0(
    (Bought 2011)

    I am looking for a smartphone,
    maybe prepaid since the internet/texting seems more reasonable.

    I am trying to be sure that what I buy will be “current” enough to enjoy these new ways of saving:0)

    Ideas on phones/plans anyone?
    (under $100 a month, for one person, though I may add my son in the future:0)

    • Sara

      I bought an iPhone 4 on Craigslist and use it with my unlimited data/text plan on tmobile I only get 100 mins of talk but I only pay $30 a month. Unlimited everything is $60. Also these are no contract plans which I nice.

  • Izabela

    I use Ibotta almost every week. So far I’ve earned almost $15 – this is my 5th week. I also will try another app.

  • http://endorse Nick

    I signed up for endorse a week ago and I did the 100% back coffee deal and I even posted it on facebook. I bought coffee for $3.00 and I just received 1.10 back. I disagreed and wrote them an email and they responded as: “When a coupon is not specifically assigned to an item on the receipt, we have to apply the discount across all items in your basket,” Was I supposed to buy just the coffee and have one receipt with just the coffee on it? This is unclear to me because the receipt clearly states which coffee I bought and how much it cost me. I am disappointed and I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks, Nick

    • Cindy

      Hmm, interesting. I don’t like that. I knew, from my own experience that it was after coupons but to take coupons from other items, well that is just nuts. We’ll have to keep an eye on this to see if it continues. I’m honestly not sure what else you can do except return the item. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience.

      • Nick

        Thank you Cindy. I will continue to try this app.

      • neolla

        FYI on endorse also, I got $10+ worth of toothpaste at CVS (with Qs) and I only got $0.07. I think it was listed as either 10% or 20% when I got the items.

    • Justine

      The exact same thing happened to me with the coffee deal. I wrote, and they gave me the same answer. I’m assuming it was because a coupon had to be manually put in and on my receipt it said “Scanned Coupon” They told me they’re working on their policy because they’ve had numerous complaints. We’ll see, I’m not planning on using the app again until the policy changes. It seems like a total cop out for them to just decide what 100% is because I used a coupon on a different product.

  • Nick

    Thank you Cindy. I will continue to try this app.

  • Paul Lancia

    Cindy..Thanks for the great information. I am using a free mobile app called Spin Streak. I live in Saint Louis, but I believe they are currently in Missouri, Arkansas, Maine, Pennsylvania, Colorado and a few other places I think. It is fun & allows you to scan a QR code at the participating location to win discounts, prizes & loyalty offers for just visiting. I have won a ton of free food items & some discounts on clothing. Thanks again for helping us Live Rich ;)

  • Brian S

    Receipt Hog in the app store for iphone gives you $ rewards for snapping pics of your grocery receipts. The coins/rewards add up quick and it only takes a few seconds to snap and upload a pic!!! easy Money!!!!

  • Lady J

    I want to put a warning on Ibotta. If you use Ibotta to like things on Facebook, and you didn’t verify your facebook account by letting facebook send you a text (I can’t text) or by sending them your government i.d. (which I refuse to do), your facebook account will be blocked. I have had this happen multiple times to me – every time, within seconds of doing something on facebook through Ibotta. So, if you have a facebook account, and it is not verified, do not use the facebook portion of Ibotta.

  • Carolyn

    Checkout 51 is pretty great as well

  • disqus_B6JzkRQb6I

    I use Checkout 51. It gives you rebates for scanning in your receipts. I’ve gotten $2 so far. At $20 I can cash out for actual cash. I also use Scantopia. It lets you scan your products to get tokens or cash. Once you reach $3 you can cash out. You can use your tokens to enter sweepstakes for products like TVs, Sound Systems, wine fridges and the cash jackpot. I’ve gotten just over $2 on there so far.

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