10 Best Cleaning Tips Ever

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I’ll admit, sometimes I look for a shortcut or 2 when it comes to cleaning. I found 10 of the Best House Cleaning Tips to help you through!

So, without further ado, here are the 10 Best Cleaning Tips Ever:


1. How to Clean your Microwave in Minutes

Cleaning Hacks


Clean your microwave in under 30 seconds with just Vinegar, lemon and a bowl! Find out how here!

 2. How to Clean your Shower Head

how to clean a shower head


Would you have guessed it would be THIS easy to clean that scummy shower head!? Get the details using a plastic bag, rubber band and vinegar here.

3. How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Remove hard water stains with a lemon


Remove hard water stains just by rubbing a lemon on them? I have to try this for myself by reading the directions here!

4. How to Use Car Wax as Stovetop Polish & Easily clean your stove

car wax on stove top


Apply a thin layer of car wax, wipe it off and future spills will easily lift off! Get the details.

5.  How to Easily Clean Dirty Blinds

how to clean blinds easily


This hack blew my mind! Vinegar, a sock and your hand. That’s all you need to clean your blinds! Learn more!

6. How to Clean Lamp Shades with a Lint Roller

how to clean a lamp shade


Would you have guessed you can clean your lamp shades with a lint roller? One of the many uses! Details on this hack here.


7. How to Use a Coffee Filter to Clean your Car

clean car with a coffee filter


This hack made me laugh. A coffee filter? No more buying expensive car wipes! Details here!

8. Add a Dry Towel to Wet Clothes in the Dryer to decrease drying time.

Dry towel to the dryer for faster drying


This seems so simple, yet I’ve never tried it! Get the details on this hack!

9. How to Clean Window Tracks



No scrubbing and no more messy window tracks? Sounds like my kind of hack. Let’s check this out.

10. How to Clean Between the Oven Glass



A hanger, glass wipes and some details. That’s all you need. Check this one out!

Bonus! DIY Countertop Wipes:

Make your own Countertop Wipes!

Here’s how:

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Bonus #2

Shower Cleaning Hack!