20 Burger Recipes to Try This Summer

Tired of the same burger recipe? Me too! Impress friends and family at the next cook out with any of the following easy burger recipes. Or just mix it up for your family throughout the year.

Burger Recipes

We found 20 Burger Recipes you’ll want to make for your family and friends! Start grilling!

1. Mojo Beef Burger


Lime, garlic, cilantro and cumin make for a yummy mix in this patty.

 2. El Dorado Burger


Stuffed with cheese and pepper and capped with onions, yum!

3. Vegetarian Teriyaki Burger


Chickpeas, quinoa and other yummy ingredient help make this a yummy veggie option.

4. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Burger


The Jack Daniels Glaze makes this burger a keeper.

5.Mushroom Burger with Horseradish Aioli


Skip the bun with this burger topper with caramelized onions and a delicious sauce.

6. Cornell Chicken


Feta stuffed burgers? sign me up!

7. Chili Cheese Burgers


Burgers topped with chili and cheese, probably makes for messy eating but who cares?

8. Turkey-Chorizo Burger


Spicy chorizo adds tons of flavor to plain ground turkey.

9. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger


A chili lime mayo is the perfect complement to this veggie burger.

Chicken Parmesan Burgers


A burger that doesn’t need to be grilled, so it can be enjoyed any time!

11. Asian Burgers with Sriracha Mayo


Oyster sauce and soy sauce are among the ingredients in this burger. The Sriracha mayo is merely the “frosting” on this burger.

12. Chicken Caprese Burger


Personally I believe caprese needs balsamic vinegar, so I would replace the pesto with balsamic in the mayo sauce. Just something to think about.

13. Jamaican Burger


Are you brave enough to try this burger topped with mango slices and a pineapple based sauce?

14. Coffee Rubbed Burgers


The rub used on these burgers has less than 2tbsps of coffee. Also, checkout the Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.

15. Chipotle Burger


The creamy avocado sauce tempers the heat brought by the chipotle chiles in the burger patty.

16. Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Burgers


This burger is better when cooked in the oven.

17. Salmon Burgers


Another burger to be easily enjoyed without a bun, in my opinion.

18. Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers


This patty has ground beef stuffed with ham and swiss cheese.

19. Quesadilla Burger


A burger patty on flour tortilla buns? This burger was made to ruffle traditionalists’ feathers.

20. Blue Cheese and Bacon


What’s not to love about a burger patty made with bacon bits?

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