10 Superfun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Looking to mix things up this Easter Sunday?  We have compiled some cool ideas to please different age groups, everyone will have a ton of fun.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas –

Check out these different ideas for making your Easter Sunday Egg Hunt extra fun on Easter Sunday!

1. Confetti Egg Game


Think of other items you can fill them with: Fruity Pebbles and more! Details!

 2. Glow in the Dark Eggs


Hide the eggs outside just after dark, and then have the kids go and find them!. Details.

3. Unicorn Easter Eggs


The effort is totally worth it! Check it out!

4. Egg Popper Tree


Great for getting older kids back to hunting for eggs  Details.

5.  Egg-Balloon Field


Little ones can’t miss any of these eggs. Check it out!

6. Easter Egg Tag


Fun for any age range  Details!

7. Easter Bunny Trail


You won’t believe what you use to make the paw prints!  Check it out!

8. Lego Easter Egg Hunt


This is just next level adorable!   Learn how to make them!

9. Easter Egg Clue Hunt


Of course it includes the free printables.  Check it out!

10. Color coordinated Egg Hunt


Color coding simplifies a lot of things, plus it looks pretty Here


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