10 Fun Family Friendly Ways to Countdown to the New Year

New Years CountdownNew Years Countdown –

Maybe you are planning a party or maybe you are not.  Either way you will be counting down the time until we ring the new year.  Here are some some ways to pass the time before we greet the new year.

1. New Years Eve Bingo


You get the free downloadable printable to put this game together.

 2. Create a Time Capsule


I love this idea, because years from now when you open this you realize how much everyone has changed.

3. New Year’s Eve Activity Chain


Love this one, looks very fun!

4. Best of This Year Game (Free Printable)


Take a walk down memory lane and relive this past year with this fun game.

5.New Year Pictionary (or Charades)


Get the free New Years Words printable you can use to play either version of the game. You can add more words from here.

6. 2018 Trivia Game

How well-versed are you on what happened this past year? Get tested with this fun game of trivia (Free Printable)

7. Play Loaded Questions


Great way for people to get to know each other.

8. New Years Ball Game


Kids will have fun unwrapping and discovering the goodies hidden in this ball.

9. NY Countdown Bags


Use these bags as a visual way to countdown the last few hours of the year.

10. Balloon Countdown Clock


I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love balloons, this balloon clock is perfect!

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