12 Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


12 Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Do you love decorating for Halloween but would prefer to avoid the mess of carving a pumpkin? If you are like me and prefer to paint, then check out these awesome no-carve decorating ideas you can accomplish with a little bit of paint and pumpkins:

1. Unicorn Pumpkins


Use felt and Crayola Model Magic Clay to make these beautiful unicorn pumpkins.

2. Emoji Pumpkins


This is bound to be a big hit!

3. Woodland Creature Pumpkins


This could be an adorable craft project to do with your kids.

4. Candy corn pumpkins


Find the right shape pumpkin to make these candy corn ones.

5. Confetti Pumpkins


Easily turn plastic pumpkins into a piece of sparkle for your home.

6.Sugar Skull Pumpkin


I love the splash of colors in sugar skulls.

7. Minion Pumpkins


You are not going to believe this but the goggle eyes are made out of coke can bottoms.

8. Tragic ice cream cone


This is an easy to do tragic take on ice cream.

9. Disney Princess Pumpkins


Calling all Disney Princess fans, make one or make all of these Princess inspired pumpkins.

10. Pokemon Pumpkins


When you gotta catch ’em all, go with these Pokemon Pumpkins on your front step.

11. Pumpkin Stem Nose

Use the Stem as a nose and make the cutest pumpkin creations!

12. Pumpkin in a pumpkin

They put a white pumpkin inside an orange pumpkin and made the coolest pumpkin!

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